Friday, October 12, 2007

Let Certain thing's be Unanswered ...

Its all in the Selfish Gene and Mind.

One's god think where shud they keep the secret of creation and only intelligent can know it, they kept in the Gene and whoever is intelligent enough to break can know the fact behind the secret. Gene’s will reveal themselves and not wait for the Human to intervene. Once the Gene’s think the Human’s had reached the Intelligence they expected, the Secret Gene’s will show themselves where they are hiding.

Nature has a code which needs to be broken…more like a crossword puzzle. The more you dig…the more you uncover. May be sometime in the future…the whole thing would be revealed…and it’s worth just the same pursuing it

Is god Exists or did we created God?

Is Ancient Genius Man created God to make the future Human beings to have faith, obey, respect on good things. You might think, "Why do I believe in something I have never seen?” Then, you do not really think that GOD exists which makes me think all over again!
At the end of it all, very much confused!! Whether one of us created GOD or whether the GOD created us…has always been a matter of never-ending debate! Science works by observation. It is constrained by laws. Anything and everything has to obey the laws of Physics. And that’s the chief reason why scientists do not read much into mystical experience.

Here goes the concept of God as revealed by Guru Vethathri Maharishi.
His concept is very logical and scientific. Whatever we see in this Universe (the earth, solar system, the galaxies…….) exist in the space which is infinite and omnipresent. This space holds everything together. Also we can see a pattern and regularity in this universe. We see a pattern and regularity in solar system, in the galaxies, in a tree and in other Biological and environmental systems. So there should be a Universal Consciousness which attributes to this pattern, regularity and the consciousness in human. Also there is energy in everything we see. So the space which holds everything together is full of energy and consciousness. Before everything came into existence in this universe there was only space everywhere. From this space everything came into existence. Now there comes a question, how everything would have come from space. For that Vethathiri attribute a property to space. The infinite everlasting space has an inherent self compressive force which results in the manifestation of the universe. This primordial state of the universe, the space with infinite energy, consciousness and self compressive force is called GOD. So whatever we see today came from that primordial state. His philosophy gives greater insight about GOD, how we should live our life and a way to achieve world peace.

For example, if someone asks "why everything exists?” you'll get a variety of answers form different people. However, in the end, you'll feel that you're not satisfied with the even the best answer that you've got; you still would feel that there probably might be another aspect which hasn't been explored yet. And will science clearly explains about god? no way, so shall we say science itself is wrong. that’s not true.

Let certain things be unanswered, unsolved. Unravel the mystery of being you a tiny bit everyday. That’s what makes life exciting.

When i was about to finish writing this post, I heard someone whispering very near to me….

Hei Shiva, interesting stuff Na!!!
You are right Vishnu, it will be a big debate to follow, and will they find the mystery behind the creation?
Yep, it's all in the hands of the Secret Gene to survive enuf to make the human's more intelligent so that it will come out one day. But it seems like now it will end again in a question mark!!!

I was wondering is that the voice of Lord Vishnu and Shiva? :-) :-)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gaming Rhymes...

Remembering the Gud old School days brings lot of memories back.
One such thing is the Gaming Rhymes.
Here goes such a lovely Rhyme. Here u hv 2 sing the Rhyme while doing some action packed fun with ur frnd.

So So So..on the Go...
Mr 1, Mr 2, Mr 3.3.3...
Mr 4, Mr 5, Mr 6.6.6...
Mr 7, Mr 8, Mr 9.9.9...
My Father is a Teacher...Teach teach teach,
My Mother is a Singer... Sing, sing, sing,
My Sister is a Dancer... Dance,dance,dance,
My Brother is a Boxer... Box,box,box.

Here Goes …

Sit opposite 2 each other.
U hv to start with "So So So on the Go" by dashing ur folded hands with each other
Keep both of ur Hands parallel to each other in vertical mode & clap ur right hand with ur frnds left hand for MR 1.
Alternatively for Mr 2
And for Mr 3..3...3 - clap the right hand vyth right and left vyth left to ur frnds hands in horizontal mode.
Continue the same sequence till Mr 9, 9, 9 ..

Thn while saying "My father is a Teacher,Teach,teach,teach..", Take a stick and beat ur frnd lovely
Thn while saying "My mother is a Singer, Sing,sing,sing...", Scream loudly on ur frnds Ear
Thn while saying "My sister is a Dancer, Dance,dance,dance...", Kick ur frnd by ur leg nicely
Thn while saying "My brother s a Boxer, Box,box,box..." Smash ur frnds Face... :-) :-) and Do remember to Run away immediately :-)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Told You na ...

It’s the Talllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllest Building…!

Here goes, our Story’s Hero who is going to Commit Suicide, whose age is around 26 or 27 working in a software concern…

Looking handsome, earning 6 digit salary. Then what’s the problem in his life and why he is going to commit suicide. Is it bcoz of not having a girl friend; is it a Love Failure, or mental depression due to hectic work? Wht else would be there?

Meantime our hero reached the upstairs of this Talllllllllllllllllllllllest building. Alarm starting ringing and video cameras automatically live telecasting the images everywhere to indicate someone is there in prohibited area. Wow technology improved a lot and people donno what’s going on!!!

Okay…reached the top floor. Now its time to Jump.
Watch showed the time as 1:03 10/10/2201 …

1…2…3… jumped

Oops…Whts this all the windows of the apartments are closed. And oh it’s raining suddenly! Yeakssss, its too cold, cant I die peacefully?
Thank god, sun came out and typical Chennai hot climate is back ….

Seems like hands and legs getting very tired… Oops vision is getting dim and going dark.

Still I hadn’t reached the ground floor.
What’s the time now? It’s 2:58 10/10/2221 …

OMG it’s been 20 years and still I hadn’t reached the ground!!! Flying down, down and down ……………..

“Cant able to Guess what’s going on”, Read the Subject and First line :-)

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Got his fwd frm a frnd os mine...sincerely am already following the stuff mentioned in this...

here are sometin 2 discuss in serious note…
00% sure of u say yes to my qn…but pllzzzz think before you say yes ….
so theqs is R U PATRIOTIC?? WUD U DO NETHING FR INDIA…OR FROM WHERE EVER U BELONG????????WELL , those say we arent patriotic…stop here , i appericiate that u atleast say the truth…

but those who says , m like bhagat singh , sukhdev etc.. read onso u r a patriotic indian….thats cool….but all plzz stop lying….r u patriotic really??????
if u r , then u must want ur country as good as USA , CANADA , as clean as them…but tell me , do u throw ur waste papers , other garbage in the dustbin , wen u r in a park , and u cant see ne garbage bin near u , dont u throw the waste there only?????ok for modern generation , do u throw ur chewing gums in the paper properly and then in the dustbin??????I DOUBT….now please dont say we do , be true guyz

I know u would argue,throwing waste doesnt mean that we are not patriotic, but being a human u shud have done these simple things too in prior. That’s what I jus want to make a point rather than pin pointing on ur patriotism

ok another qn , (m not saying or pointing) but think , if ur dad is corrupt , or ne of ur known is corrupt , wud u immediately go to ur dad and say dad dont do this???if u find a wallet while going on the road , will u go and give it to the police???

read this story…." 1ce a japanese guy was travelling by a bus , he saw 1 american just tearing a little of the seat , he didn't said nethng to him , he noted the bus no. and next day he tied that seat up with a pin and thread" …and wat wud u have done , if u were in same situation…u must have said …." mera kya hai , meri bus thodi na hai" …..

well fellows , 1 person have to start it….if somebody will see area around u clean , he/she will also try to make his/her area clean.. if u wrap ur chewing gum and then throw it , others will do the same…somebody have to take initiation….wat a democracy we have , the person who wanna speak sth against somebody , he is given a huge amount of money , and he too being corrupted shuts up….If this is democracy , its good not to be in a democratic country , look at AMERICA , do they have caste system???? do they got reservations????????Y a student getting 90% and a student getting 60% study in same college , bcoz of reservation????well do they deserve to b in that college???????????we just say say and say……

we dont do nethng , bcoz we are happy , we are nt facing any problem…..but just think about those who dont get good books to study , cant afford tutions , have brain but are nt considered intelligent???????now wat do u think , reservation is for a rich SC student or for a poor non SC student??and all this things is to get votes , to make india more low in national status …..we are happy sensex is increasing….but u know wats the consequency of thisRICH PERSONS WILL BE MORE RICHER….Hurrayyyyyyyyy,but poor will become more poorer…but who cares for them????? we are rich and we are happy….


dont think , wat alone u can do….if u live in manner , others will also start…….and yes "bund bund se hi ghara bharta hai "in english," drop drop makes the tub full…"m sorry if my any point hurted ne body…..but also dont u feel its the truth….and yes…action speaks louder than words… dont speak wat u can do , do wat u really can do…..and ya put ur comments too , whether u are patriotic or not…?????

So no need to do big things for the nation, even the little things matters a lot and these are some things you can do…I know it’s difficult to change/do immediately, try out whichever is possible at this second and plan for the rest ASAP

3. HAVE A COURTESY of telling Sorry and thanx.

4. Try ur level best to follow the Rules.
5. DO HELP OTHERS. Enjoy the Ecstacy of Being Gud. Once u r addicted to this habit. It will make u to be gud, better and best.