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Naan TholaindhuPonen ... Nijamagavae !

Arugil Amarndhu Vaa Podhum ..!

Yagnika Strikes - Part 6

Episode 8- Fooled but not Cheated

Both Aryan and Srav looked each other amusingly.

Aryan: Tats fine dad. Do let me know the proceedings. Missing mum badly.

Hei Srav forgot about tat. Let it drive on different road. we can discuss tis later. am very tired due to jetlag catch you later.

They just moved to their respective apartments planning to meet on next evng.

The following morning Aryan got an early start and started to the office. Usual KT session, Roles and Responsibilities were drawn out and tasks were assigned for the upcoming days.
Homesick attacked for a while and the typical feelings of india started...
Wish i can hold ur hand and walk along… like the walk to Candy shop
Wish i can hear those encouraging words… as u lift me up from low spirits
Wish i can take you out in our car… while i drive n u jus sit back (tensed )
Wish i can be unwrapped from this virtual connection… (for a change, internet sucks)
Wish i can taste the flavour of your fingers… when u feed me
Wish i can feel the warmth of your lap… when i rest on u
Wish i can see the joy in your eyes… when we meet again
Wish i can just be there… with u… at home…
Mummy, i miss you a lot...

Stressed. Dejected. Home sick. Badly wanting to see my parents…
Am counting down days to catch my flight back home… till then, lets hope things go well.. New year is comin up soon.. not yet got new candy flavors… no plans.. once i am done with my first level of onsite assignment on 26th evening.. things will fall in place… Anyways… am still the motivated and enthu kid around in the deserted minnesota in spite of all the commotion… am happy with myself in that sense… gaining inspiration from thy self! That's exactly wat keeps me goin thru such tuf times… Life suddenly seems to be pickin up pace… and i am enjoying the run.. Join along peps!!!!!!!
He called up home immediately and talked to his mum.
Meanwhile his Dad told "Hei i told about the girl na, actually She is from CTS, mistakenly told it as TCS. Will let you know rest of the details soon".
Oh My Goodness…Bankra bangayi mein .
Aryan called Yagnika immediately and updated about Srav and how Dad made him Bakra and rest.Aryan dont know that it was Yagnika who told aryan's Dad to play this game

Episode 9 – Dangerous Girl

You've gotta mail from Yagnika.
Aryan got excited by the pop up message and opened it carefully so that even the mail link won’t get hurt by the mouse click.
Useless fellow. why no mails, no calls. How dare u dumbo. you forgot me and roaming behind Sravanthi !!!
"….and remember? Not once have u tried to console me when I was low when you left me alone.
Are you taking food properly, stay away from the candies else you will lose all your teeth before turning 30.
You remember those golden days, we had fighting’s with each other and we went for Rational training at that time.
“On the first day in the Rational trng, our instructor made you naughty boy sit next to me.
It was the worst day of my life, or atleast i thought. We spoke little. Not even a part of our course material or a speck of eraser dust would be allowed to fall on the others desktop. And then, next day it happened.

You came to training room with a sling supporting your hand. I was instructed by the Instructor to help you take down notes and so, I reluctantly obliged.
That day, over lunch, I softly asked you, "How did u manage to get this fracture?"You smirked at me and said, "I thought this would be a cool excuse to make you take down notes for me!" The next moment, you found yourself holding the tooth in your palm and said, "Thath thooth haz bin shakin for a wik now. Dhanks for gettin itt off!" While one half insisted that you deserved it, the other half was shocked and guilty with the turnover of events. While i apologized to you, You winked at me and said, "Dangerous girl!" It was the first time you planned to come with all sort of guard's to office

I was angry with you for telling me as Dangerous girl and to change the topic you told me that , "OMG! Look at your cheeks!! So damn red! Were you preparing to act as a clown in the circus?" I glared back at you and you continued, "Now come on. Stop this. Else I am going to start on how your pony is beginning to curl behind your back. See I can even hang my Laptop in it!!" You pulled my pony and well anticipating my reaction, prepared for a dash. My cheeks turned red with anger. I had sprinted behind you along the corridors and down the staircase, until we finally reached the pantry and i could run no further. You stood jogging at a safe distance from me, laughing."

Back 2 Real world …

I loved the way you teased me those days, laughed at my ponytail, trying to cheer me up at those times. I guess this is all as much true today as it was that day. Those seemed like fleeting moments of eternal happiness. They came like a shooting star and vanished as quickly. How I wish time froze then. I miss you tons! Take care.

Good luck for your onsite assignment and keep in touch!

P.S. You better not reply in 2 lines like last time. Or else, when we meet during your vacation, you won't go back to Minnesota in the same shape. Like you always say, 'Dangerous girl!'"

Yagnika Strikes - Part 5 (Aankon mein Teri Ajab si Ajab si Adhayein hain)

Behind the Scenes:

Part 5 - Aankon mein Teri Ajab si Ajab si Adhayein hain:

Finally it was a pleasant departure...

Nerathukku Sapdu
Vaarathukku moonu naalavathu Kuli
Andha socks a Thovachu podu
Nagam kadikatha
Saamiya vendikko
Enna parthu kathuko

Aryan: Sari sari manatha vangatha. Tata. Take Care dear.

Finally Lufthansa took off from Chennai and squeezed into the cloudy sky.This is the first birding experience for Aryan to US. The journey will be from Chennai to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Chicago, and then to the destination city.

The flight from Chennai to Frankfurt was, of course, quite long. But it wasn't unbearable. Aryan watched out the window as they climbed away from Chennai and flew out over the Sea. The water looked clear and peaceful. The land was mostly flat, but they also spotted some impressive cliffs. It was the first time to lay eagles eye on the sea. Aryan looked frantically out the window, but he couldn't see anything. A few minutes later, tried again. This time, he was lucky: there were a few holes in the clouds. Through these holes, he could see magnificent cliffs and coasts. Back to the flight, Aryan was waiting for the air Hostess to have some chocolates And also based on the fact that he heard Israeli women are very Cute. (Note: He discovered that not only are they cute, but they love to flirt as well.)He decided he could use a spot of tea and a bite of something sweet to eat.Once he settled down, mounted his Ear phones to listen to the songs in Ipod, there comes a voice beside him.

Hi, i am Sravanthi from TCS. You are from Cognizant. Am i right?
Aryan: Hei how come you know am frm CTS? Is there any label sticked on my forehead!
Sravanthi: cool. Just had a wild guess by seeing the Ipod (as Ipod is gifted to CTS employees and they always showcase in all places )
Aryan: Ofcourse i am.
Sh: Nice meeting you. May i know where you are going?
A: Do u expect me to say the place. If so, i am going to other part of the Earth where i had not been there till now (Aryan still now got away from the fact that she had guessed him from the Ipod and they showcasing it outside)
Sh: Hope you are not in good mood. Do you feel embarrassed of the way i identified you?
A: Not really, but the way you told us that we showcase it everywhere makes me irritated.
Sh: kewl. just kidded. Lets be friends. Shake Hands . Thoda sa smile pls cheer up…smile plzzzzzz….little more….arey…just a little more….
A: eeeeeeee.. enuf
Srav: hei cmon man. cool down. Whats up?
A: Hmmm…Close up!
Srav: grrr…nice joke.
A: did i tell it as joke?
Srav: ok forgot it. sorry sorry. chill out buddy.
A: ok fine. Then do onetin. give me whatever chocolates u take from air hostess.
Srav: Done.
Sravanti's mother had taught her quite a few things about men: She should be wary of those she did not know, polite to those she did, and tough as nails with those who were disrespectful or in any way threatening. But none of these rules seemed to apply in this situation.
She became Friend to Aryan soon bcoz of the quarrel.
Sh:so hws wrk going? whr u r going nw?
A:yah gr88 going. Tat too am in COE and having really innovative tasks. now going to Minnesota.
Sh:Wowwww. am also going there only, but this is second time.
A: Nice 2 hear this. So wat abt you?
Sh:Hmm. in TCS for 3 yrs, in Retail vertical. working in Java. Now going onsite second time for about a year. you have stock options there. are you eligible to buy stocks?
Sh:No idea. Lets forgot abt office for a while na. wht abt ur family?
A: DAD, MUM & a Sis. Having a cute Niece and lots and lots of Pets.
Sh:Tats gr888.
A:You know my Niece is so cute and naughty. Let me show you her snaps and clippings

Srav:Hei she is so cute. Do tell me when you call up your home next time. I will talk to her. Whats your Hobbies?
A: notin specific. Write poems, listen to songs, addicted to chocolates.
Flight landed on Frankfurt airport. It will be a waiting time of 4 hrs. They had to wait several hours for the next, So both Aryan and Shravanthi spent time on shopping, roaming inside airport.Some of the time, he stared at the planes taxiing by: 747s, A330s; KLM, Northwest, Air China…
Finally they reached Minnesota. Their bags were two of the first five off the carousel. Aryan was looking for a Phone booth.
Srav: Hei it seems like you want to convey the news that you reached safely na?. If so use my mobile.
A: Tx yaar. And you told you want to hear my Niece voice na. So keep it in speaker mode.He was trying to his Dad's mobile and soon the call was picked up.
A: hi Dad.i just reached my place. It was a nice trip.
Dad: Thats good. blah blah blah …….Hei i have a news for you.
Meanwhile Sravanthi asked Aryan to ask his niece to talk.
A: Anytin spcl Dad?
Dad: Ofcourse. We have seen a girl for you. Her name is Sravanthi working in TCS!!! (Both Aryan and Sravanthi heard this as it is in speaker Mode)
Aryan turned towards Sravanthi and looking her Eyes with a Smile…
Aankon mein Teri Ajab si Ajab si Adhayein hain.
Dil ko banade jo pathank Saase yeh teri woh Hawaye hain :-)

My Wet Nosed Friend …

Dogs are Man's Best Friends…

That’s true in my life and its very difficult for me to live without pets. Since they are the real creatures who show true love and affection and we can rely on them forever.
Since the Death of my Pet dog Snoopy , me and my Niece are eager to adopt a new Pup, but my parents are not ready for this and they keep telling me "no more pets dear as we can’t able to see them die in front of us".
I accept it, but i miss snoopy and definitely want snoopy to come back in another form as a new Pup.
Henceforth the Googling began and finally i adopted a new Labrador Pup.
Holy shit…Welcome back Snoopy…
Now is a good time to start thinking of a name for the pup!
Choosing the perfect name for your puppy is an opportunity to demonstrate to the world just how creative and insightful you are. Dog names say a lot about your loved one and believe it or not a lot about you. Think about the last few dog names you heard. Did the dog names stand out, were they a good description, were they unique and easily distinguishable from other words and did they have meaning? These are all important considerations to think about when choosing perfect dog names.
Remember …
We will use our Wet Nosed Friend's name well over 30,000 times, so we have to choose wisely and always be sure it has a meaning.
My wish list is SIMBA, FURO, NEO and GOOGLE …

Once i sent SMS to all my friends for suggesting a name for our Guy, 70 % of the replies were "Prabhu". Mummyyyyyy…Am i???

Fun apart. Here are the few names i got it frm my friends.

Capsi, Mojo, Reno…
Rocky, Terry, Pogo, Phoenix …
Zack, Zee, Zooey, fonzi, Fiesta …
Pappu, Scooby, Roxy, Jumbo, Shelly, Dolly …

Okeiiii, the stage is urs …
Me and my Pup thank you for taking the time and effort to choose the perfect name :-)

Yagnika Strikes - Part 4

Episode 7: The Departure:

“Need Expert Comments, Here we are…Center of Excellence”

Wordings engraved in Aryan’s T-shirt glowed on Yagnika’s face.

Yag - Hei this is too much man. What you do in CoE? Chumma you do all Hype!!!

Aryan – You are jealous. What will I do for that? That’s a huge thing and you won’t understand it too :-)

Yag - ok leave it. Why you are looking dull yaar?

Aryan – I have a bad news for you.

Yag – What, you still not getting any girl friend na. Am I right? Haha…First of all grow up man. Forgot about the kiddy stuff. Then you will get committed soon.

Aryan – If I have to lose everytin mere for a Girl friend, Sorry let me be single and happy.

Yag – ok tell me Whts the news you are supposed to share with me?

Aryan – Am going onsite to Minnesota.

Yag- That’s good news dear. You will experience a new environment. You need a change in the midst of hectic work.

Aryan – You will be missing your Best Friend dear.

Yag – yep. What to do for that? It’s your future and am happy for that.

Aryan – Ofcourse I need a change yaar. “The best time to look for the change is, when you feel really comfortable. Yes I mean it. If you are too comfortable and like to stay there forever, then you are in trouble. When no one questions you, there won’t be anyway to grow high in the Career. I was so comfortable that there was no one to question me. Ands that’s why came the change.” But i will be missing you.

Yag – Me too. But all the best. Ciao tmrw. Bye da

Little devil left the place. Aryan sat for a while and started thinking. Doesn’t she miss me and is she is hiding her feelings or really happy for me?

Late evening, Yagnika got the call.Yah da, tell me whats up.

~A – am leaving tomorrow by Lufthansa at 1:45, security check in will be around 11 PM. Do come to send off me please.

~Y – Will try da. Since I might have concal in evening, but will make up anyway.

~A – hei Yag, whts this. So you won’t come na. It seems that you are happy to depart me.

~Y- Useless you are my best Friend, I told you I will make up by anyway.

~A- Chumma don’t lie. You won’t have time to mail me, message me, no time to reply to my messages too, no time to meet me up too. When I ask about this, you simply tell that you are busy. Ofcourse you are busy and I understand your situation, but don’t you have 2 minutes to spare for me. So you mean am just like your another friend and not a Best Friend. Are you not feeling sad to leave me dear?

~Y –Stupid, What’s the problem vyth you? It’s your career and future dumbo.

~A – See you are scolding me too. You gals are always like this. Tx mam.

~Y – ok kewl. I will come there 2 send of you. Happy …don’t make me to hang you again on the mouse.

It was late evening; all the friends came to send of him. Thank god she came up finally.Talking to all my friends so happily and wished him for a great time ahead there. Aryan tried to look at her eyes, but she looks happy. Oops. Am feeling so sad to leave her, but not even a sign of dull mood from her side.

He was expecting her to say, “Please don’t go…….I promise u I will never fight with you, I will never trouble you again, I will always answer your calls and meet u up frequently”, “Is this the last time we will see each other? Won’t we ever meet again?” with a pool of water about to splash from her eyes…….

Yagnika - Dude, You lost somewhere? Packed everytin or not, did you bought the Tinkle and chocolates?

Aryan – Yah da. Packed everytin (He just sat on the couch where no one around and called her). Hmm tell me da.

Yag – Nothing. You take care. Do well.

The flight was ready for departure and its time for security check in.

Seeing Yag, Aryan told bye to all and turned towards the check in counter.

Everyone started leaving and there the moment came. Yagnika was looking down with a drop a Tear coming from her Eyes and trying to wipe it before anyone looks her. That single drop of tears showed how much love and affection she has on him and Aryan realized someone had laid lashes to make him to understand the real love.

Aryan came back and stood there like a statue in front of Yagnika and told her “Voila…I know you my Best Friend”.

It was Raining all thru the city outside. Both were laughing at each other and Yagnika started rhyming…

Rain Rain go away,
Come again another day.
Little Aryan wants to Fly;
Rain, rain, go to Minnesota,
Never show your face again!

To All Those Who Hate me …

To All Those Who Hate me
You can put the blame on me!
But your heart knows the Truth…

Feel sorry now our affection died young
It seems so late so tell me what have I done
Is it wrong or is it right
To let you go I know you’ll be gone out of sight
Worry not, stay there. I’ll go out of sight!

Atleast you have time to Hate me,
Hate me today
Hate me tomorrow
Hate me forever
Atleast you remember me in this way …

To All Those Who Hate me
You can put the blame on me!
But your heart knows the Truth.

Hate me all you want.
Hate me with every bone in your body.
Hate me so much that I’m not even worth your time.
But one thing I ask of you.
Hate me for what you know I am, not what you think I am.
There lies tremendous difference.

I did blah nothing wrong.blah blah.
The day will come to make you wake up
But i won’t be there to say Morning wishes…
The Best way of Revenge –
Is being Serene, and
I can do no more than Thank You.

To All Those Who Hate me
You can put the blame on me!
But your heart knows the Truth.

Yagnika Strikes - Part 3

Episode 6

The D day ends with lot of surprises and excitement but without a single wish from the Best Friend.

The worst part of enjoying Happy moment or falling sick is , your friend is not there with you.

While walking back on the evening, Aryan just met Yagnika.

Yag - Who the Hell you are dumbo, where did you lost all the day?

~ A – hei cmon I was very busy for the whole day, come lets go yaar. My Friend is falling in sick, I have to meet him. Will drop you on the way.

Yag – no way, I have some wrk dude.

~ A- u have to see him da. He just pulls her and started the car

Yag – so whts special 2day dear.

~ A – notin spcfc yaar. Just gone like that.

Yag - Hei Aryan where are you going da? Where is your Friend’s home?just wait for a moment.

They soon reached a place where a huge independent villa covered with big compound wall, engraved as “Avanthika Gardens”.

Once they entered, small cute, cheerful puppies ran towards them and jumped on them.

Yagnika – wow, so cute da. Your friend has so many puppies in home. I like these pups a lot. They are so cute. See that white pup. Its so cuteeeeeeee.

Aryan – Yah . All these are Lab and golden retriever pups and you like it dear.

Yagnika – If your friend is not here, I will take all these puppies to my home.

Aryan – Hei Yag, all these Pups are …..for you and and …Many More Happy Returns of the Day sweeto !!!

Yagnika started crying and tears fall down. You remembered my Bday, then why you hadn’t wished me stupid. I was waiting for the whole day dumbo.You are still hanging on the mouse in my desk

Aryan – haha…My wish was there in each wish you received yaar.

Yag – how come? Don’t play.

Aryan – Don’t you feel my presence in each wish?

It was me who called your Mum to make sure that her wish shud be first one.

It was me who reminded your 5th Std schoolmate.

It was me who called up your neighbor aunt to wish you.

It was me who informed your busmate to wish you.

Your onsite friend purposely stressed the word “Best Friend” to make you to guess how she knows your day.

You remember the Green rose, it was me who told the florist to give you the flower and sell you the Shrubs in surprise cheaper cost. More than that it was me who sticked the “Cute Art where a guy count the stars”. Do you remember, who is having the Habit of counting the stars even now (Rmbr the Blog post 12486 and goes on. ..The count is now 12984 :-) ). I thought you feel your Best Friends presence in these entire things. How come you are not able to recognize it? Now I am disappointed.

Yag – Heiiii sorry sorry very sorry dear. How stupid I am? So sweet of you. Sorry baba.Hmm. Tel me what you want me to do now.

Aryan – Notin just give me 1 KG of chocolates

Yag – hei common better scold me pls.

Aryan – Ok thn better give me 2 KG of choices. That’s it.

Yagnika Strikes - Part 2

Episode 5
Gtalk chat box blinks up, indicates message fromYagnika …
~Y: Hei Aryan, do you remember my Birthday? This question from Yagnika struck with a surprise and Aryan suddenly said “Ofcourse dear”.
~Y: Tell me when it is da?
~A: Hmm how can you ask like this to me, I know My Best Friends Bday by default?(Meanwhile Aryan searched the Organization Database for the User profile)
~Y: Then tell me immediately … (Query is getting time to process )
~A: So it means you are testing me
~Y: Deiiii samalifications…u idiot tell me the Truth. Hoila…finally the system displayed the User Details
~A: ok, I wont talk to you further as you doubted me. Your Bday is on Apr 6. Happy now. Bye …
~Y: Heiiii sorry da. I just played vyth u. sorry…pls pls…
~A: Am busy. Ciao latr.
~Y: hei sorry dear… wait wait. Ping me back!!!

It was Apr 6, 12’o clock midnite. Yagnika was expecting his call. Phone rang up but it was from some other friend. She had avoided the call as she wants his wish to be first one, but thought that he is still angry with her or he had forgot her Bday.

Mobile screen glows as “SweetHome Calling”. She attended the call vyth so much joy.Hei Munna, Many more Happy returns of the day. Thanks Mummy. And her dad and Bro too wished her. Then she started complaining to her Mum,”mummy Aryan hadn’t called me up”.Dear, he might be slept as of now or trying to reach your mobile. Just wait for sometime.No way mummy, he definitely knows my Bday and he is purposely doing tis” -Yagnika.See dear, he is your Best friend na, so he wont do this. Wait for the Surprise. Take care. Good night dear.
Oops.whats up now?The next call is from her 5th std school friend Ramya.Yagnika surprised by this wish as she never expected call from Ramya.Then from Priya, Vidya, Archana, Dinesh, Bharath and all her friends.

Got a call from her friend Nitu in New Jersey.Yag- Nitu, tx a lot ya, you remembered my bday and called me frm thr to wish.Nitu – It happens when you have Best friend yaar?.Yag- Tx yaar. Nitu – Remember, Best Friend yaar?Yag- Ofcourse you are. Tx dear.
Still she is expecting the important call.

Suddenly the doorbell rings. Yagnika got excited and thought that definitely it’s Aryan. She told all her roomies that it will be her Best Friend.She opened the door and suddenly her face become…..dull as it is her nearby aunty standing with a bouquet.Hi aunty. Pls come in.Happy bday beti.Aunty, how come u know my Bday?Your Friends had told dear.Tx aunty, pls take the cake.

Everything ended well but without Aryan’s wish.

Shall I call Aryan and blast him nicely. She thought for a moment and her Ego stopped her. Why shud I call him? He shud remember this. Being a best friend how come this dumbo forgot this?

She went to sleep and wake up next mrng to get ready for the office.When she just came out to catch her office bus, a Roadway florist came near to her room and asked Yagnika “Madame, do you want Rose Shrubs as these are fresh and new one came from Ooty.”Yagnika is so happy to see the lovely roses as all the rose shrubs are beautiful.Can you give me 2 shrubs, those with White and Violet color?To her surprise, the florist told, Madame each shrub costs just 7 RS and when you buy one you will get one free.It surprised her completely and asked ‘Are you joking’, everyone sells each shrub for RS 30 to 40 and how come you are giving it so cheap.Mam, this is not festival or season time and moreover I came long way from my place, so selling it soon to get back to my place.She was so excited and bought almost 12 Rose shrubs.

Florist then gave a lovely Green Rose and said it’s especially for you Madame.Wow, green Rose. I was searching for this colored rose shrub only, so nice of youThanks a lot and you made my Day.

Yagnika’s inner mind wake up and again thought, “see man, a florist had made my Day”, Where did you gone useless. I hateeeeeeee you…

She catched the Bus and sat on the windows seat. Her bus mate Sandhya came and wished her. Yagnika is full of excitement and surprised by these unexpected wishes.She just swipe in the card to enter her cubical. To her surprise the cubicle is fully decorated with “Birthday Wishes”.Yagnika got very excited and attracted much on the wonderful Art where “Cute kid sitting on the Seashore on the Full moon day, but counting the Stars” pasted on her desk.Wow, it’s so cute. Hei who had pasted this?

Rahul told, guess it yaar!!!
Yagnika - “Is it Nitin or Purnima?”
Purni- Hei you are wrong, one more chance for you.
Yagnika – Is it our Team lead Swadhika?
Ok, leave it you are lost. Very bad of you. We all selected specially for you.
Yagnika- Tx a lot yaar. Did Aryan came here?
Swadhika – No yaar. You hadn’t seen him. Surprise !!!Yag - no, no . He told me that he will come here to tell me what time we both can go for lunch.Hmm..Nitin- ok ok… got it..enjoy ur day.
Yagnika then gave a nice kick on the cute kiddo doll on her desk (Which she named it as Aryan). You dumbo, I kill youuuuuuuuuuu. Doll was hanged on the mouse :-)

Every time she cursed Aryan as she is getting unexpected wishes but not from him.
Surprise will be revealed in nxt episode.

Yagnika Strikes …

Yagnika Strikes…

I still wonder how a name has so much attraction. Here goes the story behind this!

Episode 1:

It was yet another fine day in the office.
During the break time, went to our office library to search for a book on Change Management. I stood up to look around by a gentle smile of a girl. I turned around to find a cute, girl beaming up at me with a smile that that lit up her entire being.

Hi, Yagnika here. Can you please tell me where the UNIX wrack located? Wow…i just realized how a Name has great attraction. Yagnika…Seems the name has some sort of special attraction. First time i impressed by the name and stand still in front of her.
Yagnika waved her Hands in front of my face and asked, can you please tell me where the UNIX books located.
Seeing right side, i showed my hand on the Left side. She said, Thanks a lot. BTW, may I know your name?
Oops will my name sounds attractive like her.
Anyway that’s the index of mine and I said "Aryan". I was really attracted by the name and that made me not to concentrate on Yagnika’s appearance. I thought of going to the library at the same time to see Yagnika tmrw.

Episode 2:

It was Hectic today and i was rushing up for the Tool Evaluation of the project. Clock strucks 11:30 and i realized its time to go for library. I rushed up to the library. While signing the library register, saw Yagnika's name just in top of mine.
Hoila its time to read the face. Now i got the confusion on looking at number of girls standing in the library. Who is Yagnika in this gang? Oops…how stupid i am of not recollecting her face. It seems like it won’t work out. Then i turned back to get back to business and signed the out time in the register.
There it comes the Husky voice…"Hei Aryan", How are you. You are leaving soon.
Yah of course, but sorry may I know whom you are?
Very bad of you. It’s me Yagnika yaar. How come you forgot me?
Yagnika Strikes…. :-)
She is so cute and charm and i wonder how i hadn’t seen her face on the last meeting. The name strikes much. Then we talked for a while and asked about which project she was and some basics as I have to rush back.
While leaving, she said “Do mail me na ".
Sure Yagnika. Ciao later.
To my surprise we met back on the evening when we left office.
It’s me this time.
Hei Yagnika, you started leaving.
Yah da. Work got over. And we had normal chit chat for a while…
We became instant friends.
We share our first Cold Coffee 2gether.
Every day for the next three months we would leave office together and have nonstop talks. Bunch of mails, messages and meetings.My energy increase up on seeing the outlook pop's up for incoming mail named "Yagnika".
I was always mesmerized listening to this name "Yagnika" as it has some special sort of attraction which I don’t know how to tell.
We became close friends and she introduces me to her team mates and they told me that, you was that guy whom Yagnika talks much.
With the simple smile, she tells of course he is my Best friend.

Episode 3:

Yagnika…Quite fascinating.
It seems like,"While counting the stars and when I find a new Bright star in the sky, I name it as Yagnika which makes me to feel like the star comes down to earth and sit on my room to chat with me for a whole night".
Whenever I write a very nice poem, I thought of keeping the title as YAGNIKA.
Whenever I come across something fascinating and unique thing, I feel those things are somewhat related to Yagnika.
Hmm where this story ends…

Episode 4:

Over the course of the year, Yagnika became a campus icon of our team as i told my team mates how much attraction this name has. Everyone asks how she looks? i wonder How they are not attracted by the Name rather than on the Beauty.Its like something beyond the Rays like electro magnetic rays which the planets and sun shares on the galaxy.She loved to dress up and she reveled in the attention bestowed upon her from the other teammates. She was living it up.

Finally i told her "my friends want to see you. Just an intro dear".
One fine day, she came to our cabin as a surprise and to my surprise all the heads in my Cubicle turned to one direction, the direction where Yagnika stands with her typical cute smile.
Guys this is Yagnika and everyone were looking at me with the typical smile of being Caught Red Handed.I have introduced her to all my Teammates.She talks, talks and talks much.
Here are Tit bits of one her Philosophy…"There are only four secrets to staying young, being happy and achieving success. "You have to laugh and find humor every day. You've got to have a dream. When you lose your dreams, you die. We have so many people walking around who are dead and don't even know it!"