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How to market your Blog and keep your readers ?

Well if you are one of those bloggers trying to get some attention thensome simple but powerful tips to market your blog (that I got from googling)

Tip 1 - Get the right name for your blog - Branding is all important.Now I chose a name “left meets right”. This sounds like a gizmo. But apparently does not reflect anything that I have writtenin my previous posts.

Tip 2 - Choose your content wisely - Please try and retain similar themes for your posts. Keeping your content relevant will help provide your readers with contentthat they know they will find interesting and this will therefore keep them coming back.when you write whatever was interesting to you at that moment. Now that would bemore appropriate as your personal diary; certainly not for a blog.

Tip 3 - Spelling and Grammar are King - A big downfall of most blogs is that no one bothers to spell check them. This is one of the main reason why 99% of the readersturn away from a blog.
Tip 4 - Post regularly - This is the key. Readers who make a visit to your blog should not be turned away by lack of updates. Post regularly and you arecertain to have regular readers ...

Happy Blogging ...

Unfinished Voyage -- Why a Project Fails?

Ever wonder we LEADS take a great effort to make a project success at the EOD. But somewhere we fail and those unfinished voyages will embarrass you in future.
Here goes how to analyze the success formula and to sail thru the ocean to reach your project destination.

The table below lists the criterion in order of importance with their appropriate success points.
1. User Involvement 19
2. Executive Management Support 16
3. Clear Statement of Requirements 15
4. Proper Planning 11
5. Realistic Expectations 10
6. Smaller Project Milestones 9
7. Competent Staff 8
8. Ownership 6
9. Clear Vision & Objectives 3
10. Hard-Working, Focused Staff 3

Each Criterion comprises of a five reasons and a question followed. As you read the five reasons, consider whether or not you have considered them in a real project. After each explanation of the five positives, they are listed again in question form.

Ask yourself each question with a specific project in mind and allot yourself the number of points specified for each YES answer. After reading all ten success criterion and the positive ways to achieve them, you should be able to calculate a score which can be a maximum of 100 and a minimum of 0. This number represents your project's success potential.

It’s not like other aptitude/ quizzets…I tried out, it came out well.

Here goes…


In this COMPASS Report we look at the first level of detail.

1. User InvolvementFirst,
find the right user or users. Look for users up and down the organization. Second, involve the user (or users) early and often. Third, establish a quality relationship with the user(s) by keeping open lines of communication throughout the life of the project. Fourth, make it easy for them to be involved in the project. Last, but not least, talk to them and find out what they need. After all, the only reason the project exists in the first place is because someone needs to use the business application when it is finished.
Do I have the right user(s)? _____
Did I involve the user(s) early and often? _____
Do I have a quality user(s) relationship? _____
Do I make involvement easy? _____
Did I find out what the user(s) needs? _____

For each question with a YES answer, add 3.8 points to the total project success potential score.
Total Points (not to exceed 19) _____

2. Executive Management Support
First, find a key executive with a vested interest in the successful outcome of the project. Second, the key executive must have a bottom line responsibility to his/her personal career. Third, the consequence of failure is acceptable. Fourth, show the key executive a well-defined plan. Fifth and final, show the project team has a stake in the project's success. In addition, allow for continuous communication with the key executive in all aspects of the project as it moves through its life cycle.
Do I have the key executive(s)? _____
Does the key executive have a stake in the outcome? _____
Is failure acceptable? _____
Do I have a well defined plan? _____
Does the project team have a stake? _____

For each question with a YES answer, add 3.2 points to the total project success potential score.
Total Points (not to exceed 16) _____

3. Developing a Clear Statement of RequirmentsFirst, write a concise definition of the vision in the short-term, the mid-term and the long-term. Second, write a functional cross-section analysis and allow for re-iteration. Third, develop a functional risk assessment and management document. Develop a business case statement outlining return on investment. Finally, define metrics, measurements, and milestones to determine success and/or the completion of the project. Additionally, define what is not to be included in the project.
Do I have a concise vision? _____
Do I have a functional analysis? _____
Do I have a risk assessment? _____
Do I have a business case? _____
Can I measure the project? _____

For each question with a YES answer, add 3 points to the total project success potential score.
Total Points (not to exceed 15) _____

4. Proper PlanningFirst,
Develop a brief formal problem or concept statement. This document should include a statement describing the problem and the resulting benefit to the organization if the problem is solved. Second write a requirements definition or concept solution document. This document is not the full specifications report, but outlines possible solutions to the problem. Third, identify the proper personnel. In this regard, name names and let these people know what their role is in the project. Have a firm start date and require the personnel to be available on that date. Develop a firm functional specification. Do not let this document promote scope creep, however it should allow for changing business requirements. Finally, develop a project plan with attainable milestones and prioritization. One the attendees said that users want so much out of their projects it is like "prioritizing an avalanche."
Do I have a problem statement? _____
Do I have a solution statement? _____
Do I have the right people? _____
Do I have a firm specification? _____Do I have attainable milestones? _____

For each question with a YES answer, add 2.2 points to the total project success potential score.
Total Points (not to exceed 11)_____

5. Setting Realistic Expectations
First, write a firm and clear specification document outlining a project that is attainable. You need to take the time to write this document. To invoke the old saying "If you fail to plan ... then plan to fail." Second, prioritize project needs. Eliminate most of the features that are "wanted" or "nice to have". One of the attendees said that when a user insists on wanting too much she just nods, knowing she will deliver what she can. We need to be clearer and sometimes braver, concentrating on and delivering only features that are required. Third, develop smaller project milestones. Fourth, provide for change and manage the change. Fifth, prototype the project.
Do I have clear specifications? _____
Do I have prioritization of needs? _____
Do I have small milestones? _____
Can I manage change? _____Can I prototype? _____

For each question with a YES answer, add 2 points to the total project success potential score.
Total Points (not to exceed 10)

6. Small Project Milestones
In the majority of cases, 20% of a project's features will provide 80% of user benefits. The first thing is to concentrate on the twenty percent. Second, create a top-down design by understanding the "big picture" and breaking the project into manageable parts. Third, set a time limit on project milestones and deliver what is completed in that time limit. Fourth, use prototyping tools. Fifth, measure, quantify and account for the results.
Am I using the 80/20 rule? _____
Am I using a top-down design? _____
Am I setting time limits? _____
Am I using a prototype tool? _____
Can I measure progress? _____

For each question with a YES answer, add 1.8 points to the total project success potential score.
Total Points (not to exceed 9) _____

7. Competent Staff
First, identify the skills required; such as an understanding of the business, leadership experience, and technical knowledge. Second, recruit appropriately skilled people from both inside and out of the company. Third, develop a well-structured and continuous training program. Fourth, provide and present incentives such as career advancement, skill expansion, and of course money, either in the form of bonuses and/or raises. Such incentives will insure the staff will be focused on the project and willing to see it through to the end.
Do I know the skills required? _____
Do I have the right people? _____
Do I have a training program? _____
Do I have incentives? _____Will the staff see it through? _____

For each question with a YES answer, add 1.6 points to the total project success potential score.
Total Points (not to exceed 8) _____

8. Project Ownership
First, clearly define roles and responsibilities for each member of the project team. Second, define an organizational model which supports the above accountability. Third, communicate the defined roles throughout the corporation. Fourth, tie incentives to the project's success. Finally, get commitments from each project participant, including users and key executives.
Do I have defined roles? _____
Do I have a defined organization? _____
Does everyone know their role? _____
Are incentives attached to success? _____
Is everyone committed? _____

For each question with a YES answer, add 1.2 points to the total project success potential score.
Total Points (not to exceed 6) _____

9. Clear Vision and Objectives
First, share the vision with all people and groups affected by the project. Second, be sure the objectives align with corporate goals. Third, make sure the objectives are achievable. Fourth, create measurable goals. Finally, install honest and continuous sanity checks.
Is the vision shared? _____
Is the vision aligned with company goals? _____
Are the objectives achievable? _____
Are the objectives measurable? _____
Do I have honest sanity checks? _____

For each question with a YES answer, add 0.6 points to the total project success potential score.
Total Points (not to exceed 3) _____

10. Hard Working, Focused Staff
First, provide incentives for the staff such bonuses, raises or promotions. Second, have the staff concentrate on quantifiable deliverables. Third, convey to each individual that they have part ownership in the project. Fourth, communicate that each individual has a role, which is inclusive of functioning as a team. Build a team that works well together. Finally, a proper plan with attainable results and milestones will build confidence in the staff and keep them focused.
Are there incentives? _____
Are we concentrating on quantifiable deliverables? _____
Does each member have part ownership? _____
Does everyone work together? _____Are we building confidence? _____

For each question with a YES answer, add 0.6 points to the total project success potential score.
Total Points (not to exceed 3) _____

Calculate all of the points to achieve the final score.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Strains of Independence Day ...

The day starts with the telecast of Independence Day celebration and the PM's speech for the Nation.

We went for flag hoisting at a school called “Avichi” nearer to my friend’s place. Came back to room and switched on the TV. All the channels were telecasting about the freedom struggle, 60 facts about Independence, patriotic songs.

That was all usual things, but we felt sad about 3 important facts.

The Strains:

1. Eternal Refugees:

At the time of partition, people were migrated from pak to India and from here too. Though they left all their wealth and belongings, government had taken some measures to make comfortable living for these people. But the people from East Pakistan (Bangladesh) were left out without any considerations and they are still living in the Refugee camp, which comprises of 18000. They became eternal refugees without a proof of citizenship and other basic needs. This is because that they were from East Pakistan and were not given importance. Every human being will be proud of saying that this is my country and I am belonging to this nation. What about these people? They came from the lost country and lost in the living country!.

2. Commercializing National Anthem:

All the channels were telecasting the National Anthem AD of Airtel which was a new album composed by A R Rehman. It is acceptable if it was telecasted one time. But the real frustration is, this had been telecasted on every commercial break through out all channels. How can such a disrespect can be done to country’s National Anthem. How could this can be commercialized? It was very disappointed to see such disrespect. On Thursday and Friday they were just telecasting the making of the album. That was accepted but this is highly regrettable. As a media, they have high responsibility and I wonder how not even a single person had thought about this. This is not like other issues which we just worry about this and let go. This has to be put forth to the respective people in addition to all the respective authorities in order to avoid the same in future.

3. Game of Death:

And the other issue is, mere for the hype for the occasion of Independence day media called up the 1971 war veteran Mr Devassy who is still struggling to get his Pension and announced that he will give up his life on Aug 15. Nice of them that they had brought this to public and showed the sad face of nation. But where this media lost on the Independence Day and later today. There is no news about the proceedings of Mr Devassy whether the government had taken any action or what happened to his life. They brought this to public and they have the responsibility to show the public about the proceedings. Why they forgot about this after the Independence Day. Is this just for increasing the channel viewer ship, if so don’t they have other incidents rather than playing with the life of a human being?
Why nobody is questioning about this!!!

This is not like other issues which we just worry about this and let go. Guys you all have responsibility and please show this atleast in such a national outcome.

Check out my Manager Jay’s post especially on Commercializing of National Anthem on his Blog

He already sent mails to Airtel, Hindu and all the respective people about this. We are trying to oppose this in a stronger manner. Please make your comment on his Blog.

Redefining Independence Day …

15 August, 1947 – a day when India got independence from over two centuries of British rule.

Fifty-nine years later, does it mean anything to us? “Of course it does,” we cry in unison. TV channels will broadcast national celebrations, AIR will play patriotic songs and some important people will unfurl the national flag. But what about the aam janata (common man)? What do they do on August 15? I ’ll tell you what most of us will do. Get up late in the morning (it is a chutti yaar), glance through the Independence Day special published by different publications, check out some patriotic flicks on TV and hang out with friends. Or better still, most of us will see it as a perfect day to meet our long-lost relatives or friends. But how many of us stop to think (if even for a minute) what we mean to our nation? What have we, in our individual capacity, done for our nation? How many of us have helped in the public causes like literacy mission, blood donations or helped a blind man cross the road? Now you’ll wonder how ‘petty things’ like these are connected to the national cause?

Trust me, it is. Small gestures like these go on to make each one of us a responsible and generous citizen. Small things like lending your extra clothing and food for the flood struck citizens or working with NGOs during the college break will help us reach out to many needy people. Is that too much to ask from the Rang De Basanti generation? Certainly not. We had touching gestures of generosity during the Kargil war, Gujarat earthquake, tsunami devastations and more recently Mumbai blasts.

These hard times witnessed millions of Indians come out on the streets to help needy citizens in every possible way irrespective of caste, religion or region. The only thing that mattered then was humanity. Again, who were these people? They were the ordinary citizens, like you and I. If we can care for our fellow citizens in times of need, can’t we be humane to each other in everyday life?Don’t you think it’s time we stopped thinking of Independence Day as just an occasion for “remembering our national heroes and singing national anthem”?Let us give Independence Day a new meaning. Let it be a day for taking stock of our big and small contributions to society and setting self-goals for the year ahead. Let us celebrate each day as our Independence Day.

Let us contribute to our nation building, our ecology in every possible way. Let us be more civic and generous to each other.

That will be our true independence.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Curtain Raiser: 60th Year of Independence

Here comes the country’s most Prestigious Occasion…

A Curtain Raiser for the country’s 60th Year of Independence.Indian Independence Day on Wednesday, the 15th of August.

An Independence Day is an annual celebration commemorating the anniversary of a nation’s assumption of independent statehood, usually after ceasing to be a colony or part of another state.Most countries honour their respective independence day as a national holiday and some countries or nations’ independence-date honors are contested.

The Name INDIA:
INDIA, referred as Heaven of Earth is the seventh-largest country by geographical area, the second most populous country, and the most populous liberal democracy in the world.[8]The name India may refer to either the region of Greater India (the Indian subcontinent), or to the contemporary Republic of India contained therein.The term is derived from the name of the Indus River and has been in use in Greek since Plutarchus[1] (1st century AD). The term appears in Old English in the 9th century,and again in Modern English since the 17th century….

The Republic of India has three principal short names and ancient name Aryarvrath, in both official and popular English usage, each of which is historically significant.All are originally designated a single entity comprising all the modern nations of the Indian subcontinent.These names are India, Bharat, Hindustan and Aryarvrath (Those days Indians are called as Aryans as they belong to the land of Aryarvrath).

Will try to post the unknown events, facts and controversial facts in the upcoming posts instead of consolidation of happenings of 60 years. Hope this wont let to the big argument and debate...

To be Continued…

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Taare Zameen Par…

Guys…ok now listen up, am going to tell about a story. A story about a star, who speaks, laughs, walks…

Simply to say…Taare Zameen Par…

You would have seen the stars in the sky blinking and sometimes winking at you. ever wonder it speaks vyth you. Here it is.
One fine day a star from the sky landed on Earth and i saw its searching for a home full of love
and looked at me from the distance and smiled…
Welcome to Earth my Sweet Little Angel.
And the Star is none other than My Niece “KAAMYA“…

Tiny hands, button nose, chubby cheeks, little toes. Cute little pink lips…choti choti aankein…softy palms. sparking eyes.
No wonder why kids are very beautiful…

A baby is cuddles and tickles on toes
The sweet scent of powder, a kiss on the nose
A baby is teddy bears, rattles, powder, and pins
Meals at midnight, giggles, and grins ..

lots and lots of fun everyday...

We play lot of games. Finally i will get tired of and lie down.. She is such an energetic never resides on one place not even a minute…She has a habit of seasonal crazy. Today she will be crazy about dog, suddenly her craze shifts to balloon, cars etc.

She wonders the sky and ask why the stars are there, why the moon is too high to catch and she asks me to get the moon for her . Poor fellow what will I do. I will ask her to Kiss me , then only I will give her whatever she wants. She does the same and I just give her Laddu or some sweet to divert the topic. This is happening daily and I love to get a kiss from her. So chweet….

One fine morning, We heard the sweetest voice in the world.
Yes you are right. Kaamya started speaking. My sister is flying in the Sky and asking her to Say Mummy thousand times.
And of course Kaamya has special love on me. Don’t know whether being Uncle or showing too much love on her that made a special bonding b/w us.

Still she doesn’t know how to cry., since we never let her to CRY for more than few seconds. How you will let your angel to shed tears. ?
She looks at us keenly and do whatever do in front of her.
My dad used to speak on the phone walking on the corridor or in balcony.
she just replicates when the mobile rings. she take it and run fast to the balcony, holding mobile on left hand and right hand on the back, walk lovely here and thr and say halo, how are you, bojanam aayana.

She is now much familiar with the keypad. Her favorite caller tone is Halgadi Badal rahi …I used to change my caller tunes frequently as per the current hits, but stick to this just for her…

She is gr888 fan of Sharukh. Whnever SRK songs shown in TV, she sits on her special cushion and forgot the outside world.
And she is my companion to watch Cricket and F1 Race. Just made her to admire on Cricket and CARS and of course KIMI is our favorite

Hide and Seek Game

We 3 guys (Me, My Niece and My Pet Snoopy) used to play this Game.
I used to hide the dairy milk chocalate on d SOFA and tell them its on the SOFA.
But wont say in which sofa and in which part of the sofa its placed. Adn time to google it ...
i always move slowly to make them to win the game.
Our guy snoopy run fast and starts searching , meanwhile my Niece catches Snoopy’s Tail and move it away and jump on each SOFA and turn back with her typical soapy smile asking me indirectly where it is.
My heart melts just like that by the lovely smile and will show where it is hidden and she wins the game.
Meanwhile if snoopy finds out first, he takes the chocolate and run to my Niece and give it to her. Even Snoopy is addicted to Kaamya’s Smile :-).You love to loose the Game, when your loved ones win it…

There is no point in being Grown up, if you can’t be Childish Sometimes…

And now she is the best company for me to read comics, play with toys and watch cartoons openly and i used to tell everyone that i have tuned cartoon network only for my niece :-). She loves to sleep on the Cradle with her own style of one leg on top of the other, sucking the thumb finger.

She's crazy on music and songs and has her own collection (Hey Shona from Tara Rum Pum, Munbe Va from Jillunu Oru Kadhal, Suraj Hua ma…from K3G, Koi mil gaya from kuch kuch Hota Hai, Lamha Lamha from Gangster, Vasanthamullai from Pokkiri, Vaikasi Nilave from Unnale Unnale, Paartha Mudhal Naal from Vellaiyadu Vilayadu and the list goes on…) Its so cute and nice to go for a walk with my Niece on the Shoulders and Snoopy on the other side. The whole street looks at us and smile.

When snoopy and my niece join together, the day will be full of naughty things. Snoopy try to catches whatever birds come to home. Kaamya joins with him and tell to catch this and that.
The entire home will be filled with dust and dirt. Finally i will be the victim who get all scolding’s from my MUM, as i enjoy all those happenings . My niece has her own style of speech which is tough to understand but so nice to hear…

Her Dictionary of words:
Gyangu — Water
Pibu — Prabhu
eyyapu–wont give you
Babbu — Ballon
Aapu — Food
Ammiyaa — My Mum
Ammae - her MUM
chandha– Moon
KeeKee - Bird
BaBaba – Hen
Addu - Laddu

Life is very simple if you learn and love to live. And she brings all the happiness.
And our star is yet to learn the “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” rhyme . Tats moi next Assignmet