Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Forgive and Forgot - Most liberating forces.

Choosing to forgive set you on a path of liberty that allows you to live your life as you were meant to. I have chosen to live a life of forgiveness and I am definitely a better instead of bitter. Don’t bear grudges, just let it go.

I had forgot everything you did and forgive you for all the issues.
This post is particularly meant for you ( Hope the right person got this message) and expecting your comeback soon.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Back 2 FSGR...

Finally we are back to FSGR (Fruit Shop on Greams Road). Its one of our favorite place in the city for the juiceholics. I was thinking of writing a post on FSGR, but someway missed out everytime. Finally Here goes ...

We were into Loyola college for the Cricket Net practice on Saturday for our cognizant CCA cup. Very tired of the session and plan to land up somewhere we can chill out ourselves and there is our FSGR in Greams Road.

Sharon took us to FSGR first time ( He likes to visit lot of places in the city - ranges from juice shops to adventure spots and he is the source for our weekend plans).
The inner view of the Fruit shop is completely in contrast to the outside world.
You feel like you are in a Coolest place of the city.
A delicious snapshot of the Cheery blended with grape and various fruits welcomes your saliva in prior to you.
Its not just a Fruit shop, but looks like an office of an Interior decoration agency.
The hanging lamps and the wall posters along with the xclnt arrangement of seatings makes you feel like you are in a hill station.

They have lovely garden where we can relax well with a Cool breeze and sometimes surprises with Funky Magics.

And a gr888 thing we notice in FSGR is, the juiceman is a kind hearted person.
When some stranger or Economically Challenged Person( Pls avoid calling people by the name begger) comes to shop, they offer a juice instead of like other shoppers who either shout at them or give mere 50 paise .

The juiceman became friend of us soon and Sharon tries different combinations.
Soemtimes end up with lovely combos, sometimes thrown to recycle bins. But our juicemen, shankar is very gentle. He wont get irritated and loves the mad thoughts.
Shankar told that they had opened their branch in Dubai.

Those days we frequently visit FSGR but later on reduced from fortnite to monthly basis.
And not much variety of juices to add up on earlier days. Mere they provide the seasoned fruit juices, but they have their own quality which made them unique.

Later they tried their hand at innovative juices, way of serving the customers, stylish glassmaterials, juicemachines and the attractive tiles.
They have ground floor on the beginning and renovated to increase to first floor, where all the commited couples land at first floor for the privacy.
We see many couples who just buy a juice and spend time for hours. We poor guys see them sadly :-) and finish our quenchies quicker and fly off.

Now a days, they came up with lots and lots of innovative and lovely juicips like
Twists in the Tale ( Kiwi fruit spcl), Cheery Cheer - its an elegant milkshake blended with restrained flavors of cherry. Blueberry Magic - jamun spcl, Canton Cooler ( alltime favorite)- Lychee fruits dipped n Honey,
Tang N Ginger punch - A light ginger with Grape blended with fruits, Ban D Banna - a subtle flavor of banana, Vaticna Orange , Peach Premium and a lot ...

This time there was a Guy and Gal sat opposite to us and seems like already an hour passed.
They never bother about the surroundings and chatted loudly. We heard few conversations that were very funny but cant make up anything from that.
Our guy heard better as he sat near to them.

And the conversation goes like this...
Gal: So and so my guy is gong to buy a car and he is planning to took his new girl friend to ECR.

Guy: I have less time to spend with my girl. and how about your would be?

Gal: My would be dont have time to reach me da. Guy i am dating now is dumbo man, he is not coming out frequently.And whats our plan this weekend, shall we go to Bikes and Barrels ( Its a Pub).

Guy: Lets decide later yaar, might the girl in my apartment have some other plan.

OMG...whats going on and who is lover to whom and who is going to marry whom?

We were laughing at each other but confused of the surrounding and left the FSGR.

Phir Milenge shankar anna.

PS: For those who wish to chill out at FSGR,its near to Cafe coffee at Greams road ( Dotn ask me where is Greams Road ...). Thye have their site too http://www.fruitshopongreamsroad.in/

Friday, July 06, 2007

Lost in the Back Seat of the CAR...

I was on Vacation for 5 days in my Sweet Home.

It was Sunday morning(01-07-07) around 11 AM in my home.
Went to Back seat of My Car with the "Code Name God" book in the one hand and pulling Snoopys's Ear ( Snoopy is my pet dog) on the other.

First i thought of having a glimpse of the concept but When i started reading the book i had lost the outside world and time goes on.Was reading the book continuosly as the concept was very good.

Meantime my MOM starts searching for me and thought that i would have gone to friends place.Later in the noon around 3:30 PM, when Dad came to the car to start somewhere and saw myself reading a book inside the car and Snoopy were sleeping well...he was surprised to see me there and the funniest part is Snoopy was lying on my LAP like a child and slept well.i dont want to disturb this guy as he is in sound sleep and just told DAD to start the car.

Meanwhile we had not given any updates to my MUM.DAD reached Hari uncle's Home for some discussion.Snoopy is still sleeping !!! you know when i kicked snoopys leg slowly, this guy simply turn that side and slept off again. But remember snoopy is very active guard and hears even a low decibel but our man is in vacation mood and sleeping well today.

DAD lost his patience and called me to come inside Hari uncle's home. Okeiiii..enuf reading and chumma acting/behaving like a book worm. We had good time there chatting,munching and watching TV. Snoopy wakes up finally and barked on surprise about the new place. Very Good Morning Snoopy Sir:-) . Snoopy got down and sat in between my legs and watched our conversations.

Meanwhile MOM pinged me to my mobile and scolded me nicely on came to know that i was lost inside the CAR :-)

and Here Goes...

"Code Name God" is a must read book for all the Readers...But you should read certain sections of the book more than once to understand. The book is not all about science and its connection with spirituality. Mani begins on a rather philosophical note.

About Author:
Mani Bhaumic is the inventor of the LASER technology . He was born in a village in Bengal when the independence movement was at its peak. His father was a school teacher and freedom fighter. He lived in abject poverty and was close to starvation and death many times in his childhood. He talks about how he was influenced by his father, grandmother, fellow freedom fighters and Gandhi. He says “Gandhi exhausted an entire empire by sheer force of his goodness”. During the famine in Bengal, his grandmother starved to death by giving her portion of the food to him.

He rose from such a background to become a great scientist and multi-millionaire. He also gives an honest account of how he indulged in his wealth.


This book describes Bhaumic 's spiritual journey, his discovery of god. He tries to explain god using Physics and how he does it, is simply mind blowing. He also proves that he is first a scientist and then a spiritualist.

Here are few amazing facts from the book...
The book essentially divides into three parts.
First, where Mani'schildhood life soaked in poverty and hunger.
Second, where the author moves to the US as a researcher and becomes a millionaire in the process.
Third, where the extreme richness leaves him contemplating on the more profound aspects of life and uses science to find answers to them.

We are treated to a wide array of scientific facts based primarily on the Quantum Physics theories that try to explain the spiritual aspect of One Source - the concept of One God!

Take a block of mud and arrange it into three different shapes - a triangle, a square and a circle. Now, even though we have three distinct matter that exhibit different attributes, the source of each of them is the same - a grain of sand. They are different, yet they are formed of the same source. Similarly, the world is formed by an energy particle called quark from which the universe sprang. This energy is all pervading and the order that underlies and enfolds all orders. And it is this One Source which we call by the Code Name: God.

Now, if you can understand that paragraph, you would understand what is behind all the complex jargon and complicated inferences that Mani uses to explain the science-part. Despite the author's valiant attempts to simplify the mind-boggling interconnections of quantum theory, a lot of it still continues to whoosh over my head. You cannot "locate" something that presents itselfin a form you do not expect to see, even if it is right before your eyes.

But it was also not sensible to hope that such riddles about universe, nature and spirituality which have baffled the human intellect since time immemorial would get answered within the span of a 200 odd page book.

Having said that, riddles need not be solved to be enjoyed. And that's why I enjoyed reading the book.