Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Curtain Raiser: Marley and Me

There are not too many movies I can't wait for the DVD to come out but this is one I’ll have to see in the theater.

Here is the curtain raiser for a much awaited movie “Marley and Me”, releasing on Christmas day.

This is a bittersweet story which brings all those pleasant memories of your beloved dog but the sad moments too. This is not only a story about World's Worst Dog and its funny facts, but also portrays how a dog plays a role in a life of a family which brings happiness and sorrow to them and how a beloved pet can be an integral part of it.

I was literally cried on reading the last 2 episodes of the novel and am pretty sure this is going to happen again on last half hour or couple of minutes of the film.

This is not talking about just a tear or two welling up — also talking abt grown men and women snuffling and sobbing uncontrollably, then dashing from the theater before the lights come up to avoid making eye contact with all the other blubbering saps. Seeing the ending, in all its horrifically sad detail, is bad enough if you're a grown-up (and a dog person).

If you're a little kid expecting a happy puppy movie, "Marley & Me" could cause serious trauma requiring hours of therapy and many scoops of ice cream to repair :-)

However, think the movie might be useful for younger people starting out in life, ones who have yet to learn the crushing, horrible truths of undying dog love.

And also "Marley & Me" could prove to be the ultimate date movie...Girls, "If his eyes are dry when the lights come up, dump him."

Marley is just all sort of nonsense ...consumes sofas, eats dry-wall, drinks from toilets, overturns garbage, breaks everything and swallows a valuable necklace...at the end that is what makes your puppy special :-)...Marley's erratic and explosive activities will supply all the suspense, action and drama. Better watch all those fun in the movie.

I was keep tracking of the movie shooting and its proceedings and these were some funny incidents mentioned in "Behind the scenes" scoop..."The first day on set Jennifer Aniston looked over and saw the star of the movie, Clyde, who plays Marley, chewing her purse and turned to the trainer for help and they were just praising Clyde 'good dog' and paying him with a treat," Director Frankel said. "We just wanted Clyde always to misbehave, to be as rambunctious, rascally, surprising, energetic and funny as possible. Just like all of our dogs -- they are just a lot of trouble. All the joy is worth all of the trouble."

For anybody who read the book, you’ll know how this movie ends. But even if you hadn’t, it doesn’t take the detective inside you to figure out what’s going to happen...And don’t forget to bring a few tissues.

It will be a Mischievous Treat for all the pet lovers and for the adults too.
Have fun on Christams vyth ur Family and Marley...Merry Christmas to all.

P.S: It brings back all those sweet memories of my crazy little puppy "Snoopy". Miss you Snoopy :-(

Monday, December 08, 2008

Holiday Qns ...

It's time for Christmas, we singing for the world...
Let's live together, in harmony...
It's time for Christmas; it's time to heal the world...
Let's come together, it's Christmas time.

And its time for Fun with the Holiday Qns. Send your answers to my mail prabhuc14@gmail.com ASAP.

Most correct answers and the kvik replies will get a surprise Santa Gift :-)...Pinky Swear!!!

Merry Quizmas

Holiday Qns:

1. Which ocean is Christmas Island located in?
a) Atlantic b) Pacific c) Indian d) Arctic

2. What color crab is the most obvious of the species on Christmas Island?
a) Red b) Green c) Blue d) Brown

3. What is the official language on Christmas Island?
a) Malay b) French c) Spanish d) English

4. What type of climate does Christmas Island have?
a) Snow b) Rainforest c) Desert d) Swamp

5. What hemisphere do penguins live in?
a) Northern b) Southern c) Eastern d) Western

6. Pure snow is made of?
a) Frozen rain b) Ice Pellets c) Snow Crystals

7. Guess these Christmas Words

8. When playing outside in the winter you must wear?
a) A Baseball Cap b) A Fedora c) Sun Glasses d) A Toque

9. What Disney Princess was graced with the "Gift of Song"?
a) Aurora b) Belle c) Snow White

10. A Princess might eat a delicious dessert called a "Subtleties". What were they sculpted in the form of?
a) Animals and Heroes b) Knights and Horses c) Castles and Bridges

11. A Princesses beautiful gown was often made of?
a)Linen, Silk and Velvet b)Linen, Silk and Burlap c)Linen, Silk and Straw

The time starts now …