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Yagnika Strikes - The Final Showdown

Final Episode:

Yagnika was there with him for the whole month till he got fully recovered.
Aryan recovered soon and they returned to his Kensington apartment.

Aryan: Hei Yag. Thanks a lot. So sweet of you that you came long way to see me and taken care well.
Yag: I was waiting for this time only. I just came here to make you happy on your birthday. Since I don’t want to get away like a thief without informing you and let you down at this critical point of time. That’s why came long way to make our departure a pleasant one.
~A: Are you serious.
Yag: Am damn serious. You know I already told that. Just to justify my friendship, I came to see you.
~A: You came a long way to see me Na. This shows the value of your Friendship. Don’t play with me dear.
Yag: I came for a short busienss trip for a KT here. I don’t want to play anymore. Best wishes for your future. Am leaving tomorrow. If you are interested, you can come to send off me.
~A: Hei cmon…Everything had gone well. Why you are doing like this now !
Yag: Enuf man. No more friendship. It’s time to Depart. And here is the last note for you. I have soemthign for you, open it tomorrow when I leave to airport. Hope you keep up this.
~A: Okeiii everything had gone. Let me do this too.

The next day, everyone came to airport for send off, but with a gloomy face.

Yag: Hei guys. Why you are all looking like a lost cat. Cheer up guys.
Deepak: how come yaar. We are very proud to tell others that you both are such a good friends. It’s disappointing a lot.
Yag: I can’t do anything for this. Life is a game of unexpected things.
Aryan: Guys forget about that.

The final announcement came for security check in.

Yag: Hei useless fellow. Open the cover now.

Aryan unwrapped it without showing any interest and the message was:
“April 1 is the day to make fool of Intelligent ones. But I can make you fool on any day”. We are always Best Friends forever. Will meet you soon in our Homeland. Take Care Dhandam
Happy Ending :-)

April 3, 2018 … Later the life of Yagnika and Aryan is colorful one.

Yagnika got married and settled in Chennai with her hubby.
Aryan is still the same mischievous guy settled down in Bangalore with his wife. He got bored of the software job and joined as a Strategic Manager in Indus International School in Bangalore. Probably readers can meet them again as Guests in the upcoming stories.

Yagnika Strikes - Part 8 (Mitt Gayi Dhooriyaan )

Aryan lost the consciousness and slowly the pulse rate gone down and left his brain in dire stages.He was in the later stages of fits and his arms and legs paralyzed with blood started flowing across the street further.

Yeakssss. Yagnika got shocked about the bad dream she had and prayed god that nothing should happen to him. Is that the inner instinct warning her?She immediately called Aryan, ended up with the Voice message. She tried to call his friends to enquire but not reachable.

There in Minnesota, August 4, The Central Connecticut hospital…

The latenite patrol found Aryan on the Roadside and admitted in the hospital and informed his friends. Shankar rushed to see him unconscious in the bed where the group of doctors are discussing with each other.

Dr Pat: Are you Aryan’s friend?
shankar: Yah.This is Shankar here.
Dr Pat: Nothing serious. He just had blood clot in the skull and few fractures in leg. A minor operation will dissolve the blood clot. But he must be in monitoring atleast for 2 weeks.
Shankar: Tats fine doc. Shall we see him now.
Dr Pat: No dude. We are going to operate now. Probably you can see him tomorrow morning.
Shankar: TX doc.
The next day started with all sort of formalities. Aryan got up and saw all those band aids over his body like printer cartridges.
Shankar, Dinesh, Deepak, Sravanthi all stood there with the sarcastic smile.
Dinesh: Dude, what happened yesterday? Did you go behind any girl and stuck on the road.
~A: Hei common guys. Notin like tat.
Deepak: Else did you go for a Sky diving and fallen from the sky? Useless tell us the truth.
~A: Hei i was just on the way to Shankar’s home da.
Shankar: Tats fine buddy, but is my home is in the middle of the Road. What would you do if something happened serious? Just you got away with fractures.
~A: Okei chill out guys. And dinesh check out my pant da, I had a Gourmet Irish chocolate in that.
Dinesh: stop it man.
~A: Hei pls da. Just a bite.
Shankar: Btw. Whts your plan for Birthday man.
Deepak: Hei when is your Bday?
~A: It’s Aug 20. Forget about that da.
Shankar: Hei what happenned?. You will get lot of gifts.
~A: Give me the chocolate first man.
Dinesh: don’t change the topic. What happened to you? Do you feel that you won’t get discharged b4 that? Cool dude. For a change, we can celebrate this time in hospital. We will present you syringes, syrups, tablets. Might be we will steal the hi fi medical equipment and gift you.
~A: Okei…do whatever as you wish. Leave me.
Vikka: ok take rest, ciao later.Everyone started leaving the place…
~A: Shankar did I got any call.
Shankar: No man, mobile was crushed in the accident spot itself.
~A: Did any of my friends called you.
Shankar: You want to know whether Yagnika called you or not. Ask directly dude and havent received any call from her.
~A: not like that man. Actually we had some arguments yesterday and she just told me that she will never call me or see me anymore. So forget about that. That’s why I told you am not interested to celebrate this birthday.
Shankar: shall I call her da.
~A: No da. She never allows any mediator and I don’t want to tell her about this accident. She might feel guilty as because of her only this happened. So let the life go on its way.
Shankar: are you sure ?
~A: Yep. Aryan was recovering slowly. It was good time in hospital with all sort of fun with doctors and pantry guys.
August 13, 2 PM.
Shankar came with a parcel.
Aryan: Whats that dude? Any gift for me.
Shankar: Alaiyaadha. Of course it’s a gift from your sister Vidu.
Aryan: Unwrap and check out whats in that da.Before that shall we have a bet and the bet will be, if I won ‘you have to owe me 1 KG of candies’ else I will take you to the Nick Barron’s concert at Joe's Pub.
Shankar: You don’t know anything beyond candies. Ok fine.
Aryan: The gift will be a book. Since she knows my wish list and flavors.
Shankar: hmm lets see.. and it iss …you're right man.
Aryan: wow. Is it tinkle comicsssss…Sweet sister she is.
Shankar:Its not tinkle, it’s ”The greatness guide” from Robin Sharma.
Aryan: Oh ok. Anyways I heard that’s a nice book. Phone calls, meet ups and all happened on the eve of the birthday. Aryan’s inner mind woke up and asked “Will Yagnika call me atleast for the Birthday. Hope she will!!!”
It’s August 14, midnite 12 AM…
Suddenly lights had gone off. Flashy torches shoot up on walls.
There see Shankar, dino, Deepak, Alicia , the ward staff,
Dr pat.Dude…Many more Happy Returns of the day.And suddenly Candy rain started dizzling all thru his Bed.
Wowow..tx guys.
All sort of fun, birthday bumps happened well. His Dad, MUM, Sister, Niece, even the Pup barked him to wish.It was late nite and everyone was back to bed.
Aryan: Tx Shankar. You know one thing all these candies are Yagnika’s Favorite. She still shows her presence. I know though she wont call or meet me, she still wish me from there. I think so! I know she will come back one day.
Shankar: You had dream?
Aryan: Dream is not what you see in sleep , is the thing which does not let U sleep.
Am a guy and never cry, but still I feel the pain of losing my Best Friend!
Shankar: No philosophies. Forgot abt that. This is Ur day man. Have a blash.Ciao tmrw buddy. Gud nite.
Shankar turned back and moved to the front door. Auomatic door opened and he saw a known face standing outside.
Yagnika Strikes, back …
(It was Yagnika standing in front of the door, who came long way to US).

Mitt Gayi Dhooriyaan …

YAG: Hei donkey monkey password key. How come I forgot man. You will be my Best Friend forever. Friends are always friends and that too no one will forgot a Friend like you. Many more Happy Returns of the Day Dhandam.
and as per your wish, here is my first poem for you.

PS: Story concludes in next episode.

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Yagnika Strikes: Part 7

Frozen Thoughts!!!

It was -15 degrees in Minnesota and Aryan is having a Sauvignon Blanc. Mobile giggles by Yagnika’s call.

~Y: Hei man. How are you ? Whats up thr?
~A: Notin specific yaar. It’s too cold and am just having SB.
~Y: Useless who asked you to have that. I told you no drinks, no candies.
~A: Hei whats this. Too much restriction. Then how will I overcome such chillness. Sometimes it goes to – 30 too.
~Y: Grab your winter wear and lie down on bed man.
~A: Halo. It’s quite impossible. BTW I just thought of having Pedigree :-)
~Y: What???!!! You Dumbo. Are you mad?
~A: Might be :-). U know I used 2 take a very little pinch of Pedigree when I feed my Pup and my pup used to have Dairy milk when I have it.
~Y: u r crazyyy fellow. It’s difficult to tell who human being is and who is dog.
~A: okei Kewl.
~Y: Ok tell me why no calls, no mails from you. You had forgotten me entirely na. I know you guys are always like this. More gals, More fun. That’s why you forgot me .
~A: Ok then why you showed Ego. If not me, you should have called me Na.
~Y: What the hell you are talking. I don’t have any ego. This shows that you are not interested to talk to me.
~A: You have your own set of friends. That’s why you hadn’t called me. See am the loser am. Since you are the only good and best friend for me and if you don’t talk to me I feel hurt. But you have many friends and you spend time with them. When you finally got bored and felt what to do, you call me.
~Y: You mean to say am jobless. You are not listening to me.

Meanwhile Aryan took the Jerkin and started walking on the Kensington Street to meet his frnd Shankar. It’s quite dark and zero visibility on the road.

~A: Yag. Common understand me. Did I told that you are not listening to me and avoiding me. Am going to see Vikram yaar. Catch you later na.
~Y: So you are going to disconnect the call, that’s why telling like that.
~A: Ok kewl . Sorry. I understand you very well. Sorry if I had done anytin wrong. You know onetin there are lot of candies avail here and it tempts me and I buy a lot. Still I take few candies from that bunch and keep it in my runner and throw it away to keep your promise atleast to some extent but you wont understand my love.
~Y: Enuf buddhu. Don’t make me fool. Am frustrated and cant tolerate with you.“ It is Better to Depart, instead of Staying Apart “

~A: If this is ur wish. Am there 2 fulfill it as ur Best Friend. Even tomorrow you will be my Best friend but I don’t know whether am your Best friend!
~Yag: Remember I won’t be there to see you when you come back to India. Good bye.

Aryan was very disappointed and struck on the road with his arms and legs freezed.

A truck was approached on the blind corner and the truck driver not able to see clearly where Aryan exactly standing on the road tried his level best to avoid.

He just saw the truck just before the collision.

It just hit him on the road and went off. He fell down with the Frozen Thoughts!!!

I don’t sleep much, but when I do, I do it very, very well. I’m a championship sleeper. And a world class dreamer. Is this the permanent sleep?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Naan TholaindhuPonen ... Nijamagavae !

Arugil Amarndhu Vaa Podhum ..!

Yagnika Strikes - Part 6

Episode 8- Fooled but not Cheated

Both Aryan and Srav looked each other amusingly.

Aryan: Tats fine dad. Do let me know the proceedings. Missing mum badly.

Hei Srav forgot about tat. Let it drive on different road. we can discuss tis later. am very tired due to jetlag catch you later.

They just moved to their respective apartments planning to meet on next evng.

The following morning Aryan got an early start and started to the office. Usual KT session, Roles and Responsibilities were drawn out and tasks were assigned for the upcoming days.
Homesick attacked for a while and the typical feelings of india started...
Wish i can hold ur hand and walk along… like the walk to Candy shop
Wish i can hear those encouraging words… as u lift me up from low spirits
Wish i can take you out in our car… while i drive n u jus sit back (tensed )
Wish i can be unwrapped from this virtual connection… (for a change, internet sucks)
Wish i can taste the flavour of your fingers… when u feed me
Wish i can feel the warmth of your lap… when i rest on u
Wish i can see the joy in your eyes… when we meet again
Wish i can just be there… with u… at home…
Mummy, i miss you a lot...

Stressed. Dejected. Home sick. Badly wanting to see my parents…
Am counting down days to catch my flight back home… till then, lets hope things go well.. New year is comin up soon.. not yet got new candy flavors… no plans.. once i am done with my first level of onsite assignment on 26th evening.. things will fall in place… Anyways… am still the motivated and enthu kid around in the deserted minnesota in spite of all the commotion… am happy with myself in that sense… gaining inspiration from thy self! That's exactly wat keeps me goin thru such tuf times… Life suddenly seems to be pickin up pace… and i am enjoying the run.. Join along peps!!!!!!!
He called up home immediately and talked to his mum.
Meanwhile his Dad told "Hei i told about the girl na, actually She is from CTS, mistakenly told it as TCS. Will let you know rest of the details soon".
Oh My Goodness…Bankra bangayi mein .
Aryan called Yagnika immediately and updated about Srav and how Dad made him Bakra and rest.Aryan dont know that it was Yagnika who told aryan's Dad to play this game

Episode 9 – Dangerous Girl

You've gotta mail from Yagnika.
Aryan got excited by the pop up message and opened it carefully so that even the mail link won’t get hurt by the mouse click.
Useless fellow. why no mails, no calls. How dare u dumbo. you forgot me and roaming behind Sravanthi !!!
"….and remember? Not once have u tried to console me when I was low when you left me alone.
Are you taking food properly, stay away from the candies else you will lose all your teeth before turning 30.
You remember those golden days, we had fighting’s with each other and we went for Rational training at that time.
“On the first day in the Rational trng, our instructor made you naughty boy sit next to me.
It was the worst day of my life, or atleast i thought. We spoke little. Not even a part of our course material or a speck of eraser dust would be allowed to fall on the others desktop. And then, next day it happened.

You came to training room with a sling supporting your hand. I was instructed by the Instructor to help you take down notes and so, I reluctantly obliged.
That day, over lunch, I softly asked you, "How did u manage to get this fracture?"You smirked at me and said, "I thought this would be a cool excuse to make you take down notes for me!" The next moment, you found yourself holding the tooth in your palm and said, "Thath thooth haz bin shakin for a wik now. Dhanks for gettin itt off!" While one half insisted that you deserved it, the other half was shocked and guilty with the turnover of events. While i apologized to you, You winked at me and said, "Dangerous girl!" It was the first time you planned to come with all sort of guard's to office

I was angry with you for telling me as Dangerous girl and to change the topic you told me that , "OMG! Look at your cheeks!! So damn red! Were you preparing to act as a clown in the circus?" I glared back at you and you continued, "Now come on. Stop this. Else I am going to start on how your pony is beginning to curl behind your back. See I can even hang my Laptop in it!!" You pulled my pony and well anticipating my reaction, prepared for a dash. My cheeks turned red with anger. I had sprinted behind you along the corridors and down the staircase, until we finally reached the pantry and i could run no further. You stood jogging at a safe distance from me, laughing."

Back 2 Real world …

I loved the way you teased me those days, laughed at my ponytail, trying to cheer me up at those times. I guess this is all as much true today as it was that day. Those seemed like fleeting moments of eternal happiness. They came like a shooting star and vanished as quickly. How I wish time froze then. I miss you tons! Take care.

Good luck for your onsite assignment and keep in touch!

P.S. You better not reply in 2 lines like last time. Or else, when we meet during your vacation, you won't go back to Minnesota in the same shape. Like you always say, 'Dangerous girl!'"

Yagnika Strikes - Part 5 (Aankon mein Teri Ajab si Ajab si Adhayein hain)

Behind the Scenes:

Part 5 - Aankon mein Teri Ajab si Ajab si Adhayein hain:

Finally it was a pleasant departure...

Nerathukku Sapdu
Vaarathukku moonu naalavathu Kuli
Andha socks a Thovachu podu
Nagam kadikatha
Saamiya vendikko
Enna parthu kathuko

Aryan: Sari sari manatha vangatha. Tata. Take Care dear.

Finally Lufthansa took off from Chennai and squeezed into the cloudy sky.This is the first birding experience for Aryan to US. The journey will be from Chennai to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Chicago, and then to the destination city.

The flight from Chennai to Frankfurt was, of course, quite long. But it wasn't unbearable. Aryan watched out the window as they climbed away from Chennai and flew out over the Sea. The water looked clear and peaceful. The land was mostly flat, but they also spotted some impressive cliffs. It was the first time to lay eagles eye on the sea. Aryan looked frantically out the window, but he couldn't see anything. A few minutes later, tried again. This time, he was lucky: there were a few holes in the clouds. Through these holes, he could see magnificent cliffs and coasts. Back to the flight, Aryan was waiting for the air Hostess to have some chocolates And also based on the fact that he heard Israeli women are very Cute. (Note: He discovered that not only are they cute, but they love to flirt as well.)He decided he could use a spot of tea and a bite of something sweet to eat.Once he settled down, mounted his Ear phones to listen to the songs in Ipod, there comes a voice beside him.

Hi, i am Sravanthi from TCS. You are from Cognizant. Am i right?
Aryan: Hei how come you know am frm CTS? Is there any label sticked on my forehead!
Sravanthi: cool. Just had a wild guess by seeing the Ipod (as Ipod is gifted to CTS employees and they always showcase in all places )
Aryan: Ofcourse i am.
Sh: Nice meeting you. May i know where you are going?
A: Do u expect me to say the place. If so, i am going to other part of the Earth where i had not been there till now (Aryan still now got away from the fact that she had guessed him from the Ipod and they showcasing it outside)
Sh: Hope you are not in good mood. Do you feel embarrassed of the way i identified you?
A: Not really, but the way you told us that we showcase it everywhere makes me irritated.
Sh: kewl. just kidded. Lets be friends. Shake Hands . Thoda sa smile pls cheer up…smile plzzzzzz….little more….arey…just a little more….
A: eeeeeeee.. enuf
Srav: hei cmon man. cool down. Whats up?
A: Hmmm…Close up!
Srav: grrr…nice joke.
A: did i tell it as joke?
Srav: ok forgot it. sorry sorry. chill out buddy.
A: ok fine. Then do onetin. give me whatever chocolates u take from air hostess.
Srav: Done.
Sravanti's mother had taught her quite a few things about men: She should be wary of those she did not know, polite to those she did, and tough as nails with those who were disrespectful or in any way threatening. But none of these rules seemed to apply in this situation.
She became Friend to Aryan soon bcoz of the quarrel.
Sh:so hws wrk going? whr u r going nw?
A:yah gr88 going. Tat too am in COE and having really innovative tasks. now going to Minnesota.
Sh:Wowwww. am also going there only, but this is second time.
A: Nice 2 hear this. So wat abt you?
Sh:Hmm. in TCS for 3 yrs, in Retail vertical. working in Java. Now going onsite second time for about a year. you have stock options there. are you eligible to buy stocks?
Sh:No idea. Lets forgot abt office for a while na. wht abt ur family?
A: DAD, MUM & a Sis. Having a cute Niece and lots and lots of Pets.
Sh:Tats gr888.
A:You know my Niece is so cute and naughty. Let me show you her snaps and clippings

Srav:Hei she is so cute. Do tell me when you call up your home next time. I will talk to her. Whats your Hobbies?
A: notin specific. Write poems, listen to songs, addicted to chocolates.
Flight landed on Frankfurt airport. It will be a waiting time of 4 hrs. They had to wait several hours for the next, So both Aryan and Shravanthi spent time on shopping, roaming inside airport.Some of the time, he stared at the planes taxiing by: 747s, A330s; KLM, Northwest, Air China…
Finally they reached Minnesota. Their bags were two of the first five off the carousel. Aryan was looking for a Phone booth.
Srav: Hei it seems like you want to convey the news that you reached safely na?. If so use my mobile.
A: Tx yaar. And you told you want to hear my Niece voice na. So keep it in speaker mode.He was trying to his Dad's mobile and soon the call was picked up.
A: hi Dad.i just reached my place. It was a nice trip.
Dad: Thats good. blah blah blah …….Hei i have a news for you.
Meanwhile Sravanthi asked Aryan to ask his niece to talk.
A: Anytin spcl Dad?
Dad: Ofcourse. We have seen a girl for you. Her name is Sravanthi working in TCS!!! (Both Aryan and Sravanthi heard this as it is in speaker Mode)
Aryan turned towards Sravanthi and looking her Eyes with a Smile…
Aankon mein Teri Ajab si Ajab si Adhayein hain.
Dil ko banade jo pathank Saase yeh teri woh Hawaye hain :-)

My Wet Nosed Friend …

Dogs are Man's Best Friends…

That’s true in my life and its very difficult for me to live without pets. Since they are the real creatures who show true love and affection and we can rely on them forever.
Since the Death of my Pet dog Snoopy , me and my Niece are eager to adopt a new Pup, but my parents are not ready for this and they keep telling me "no more pets dear as we can’t able to see them die in front of us".
I accept it, but i miss snoopy and definitely want snoopy to come back in another form as a new Pup.
Henceforth the Googling began and finally i adopted a new Labrador Pup.
Holy shit…Welcome back Snoopy…
Now is a good time to start thinking of a name for the pup!
Choosing the perfect name for your puppy is an opportunity to demonstrate to the world just how creative and insightful you are. Dog names say a lot about your loved one and believe it or not a lot about you. Think about the last few dog names you heard. Did the dog names stand out, were they a good description, were they unique and easily distinguishable from other words and did they have meaning? These are all important considerations to think about when choosing perfect dog names.
Remember …
We will use our Wet Nosed Friend's name well over 30,000 times, so we have to choose wisely and always be sure it has a meaning.
My wish list is SIMBA, FURO, NEO and GOOGLE …

Once i sent SMS to all my friends for suggesting a name for our Guy, 70 % of the replies were "Prabhu". Mummyyyyyy…Am i???

Fun apart. Here are the few names i got it frm my friends.

Capsi, Mojo, Reno…
Rocky, Terry, Pogo, Phoenix …
Zack, Zee, Zooey, fonzi, Fiesta …
Pappu, Scooby, Roxy, Jumbo, Shelly, Dolly …

Okeiiii, the stage is urs …
Me and my Pup thank you for taking the time and effort to choose the perfect name :-)

Yagnika Strikes - Part 4

Episode 7: The Departure:

“Need Expert Comments, Here we are…Center of Excellence”

Wordings engraved in Aryan’s T-shirt glowed on Yagnika’s face.

Yag - Hei this is too much man. What you do in CoE? Chumma you do all Hype!!!

Aryan – You are jealous. What will I do for that? That’s a huge thing and you won’t understand it too :-)

Yag - ok leave it. Why you are looking dull yaar?

Aryan – I have a bad news for you.

Yag – What, you still not getting any girl friend na. Am I right? Haha…First of all grow up man. Forgot about the kiddy stuff. Then you will get committed soon.

Aryan – If I have to lose everytin mere for a Girl friend, Sorry let me be single and happy.

Yag – ok tell me Whts the news you are supposed to share with me?

Aryan – Am going onsite to Minnesota.

Yag- That’s good news dear. You will experience a new environment. You need a change in the midst of hectic work.

Aryan – You will be missing your Best Friend dear.

Yag – yep. What to do for that? It’s your future and am happy for that.

Aryan – Ofcourse I need a change yaar. “The best time to look for the change is, when you feel really comfortable. Yes I mean it. If you are too comfortable and like to stay there forever, then you are in trouble. When no one questions you, there won’t be anyway to grow high in the Career. I was so comfortable that there was no one to question me. Ands that’s why came the change.” But i will be missing you.

Yag – Me too. But all the best. Ciao tmrw. Bye da

Little devil left the place. Aryan sat for a while and started thinking. Doesn’t she miss me and is she is hiding her feelings or really happy for me?

Late evening, Yagnika got the call.Yah da, tell me whats up.

~A – am leaving tomorrow by Lufthansa at 1:45, security check in will be around 11 PM. Do come to send off me please.

~Y – Will try da. Since I might have concal in evening, but will make up anyway.

~A – hei Yag, whts this. So you won’t come na. It seems that you are happy to depart me.

~Y- Useless you are my best Friend, I told you I will make up by anyway.

~A- Chumma don’t lie. You won’t have time to mail me, message me, no time to reply to my messages too, no time to meet me up too. When I ask about this, you simply tell that you are busy. Ofcourse you are busy and I understand your situation, but don’t you have 2 minutes to spare for me. So you mean am just like your another friend and not a Best Friend. Are you not feeling sad to leave me dear?

~Y –Stupid, What’s the problem vyth you? It’s your career and future dumbo.

~A – See you are scolding me too. You gals are always like this. Tx mam.

~Y – ok kewl. I will come there 2 send of you. Happy …don’t make me to hang you again on the mouse.

It was late evening; all the friends came to send of him. Thank god she came up finally.Talking to all my friends so happily and wished him for a great time ahead there. Aryan tried to look at her eyes, but she looks happy. Oops. Am feeling so sad to leave her, but not even a sign of dull mood from her side.

He was expecting her to say, “Please don’t go…….I promise u I will never fight with you, I will never trouble you again, I will always answer your calls and meet u up frequently”, “Is this the last time we will see each other? Won’t we ever meet again?” with a pool of water about to splash from her eyes…….

Yagnika - Dude, You lost somewhere? Packed everytin or not, did you bought the Tinkle and chocolates?

Aryan – Yah da. Packed everytin (He just sat on the couch where no one around and called her). Hmm tell me da.

Yag – Nothing. You take care. Do well.

The flight was ready for departure and its time for security check in.

Seeing Yag, Aryan told bye to all and turned towards the check in counter.

Everyone started leaving and there the moment came. Yagnika was looking down with a drop a Tear coming from her Eyes and trying to wipe it before anyone looks her. That single drop of tears showed how much love and affection she has on him and Aryan realized someone had laid lashes to make him to understand the real love.

Aryan came back and stood there like a statue in front of Yagnika and told her “Voila…I know you my Best Friend”.

It was Raining all thru the city outside. Both were laughing at each other and Yagnika started rhyming…

Rain Rain go away,
Come again another day.
Little Aryan wants to Fly;
Rain, rain, go to Minnesota,
Never show your face again!

To All Those Who Hate me …

To All Those Who Hate me
You can put the blame on me!
But your heart knows the Truth…

Feel sorry now our affection died young
It seems so late so tell me what have I done
Is it wrong or is it right
To let you go I know you’ll be gone out of sight
Worry not, stay there. I’ll go out of sight!

Atleast you have time to Hate me,
Hate me today
Hate me tomorrow
Hate me forever
Atleast you remember me in this way …

To All Those Who Hate me
You can put the blame on me!
But your heart knows the Truth.

Hate me all you want.
Hate me with every bone in your body.
Hate me so much that I’m not even worth your time.
But one thing I ask of you.
Hate me for what you know I am, not what you think I am.
There lies tremendous difference.

I did blah nothing wrong.blah blah.
The day will come to make you wake up
But i won’t be there to say Morning wishes…
The Best way of Revenge –
Is being Serene, and
I can do no more than Thank You.

To All Those Who Hate me
You can put the blame on me!
But your heart knows the Truth.

Yagnika Strikes - Part 3

Episode 6

The D day ends with lot of surprises and excitement but without a single wish from the Best Friend.

The worst part of enjoying Happy moment or falling sick is , your friend is not there with you.

While walking back on the evening, Aryan just met Yagnika.

Yag - Who the Hell you are dumbo, where did you lost all the day?

~ A – hei cmon I was very busy for the whole day, come lets go yaar. My Friend is falling in sick, I have to meet him. Will drop you on the way.

Yag – no way, I have some wrk dude.

~ A- u have to see him da. He just pulls her and started the car

Yag – so whts special 2day dear.

~ A – notin spcfc yaar. Just gone like that.

Yag - Hei Aryan where are you going da? Where is your Friend’s home?just wait for a moment.

They soon reached a place where a huge independent villa covered with big compound wall, engraved as “Avanthika Gardens”.

Once they entered, small cute, cheerful puppies ran towards them and jumped on them.

Yagnika – wow, so cute da. Your friend has so many puppies in home. I like these pups a lot. They are so cute. See that white pup. Its so cuteeeeeeee.

Aryan – Yah . All these are Lab and golden retriever pups and you like it dear.

Yagnika – If your friend is not here, I will take all these puppies to my home.

Aryan – Hei Yag, all these Pups are …..for you and and …Many More Happy Returns of the Day sweeto !!!

Yagnika started crying and tears fall down. You remembered my Bday, then why you hadn’t wished me stupid. I was waiting for the whole day dumbo.You are still hanging on the mouse in my desk

Aryan – haha…My wish was there in each wish you received yaar.

Yag – how come? Don’t play.

Aryan – Don’t you feel my presence in each wish?

It was me who called your Mum to make sure that her wish shud be first one.

It was me who reminded your 5th Std schoolmate.

It was me who called up your neighbor aunt to wish you.

It was me who informed your busmate to wish you.

Your onsite friend purposely stressed the word “Best Friend” to make you to guess how she knows your day.

You remember the Green rose, it was me who told the florist to give you the flower and sell you the Shrubs in surprise cheaper cost. More than that it was me who sticked the “Cute Art where a guy count the stars”. Do you remember, who is having the Habit of counting the stars even now (Rmbr the Blog post 12486 and goes on. ..The count is now 12984 :-) ). I thought you feel your Best Friends presence in these entire things. How come you are not able to recognize it? Now I am disappointed.

Yag – Heiiii sorry sorry very sorry dear. How stupid I am? So sweet of you. Sorry baba.Hmm. Tel me what you want me to do now.

Aryan – Notin just give me 1 KG of chocolates

Yag – hei common better scold me pls.

Aryan – Ok thn better give me 2 KG of choices. That’s it.

Yagnika Strikes - Part 2

Episode 5
Gtalk chat box blinks up, indicates message fromYagnika …
~Y: Hei Aryan, do you remember my Birthday? This question from Yagnika struck with a surprise and Aryan suddenly said “Ofcourse dear”.
~Y: Tell me when it is da?
~A: Hmm how can you ask like this to me, I know My Best Friends Bday by default?(Meanwhile Aryan searched the Organization Database for the User profile)
~Y: Then tell me immediately … (Query is getting time to process )
~A: So it means you are testing me
~Y: Deiiii samalifications…u idiot tell me the Truth. Hoila…finally the system displayed the User Details
~A: ok, I wont talk to you further as you doubted me. Your Bday is on Apr 6. Happy now. Bye …
~Y: Heiiii sorry da. I just played vyth u. sorry…pls pls…
~A: Am busy. Ciao latr.
~Y: hei sorry dear… wait wait. Ping me back!!!

It was Apr 6, 12’o clock midnite. Yagnika was expecting his call. Phone rang up but it was from some other friend. She had avoided the call as she wants his wish to be first one, but thought that he is still angry with her or he had forgot her Bday.

Mobile screen glows as “SweetHome Calling”. She attended the call vyth so much joy.Hei Munna, Many more Happy returns of the day. Thanks Mummy. And her dad and Bro too wished her. Then she started complaining to her Mum,”mummy Aryan hadn’t called me up”.Dear, he might be slept as of now or trying to reach your mobile. Just wait for sometime.No way mummy, he definitely knows my Bday and he is purposely doing tis” -Yagnika.See dear, he is your Best friend na, so he wont do this. Wait for the Surprise. Take care. Good night dear.
Oops.whats up now?The next call is from her 5th std school friend Ramya.Yagnika surprised by this wish as she never expected call from Ramya.Then from Priya, Vidya, Archana, Dinesh, Bharath and all her friends.

Got a call from her friend Nitu in New Jersey.Yag- Nitu, tx a lot ya, you remembered my bday and called me frm thr to wish.Nitu – It happens when you have Best friend yaar?.Yag- Tx yaar. Nitu – Remember, Best Friend yaar?Yag- Ofcourse you are. Tx dear.
Still she is expecting the important call.

Suddenly the doorbell rings. Yagnika got excited and thought that definitely it’s Aryan. She told all her roomies that it will be her Best Friend.She opened the door and suddenly her face become…..dull as it is her nearby aunty standing with a bouquet.Hi aunty. Pls come in.Happy bday beti.Aunty, how come u know my Bday?Your Friends had told dear.Tx aunty, pls take the cake.

Everything ended well but without Aryan’s wish.

Shall I call Aryan and blast him nicely. She thought for a moment and her Ego stopped her. Why shud I call him? He shud remember this. Being a best friend how come this dumbo forgot this?

She went to sleep and wake up next mrng to get ready for the office.When she just came out to catch her office bus, a Roadway florist came near to her room and asked Yagnika “Madame, do you want Rose Shrubs as these are fresh and new one came from Ooty.”Yagnika is so happy to see the lovely roses as all the rose shrubs are beautiful.Can you give me 2 shrubs, those with White and Violet color?To her surprise, the florist told, Madame each shrub costs just 7 RS and when you buy one you will get one free.It surprised her completely and asked ‘Are you joking’, everyone sells each shrub for RS 30 to 40 and how come you are giving it so cheap.Mam, this is not festival or season time and moreover I came long way from my place, so selling it soon to get back to my place.She was so excited and bought almost 12 Rose shrubs.

Florist then gave a lovely Green Rose and said it’s especially for you Madame.Wow, green Rose. I was searching for this colored rose shrub only, so nice of youThanks a lot and you made my Day.

Yagnika’s inner mind wake up and again thought, “see man, a florist had made my Day”, Where did you gone useless. I hateeeeeeee you…

She catched the Bus and sat on the windows seat. Her bus mate Sandhya came and wished her. Yagnika is full of excitement and surprised by these unexpected wishes.She just swipe in the card to enter her cubical. To her surprise the cubicle is fully decorated with “Birthday Wishes”.Yagnika got very excited and attracted much on the wonderful Art where “Cute kid sitting on the Seashore on the Full moon day, but counting the Stars” pasted on her desk.Wow, it’s so cute. Hei who had pasted this?

Rahul told, guess it yaar!!!
Yagnika - “Is it Nitin or Purnima?”
Purni- Hei you are wrong, one more chance for you.
Yagnika – Is it our Team lead Swadhika?
Ok, leave it you are lost. Very bad of you. We all selected specially for you.
Yagnika- Tx a lot yaar. Did Aryan came here?
Swadhika – No yaar. You hadn’t seen him. Surprise !!!Yag - no, no . He told me that he will come here to tell me what time we both can go for lunch.Hmm..Nitin- ok ok… got it..enjoy ur day.
Yagnika then gave a nice kick on the cute kiddo doll on her desk (Which she named it as Aryan). You dumbo, I kill youuuuuuuuuuu. Doll was hanged on the mouse :-)

Every time she cursed Aryan as she is getting unexpected wishes but not from him.
Surprise will be revealed in nxt episode.

Yagnika Strikes …

Yagnika Strikes…

I still wonder how a name has so much attraction. Here goes the story behind this!

Episode 1:

It was yet another fine day in the office.
During the break time, went to our office library to search for a book on Change Management. I stood up to look around by a gentle smile of a girl. I turned around to find a cute, girl beaming up at me with a smile that that lit up her entire being.

Hi, Yagnika here. Can you please tell me where the UNIX wrack located? Wow…i just realized how a Name has great attraction. Yagnika…Seems the name has some sort of special attraction. First time i impressed by the name and stand still in front of her.
Yagnika waved her Hands in front of my face and asked, can you please tell me where the UNIX books located.
Seeing right side, i showed my hand on the Left side. She said, Thanks a lot. BTW, may I know your name?
Oops will my name sounds attractive like her.
Anyway that’s the index of mine and I said "Aryan". I was really attracted by the name and that made me not to concentrate on Yagnika’s appearance. I thought of going to the library at the same time to see Yagnika tmrw.

Episode 2:

It was Hectic today and i was rushing up for the Tool Evaluation of the project. Clock strucks 11:30 and i realized its time to go for library. I rushed up to the library. While signing the library register, saw Yagnika's name just in top of mine.
Hoila its time to read the face. Now i got the confusion on looking at number of girls standing in the library. Who is Yagnika in this gang? Oops…how stupid i am of not recollecting her face. It seems like it won’t work out. Then i turned back to get back to business and signed the out time in the register.
There it comes the Husky voice…"Hei Aryan", How are you. You are leaving soon.
Yah of course, but sorry may I know whom you are?
Very bad of you. It’s me Yagnika yaar. How come you forgot me?
Yagnika Strikes…. :-)
She is so cute and charm and i wonder how i hadn’t seen her face on the last meeting. The name strikes much. Then we talked for a while and asked about which project she was and some basics as I have to rush back.
While leaving, she said “Do mail me na ".
Sure Yagnika. Ciao later.
To my surprise we met back on the evening when we left office.
It’s me this time.
Hei Yagnika, you started leaving.
Yah da. Work got over. And we had normal chit chat for a while…
We became instant friends.
We share our first Cold Coffee 2gether.
Every day for the next three months we would leave office together and have nonstop talks. Bunch of mails, messages and meetings.My energy increase up on seeing the outlook pop's up for incoming mail named "Yagnika".
I was always mesmerized listening to this name "Yagnika" as it has some special sort of attraction which I don’t know how to tell.
We became close friends and she introduces me to her team mates and they told me that, you was that guy whom Yagnika talks much.
With the simple smile, she tells of course he is my Best friend.

Episode 3:

Yagnika…Quite fascinating.
It seems like,"While counting the stars and when I find a new Bright star in the sky, I name it as Yagnika which makes me to feel like the star comes down to earth and sit on my room to chat with me for a whole night".
Whenever I write a very nice poem, I thought of keeping the title as YAGNIKA.
Whenever I come across something fascinating and unique thing, I feel those things are somewhat related to Yagnika.
Hmm where this story ends…

Episode 4:

Over the course of the year, Yagnika became a campus icon of our team as i told my team mates how much attraction this name has. Everyone asks how she looks? i wonder How they are not attracted by the Name rather than on the Beauty.Its like something beyond the Rays like electro magnetic rays which the planets and sun shares on the galaxy.She loved to dress up and she reveled in the attention bestowed upon her from the other teammates. She was living it up.

Finally i told her "my friends want to see you. Just an intro dear".
One fine day, she came to our cabin as a surprise and to my surprise all the heads in my Cubicle turned to one direction, the direction where Yagnika stands with her typical cute smile.
Guys this is Yagnika and everyone were looking at me with the typical smile of being Caught Red Handed.I have introduced her to all my Teammates.She talks, talks and talks much.
Here are Tit bits of one her Philosophy…"There are only four secrets to staying young, being happy and achieving success. "You have to laugh and find humor every day. You've got to have a dream. When you lose your dreams, you die. We have so many people walking around who are dead and don't even know it!"

Friday, October 12, 2007

Let Certain thing's be Unanswered ...

Its all in the Selfish Gene and Mind.

One's god think where shud they keep the secret of creation and only intelligent can know it, they kept in the Gene and whoever is intelligent enough to break can know the fact behind the secret. Gene’s will reveal themselves and not wait for the Human to intervene. Once the Gene’s think the Human’s had reached the Intelligence they expected, the Secret Gene’s will show themselves where they are hiding.

Nature has a code which needs to be broken…more like a crossword puzzle. The more you dig…the more you uncover. May be sometime in the future…the whole thing would be revealed…and it’s worth just the same pursuing it

Is god Exists or did we created God?

Is Ancient Genius Man created God to make the future Human beings to have faith, obey, respect on good things. You might think, "Why do I believe in something I have never seen?” Then, you do not really think that GOD exists which makes me think all over again!
At the end of it all, very much confused!! Whether one of us created GOD or whether the GOD created us…has always been a matter of never-ending debate! Science works by observation. It is constrained by laws. Anything and everything has to obey the laws of Physics. And that’s the chief reason why scientists do not read much into mystical experience.

Here goes the concept of God as revealed by Guru Vethathri Maharishi.
His concept is very logical and scientific. Whatever we see in this Universe (the earth, solar system, the galaxies…….) exist in the space which is infinite and omnipresent. This space holds everything together. Also we can see a pattern and regularity in this universe. We see a pattern and regularity in solar system, in the galaxies, in a tree and in other Biological and environmental systems. So there should be a Universal Consciousness which attributes to this pattern, regularity and the consciousness in human. Also there is energy in everything we see. So the space which holds everything together is full of energy and consciousness. Before everything came into existence in this universe there was only space everywhere. From this space everything came into existence. Now there comes a question, how everything would have come from space. For that Vethathiri attribute a property to space. The infinite everlasting space has an inherent self compressive force which results in the manifestation of the universe. This primordial state of the universe, the space with infinite energy, consciousness and self compressive force is called GOD. So whatever we see today came from that primordial state. His philosophy gives greater insight about GOD, how we should live our life and a way to achieve world peace.

For example, if someone asks "why everything exists?” you'll get a variety of answers form different people. However, in the end, you'll feel that you're not satisfied with the even the best answer that you've got; you still would feel that there probably might be another aspect which hasn't been explored yet. And will science clearly explains about god? no way, so shall we say science itself is wrong. that’s not true.

Let certain things be unanswered, unsolved. Unravel the mystery of being you a tiny bit everyday. That’s what makes life exciting.

When i was about to finish writing this post, I heard someone whispering very near to me….

Hei Shiva, interesting stuff Na!!!
You are right Vishnu, it will be a big debate to follow, and will they find the mystery behind the creation?
Yep, it's all in the hands of the Secret Gene to survive enuf to make the human's more intelligent so that it will come out one day. But it seems like now it will end again in a question mark!!!

I was wondering is that the voice of Lord Vishnu and Shiva? :-) :-)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gaming Rhymes...

Remembering the Gud old School days brings lot of memories back.
One such thing is the Gaming Rhymes.
Here goes such a lovely Rhyme. Here u hv 2 sing the Rhyme while doing some action packed fun with ur frnd.

So So So..on the Go...
Mr 1, Mr 2, Mr 3.3.3...
Mr 4, Mr 5, Mr 6.6.6...
Mr 7, Mr 8, Mr 9.9.9...
My Father is a Teacher...Teach teach teach,
My Mother is a Singer... Sing, sing, sing,
My Sister is a Dancer... Dance,dance,dance,
My Brother is a Boxer... Box,box,box.

Here Goes …

Sit opposite 2 each other.
U hv to start with "So So So on the Go" by dashing ur folded hands with each other
Keep both of ur Hands parallel to each other in vertical mode & clap ur right hand with ur frnds left hand for MR 1.
Alternatively for Mr 2
And for Mr 3..3...3 - clap the right hand vyth right and left vyth left to ur frnds hands in horizontal mode.
Continue the same sequence till Mr 9, 9, 9 ..

Thn while saying "My father is a Teacher,Teach,teach,teach..", Take a stick and beat ur frnd lovely
Thn while saying "My mother is a Singer, Sing,sing,sing...", Scream loudly on ur frnds Ear
Thn while saying "My sister is a Dancer, Dance,dance,dance...", Kick ur frnd by ur leg nicely
Thn while saying "My brother s a Boxer, Box,box,box..." Smash ur frnds Face... :-) :-) and Do remember to Run away immediately :-)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Told You na ...

It’s the Talllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllest Building…!

Here goes, our Story’s Hero who is going to Commit Suicide, whose age is around 26 or 27 working in a software concern…

Looking handsome, earning 6 digit salary. Then what’s the problem in his life and why he is going to commit suicide. Is it bcoz of not having a girl friend; is it a Love Failure, or mental depression due to hectic work? Wht else would be there?

Meantime our hero reached the upstairs of this Talllllllllllllllllllllllest building. Alarm starting ringing and video cameras automatically live telecasting the images everywhere to indicate someone is there in prohibited area. Wow technology improved a lot and people donno what’s going on!!!

Okay…reached the top floor. Now its time to Jump.
Watch showed the time as 1:03 10/10/2201 …

1…2…3… jumped

Oops…Whts this all the windows of the apartments are closed. And oh it’s raining suddenly! Yeakssss, its too cold, cant I die peacefully?
Thank god, sun came out and typical Chennai hot climate is back ….

Seems like hands and legs getting very tired… Oops vision is getting dim and going dark.

Still I hadn’t reached the ground floor.
What’s the time now? It’s 2:58 10/10/2221 …

OMG it’s been 20 years and still I hadn’t reached the ground!!! Flying down, down and down ……………..

“Cant able to Guess what’s going on”, Read the Subject and First line :-)

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Got his fwd frm a frnd os mine...sincerely am already following the stuff mentioned in this...

here are sometin 2 discuss in serious note…
00% sure of u say yes to my qn…but pllzzzz think before you say yes ….
so theqs is R U PATRIOTIC?? WUD U DO NETHING FR INDIA…OR FROM WHERE EVER U BELONG????????WELL , those say we arent patriotic…stop here , i appericiate that u atleast say the truth…

but those who says , m like bhagat singh , sukhdev etc.. read onso u r a patriotic indian….thats cool….but all plzz stop lying….r u patriotic really??????
if u r , then u must want ur country as good as USA , CANADA , as clean as them…but tell me , do u throw ur waste papers , other garbage in the dustbin , wen u r in a park , and u cant see ne garbage bin near u , dont u throw the waste there only?????ok for modern generation , do u throw ur chewing gums in the paper properly and then in the dustbin??????I DOUBT….now please dont say we do , be true guyz

I know u would argue,throwing waste doesnt mean that we are not patriotic, but being a human u shud have done these simple things too in prior. That’s what I jus want to make a point rather than pin pointing on ur patriotism

ok another qn , (m not saying or pointing) but think , if ur dad is corrupt , or ne of ur known is corrupt , wud u immediately go to ur dad and say dad dont do this???if u find a wallet while going on the road , will u go and give it to the police???

read this story…." 1ce a japanese guy was travelling by a bus , he saw 1 american just tearing a little of the seat , he didn't said nethng to him , he noted the bus no. and next day he tied that seat up with a pin and thread" …and wat wud u have done , if u were in same situation…u must have said …." mera kya hai , meri bus thodi na hai" …..

well fellows , 1 person have to start it….if somebody will see area around u clean , he/she will also try to make his/her area clean.. if u wrap ur chewing gum and then throw it , others will do the same…somebody have to take initiation….wat a democracy we have , the person who wanna speak sth against somebody , he is given a huge amount of money , and he too being corrupted shuts up….If this is democracy , its good not to be in a democratic country , look at AMERICA , do they have caste system???? do they got reservations????????Y a student getting 90% and a student getting 60% study in same college , bcoz of reservation????well do they deserve to b in that college???????????we just say say and say……

we dont do nethng , bcoz we are happy , we are nt facing any problem…..but just think about those who dont get good books to study , cant afford tutions , have brain but are nt considered intelligent???????now wat do u think , reservation is for a rich SC student or for a poor non SC student??and all this things is to get votes , to make india more low in national status …..we are happy sensex is increasing….but u know wats the consequency of thisRICH PERSONS WILL BE MORE RICHER….Hurrayyyyyyyyy,but poor will become more poorer…but who cares for them????? we are rich and we are happy….


dont think , wat alone u can do….if u live in manner , others will also start…….and yes "bund bund se hi ghara bharta hai "in english," drop drop makes the tub full…"m sorry if my any point hurted ne body…..but also dont u feel its the truth….and yes…action speaks louder than words… dont speak wat u can do , do wat u really can do…..and ya put ur comments too , whether u are patriotic or not…?????

So no need to do big things for the nation, even the little things matters a lot and these are some things you can do…I know it’s difficult to change/do immediately, try out whichever is possible at this second and plan for the rest ASAP

3. HAVE A COURTESY of telling Sorry and thanx.

4. Try ur level best to follow the Rules.
5. DO HELP OTHERS. Enjoy the Ecstacy of Being Gud. Once u r addicted to this habit. It will make u to be gud, better and best.

Friday, September 28, 2007

100,Not Out and Goes on (100th Post )

And yeah…My Blog had its 100th post today...And it’s so good to know.
I take time to look back at my experience so far on Bloggers.

When i started writing this Blog, I used to visit it everyday hoping that there are some comments for what I have written :-)
But I wasnt lucky as only few comments were written.Then I found the tool that counts the number of hits to my blog and I put it on my blog…Voila..
It worked great and I was happy to see the counter increasing everyday.
Though I write blogs for myself, it is a thrill to have some unknown person read it and comment on it. Only then I realized the importance of leaving comments on let know the person whose blog I read about what I felt after reading the blog.
Its very important that you take time to leave comments atleast to acknowledge the person whose words you read !
Perhaps it could help the person write better too !!!

At some point in time, blogging became an obsession and I had to work hard on instilling some discipline into my blogging activity, watching the time I spend on blogs.

Later on i forgot about the comments and post whatever i feel not expecting for the comments.
Day by Day blogging became one of my Hobby. Lots of lots of different experiences.
Sometimes i post something which i want to express it to a particular individual but not directly rather than thru my Blog.
Sometimes the disappointment on others. Happiness shared across and lots and lots…
Sometimes i see many of friends post purposely to attract others rather than for the real cause :-)
If at all one soul read the post and happy, that’s great joy rather than getting numerous comments just like that.

What matters to my Blog is it does not matter how many hits or comments we have on the blog.
It matters the number of lives it touches everyday.
Smiles we bring; happiness we spread
Positive impact our work has on individuals
People who we help move ahead in life
People who we inspire to achieve their dreams

Blogger has become an integral part of my life. It has given me a unique identity.
Happy blogging...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Will i ever Grow Up ...

Yesterday, i bought Frito’s Cheetos nearby shop in my office.
Now, dunt ask me wats so great abt that…
Jus listen up! So, yeah.. as usual , on evening, i opened the cheese balls pack to munch while working! J
Little did i know i had a surprise inside! I found a Cute Plastic Flyer in that!!! I got sooooo bloody excited that i immediately started using immediately - practically never bother about the place. The next moment, i bought one more Cheetos and i found another cute plastic flyer there!!! WooooW!!! Super cool na!!!

I collected 2 colours.. got to collect the other 2 colour flyers too - blue and red!!! :-)

I know all this sounds quite insane from a guy who is going to fly US in a few weeks time. But, i am this weird combo, who is a total freak for cosmetics on one side and on the other, loves anything that is kids stuff!!!!! When at home, we used to get such kiddo stuff for free (when i buy biscuits or chocis!!!). Usually, i never got a chance to keep them for myself. Mom and dad felt it was too stupid of me to play with such stuff and they used to pass it on to my other younger cousins! I wouldnt mind that tho! But i remember collecting tazo's that used to be given with ruffles lays!!! I collected so many that my cuzns got jealous. One day when i was away to skol, they took the whole pack from my home. I was searching for it all over the house. I even suspected my mother for throwing them away in the name of cleaning my shelf! Later, when i went to my cuzn's place, i found all my prized collections there!!! Hoila…I had scooted that back to home and kept in my secret wrack J

Okei let me come to the incident which made me so embarrassed. Once I saw the Flyers, the very next moment thought of flying it high in the Air.
Here goes the first take of, I had made the flyer to fly high as much as I can and so happy about that, even jumped with joy a bit. Slowly it came down waving thru the end.
Flight Just landed down ,I had lean down to take it and when I stood up, I realized that I was in my office corridor, where all the Associates are scaring at me with Mad Smile ( Particularly bunch of guys and girls started laughing at me like anything). Oops how stupid I am and I just walked straight with eyes looking down.
There it comes the final touch. A girl walked up and told me “Excuse me, here is your another flyer, you let it down while playing with the other”. BTW, where did u bought it?
Do you really wanna know or teasing me. Bye bye…I just literally walked faster J

Apart from the interest in such goodies, i am this character who digs into his dad's travel bag and suitcase when he returns from a tour!
I am such a selfish soul that i dunt even bother to ask him about his trip. But of course, i am kind enough to snatch the heavy bag, unpack it for him and check if he has got me anything!!! J

Once he went to Sabarimala temple in kerala, I was eagerly waiting for his arrival.
Yeah!!! One week later, he returned at around 3-4am in the morning! And i was wide awake, not to welcome him, but his suitcase!!!
But guess what??? He did get lots of chocolates. But sadly, enough, i was expecting that he get me some soft toys, but he got me one piggy that would skip!!! He also got an octopus clock!!! Yeakkssss!!! So scary it was!! OMG!!! I then felt i was a "big guy" to be playing with a pig that would go around the house skippin if switched on!!! For heaven's sake, i cant tell my frnds about his piggy that dad so lovingly got for me! I was sooo upset that day!!! I was like, "Appa, in kerala, arent there any soft toys?? Y of all the things u got me this pig??? My frnds will mock at me if i tell them u got me a piggy!! I dunt like it at all.. go to kerala again n get me somthing else!!!" Poor thing!!! Only now can i understand how bad he would have felt to hear those words from me! Every cuzn of mine born after me has played with that piggy!!! Now, my 2 year old neice plays wid it too!!! Frankly, i meddle wid it when i go home!!! J

I leave u guys to come to any sort of conclusion, but this is my other part of life and it never changes!!
Have a colorful, happy and safe day!!! Have a blast and enjoy yourselves!!! Take care… Huggggzzzzzzzzzz!!!! :)

P.S: There’s no point in being Grown up if you can’t be Childish sometimes :-)

Friday, September 14, 2007

12486 and goes on ...

Have u ever have Weird Thoughts and Imaginations. I still have the habit of thinking beyond the human thoughts.

Taking a Flight loaded with H2O to Mars and filling the Big big craters of Mars with the Water and creating a wonderful swimming pool out of this and enjoying the day (I still donno how to swim but dream abt this frequently)
Going back to old age of Mahabharatha times by time machine and meeting Mr. Krishna ( Lord krishna, the great Philosopher of all times) and teach him the Theory of Evolution of Universe.

But one lively thing I am still doing is “Counting the Stars”. And the current status is 12486 … and still adamant on this.
This habit started from my 12th std onwards and whenever I go to the upstairs in my home, admire the sky, stars and their appearance. Then one day started counting the stars without knowing that they are infinite.
I still remember the conversation I had with my MUM.

MUM: Chotu u cant able to count the stars.
ME: Why can’t I count it? I have Dad’s calculator with me.
MUM: Oh ho. Chotu even you can’t able to count stars by calculator.
ME: Then how dad is doing his work with calculator?
MUM: You can do maths by calculator but not the stars
ME: Mummy. Don’t lie to me like you do to DAD J
MUM: Hei you will get nice beatings from me
ME: You go mummy, I will come later.

Then I had started feeding my pet NEO (Rabbit) and continued counting.

Even after growing up, this habit is still continuing though I know that I can’t able to count the stars. I know its silly but I love this and will continue forever.
Will update you the day when I reach the number 25000 :-)

Share all Ur weird imaginations.

UnNoticed Flowers

Thunai !

Andha Marampolthan Naanum !

Saturday, August 25, 2007

How to market your Blog and keep your readers ?

Well if you are one of those bloggers trying to get some attention thensome simple but powerful tips to market your blog (that I got from googling)

Tip 1 - Get the right name for your blog - Branding is all important.Now I chose a name “left meets right”. This sounds like a gizmo. But apparently does not reflect anything that I have writtenin my previous posts.

Tip 2 - Choose your content wisely - Please try and retain similar themes for your posts. Keeping your content relevant will help provide your readers with contentthat they know they will find interesting and this will therefore keep them coming back.when you write whatever was interesting to you at that moment. Now that would bemore appropriate as your personal diary; certainly not for a blog.

Tip 3 - Spelling and Grammar are King - A big downfall of most blogs is that no one bothers to spell check them. This is one of the main reason why 99% of the readersturn away from a blog.
Tip 4 - Post regularly - This is the key. Readers who make a visit to your blog should not be turned away by lack of updates. Post regularly and you arecertain to have regular readers ...

Happy Blogging ...

Unfinished Voyage -- Why a Project Fails?

Ever wonder we LEADS take a great effort to make a project success at the EOD. But somewhere we fail and those unfinished voyages will embarrass you in future.
Here goes how to analyze the success formula and to sail thru the ocean to reach your project destination.

The table below lists the criterion in order of importance with their appropriate success points.
1. User Involvement 19
2. Executive Management Support 16
3. Clear Statement of Requirements 15
4. Proper Planning 11
5. Realistic Expectations 10
6. Smaller Project Milestones 9
7. Competent Staff 8
8. Ownership 6
9. Clear Vision & Objectives 3
10. Hard-Working, Focused Staff 3

Each Criterion comprises of a five reasons and a question followed. As you read the five reasons, consider whether or not you have considered them in a real project. After each explanation of the five positives, they are listed again in question form.

Ask yourself each question with a specific project in mind and allot yourself the number of points specified for each YES answer. After reading all ten success criterion and the positive ways to achieve them, you should be able to calculate a score which can be a maximum of 100 and a minimum of 0. This number represents your project's success potential.

It’s not like other aptitude/ quizzets…I tried out, it came out well.

Here goes…


In this COMPASS Report we look at the first level of detail.

1. User InvolvementFirst,
find the right user or users. Look for users up and down the organization. Second, involve the user (or users) early and often. Third, establish a quality relationship with the user(s) by keeping open lines of communication throughout the life of the project. Fourth, make it easy for them to be involved in the project. Last, but not least, talk to them and find out what they need. After all, the only reason the project exists in the first place is because someone needs to use the business application when it is finished.
Do I have the right user(s)? _____
Did I involve the user(s) early and often? _____
Do I have a quality user(s) relationship? _____
Do I make involvement easy? _____
Did I find out what the user(s) needs? _____

For each question with a YES answer, add 3.8 points to the total project success potential score.
Total Points (not to exceed 19) _____

2. Executive Management Support
First, find a key executive with a vested interest in the successful outcome of the project. Second, the key executive must have a bottom line responsibility to his/her personal career. Third, the consequence of failure is acceptable. Fourth, show the key executive a well-defined plan. Fifth and final, show the project team has a stake in the project's success. In addition, allow for continuous communication with the key executive in all aspects of the project as it moves through its life cycle.
Do I have the key executive(s)? _____
Does the key executive have a stake in the outcome? _____
Is failure acceptable? _____
Do I have a well defined plan? _____
Does the project team have a stake? _____

For each question with a YES answer, add 3.2 points to the total project success potential score.
Total Points (not to exceed 16) _____

3. Developing a Clear Statement of RequirmentsFirst, write a concise definition of the vision in the short-term, the mid-term and the long-term. Second, write a functional cross-section analysis and allow for re-iteration. Third, develop a functional risk assessment and management document. Develop a business case statement outlining return on investment. Finally, define metrics, measurements, and milestones to determine success and/or the completion of the project. Additionally, define what is not to be included in the project.
Do I have a concise vision? _____
Do I have a functional analysis? _____
Do I have a risk assessment? _____
Do I have a business case? _____
Can I measure the project? _____

For each question with a YES answer, add 3 points to the total project success potential score.
Total Points (not to exceed 15) _____

4. Proper PlanningFirst,
Develop a brief formal problem or concept statement. This document should include a statement describing the problem and the resulting benefit to the organization if the problem is solved. Second write a requirements definition or concept solution document. This document is not the full specifications report, but outlines possible solutions to the problem. Third, identify the proper personnel. In this regard, name names and let these people know what their role is in the project. Have a firm start date and require the personnel to be available on that date. Develop a firm functional specification. Do not let this document promote scope creep, however it should allow for changing business requirements. Finally, develop a project plan with attainable milestones and prioritization. One the attendees said that users want so much out of their projects it is like "prioritizing an avalanche."
Do I have a problem statement? _____
Do I have a solution statement? _____
Do I have the right people? _____
Do I have a firm specification? _____Do I have attainable milestones? _____

For each question with a YES answer, add 2.2 points to the total project success potential score.
Total Points (not to exceed 11)_____

5. Setting Realistic Expectations
First, write a firm and clear specification document outlining a project that is attainable. You need to take the time to write this document. To invoke the old saying "If you fail to plan ... then plan to fail." Second, prioritize project needs. Eliminate most of the features that are "wanted" or "nice to have". One of the attendees said that when a user insists on wanting too much she just nods, knowing she will deliver what she can. We need to be clearer and sometimes braver, concentrating on and delivering only features that are required. Third, develop smaller project milestones. Fourth, provide for change and manage the change. Fifth, prototype the project.
Do I have clear specifications? _____
Do I have prioritization of needs? _____
Do I have small milestones? _____
Can I manage change? _____Can I prototype? _____

For each question with a YES answer, add 2 points to the total project success potential score.
Total Points (not to exceed 10)

6. Small Project Milestones
In the majority of cases, 20% of a project's features will provide 80% of user benefits. The first thing is to concentrate on the twenty percent. Second, create a top-down design by understanding the "big picture" and breaking the project into manageable parts. Third, set a time limit on project milestones and deliver what is completed in that time limit. Fourth, use prototyping tools. Fifth, measure, quantify and account for the results.
Am I using the 80/20 rule? _____
Am I using a top-down design? _____
Am I setting time limits? _____
Am I using a prototype tool? _____
Can I measure progress? _____

For each question with a YES answer, add 1.8 points to the total project success potential score.
Total Points (not to exceed 9) _____

7. Competent Staff
First, identify the skills required; such as an understanding of the business, leadership experience, and technical knowledge. Second, recruit appropriately skilled people from both inside and out of the company. Third, develop a well-structured and continuous training program. Fourth, provide and present incentives such as career advancement, skill expansion, and of course money, either in the form of bonuses and/or raises. Such incentives will insure the staff will be focused on the project and willing to see it through to the end.
Do I know the skills required? _____
Do I have the right people? _____
Do I have a training program? _____
Do I have incentives? _____Will the staff see it through? _____

For each question with a YES answer, add 1.6 points to the total project success potential score.
Total Points (not to exceed 8) _____

8. Project Ownership
First, clearly define roles and responsibilities for each member of the project team. Second, define an organizational model which supports the above accountability. Third, communicate the defined roles throughout the corporation. Fourth, tie incentives to the project's success. Finally, get commitments from each project participant, including users and key executives.
Do I have defined roles? _____
Do I have a defined organization? _____
Does everyone know their role? _____
Are incentives attached to success? _____
Is everyone committed? _____

For each question with a YES answer, add 1.2 points to the total project success potential score.
Total Points (not to exceed 6) _____

9. Clear Vision and Objectives
First, share the vision with all people and groups affected by the project. Second, be sure the objectives align with corporate goals. Third, make sure the objectives are achievable. Fourth, create measurable goals. Finally, install honest and continuous sanity checks.
Is the vision shared? _____
Is the vision aligned with company goals? _____
Are the objectives achievable? _____
Are the objectives measurable? _____
Do I have honest sanity checks? _____

For each question with a YES answer, add 0.6 points to the total project success potential score.
Total Points (not to exceed 3) _____

10. Hard Working, Focused Staff
First, provide incentives for the staff such bonuses, raises or promotions. Second, have the staff concentrate on quantifiable deliverables. Third, convey to each individual that they have part ownership in the project. Fourth, communicate that each individual has a role, which is inclusive of functioning as a team. Build a team that works well together. Finally, a proper plan with attainable results and milestones will build confidence in the staff and keep them focused.
Are there incentives? _____
Are we concentrating on quantifiable deliverables? _____
Does each member have part ownership? _____
Does everyone work together? _____Are we building confidence? _____

For each question with a YES answer, add 0.6 points to the total project success potential score.
Total Points (not to exceed 3) _____

Calculate all of the points to achieve the final score.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Strains of Independence Day ...

The day starts with the telecast of Independence Day celebration and the PM's speech for the Nation.

We went for flag hoisting at a school called “Avichi” nearer to my friend’s place. Came back to room and switched on the TV. All the channels were telecasting about the freedom struggle, 60 facts about Independence, patriotic songs.

That was all usual things, but we felt sad about 3 important facts.

The Strains:

1. Eternal Refugees:

At the time of partition, people were migrated from pak to India and from here too. Though they left all their wealth and belongings, government had taken some measures to make comfortable living for these people. But the people from East Pakistan (Bangladesh) were left out without any considerations and they are still living in the Refugee camp, which comprises of 18000. They became eternal refugees without a proof of citizenship and other basic needs. This is because that they were from East Pakistan and were not given importance. Every human being will be proud of saying that this is my country and I am belonging to this nation. What about these people? They came from the lost country and lost in the living country!.

2. Commercializing National Anthem:

All the channels were telecasting the National Anthem AD of Airtel which was a new album composed by A R Rehman. It is acceptable if it was telecasted one time. But the real frustration is, this had been telecasted on every commercial break through out all channels. How can such a disrespect can be done to country’s National Anthem. How could this can be commercialized? It was very disappointed to see such disrespect. On Thursday and Friday they were just telecasting the making of the album. That was accepted but this is highly regrettable. As a media, they have high responsibility and I wonder how not even a single person had thought about this. This is not like other issues which we just worry about this and let go. This has to be put forth to the respective people in addition to all the respective authorities in order to avoid the same in future.

3. Game of Death:

And the other issue is, mere for the hype for the occasion of Independence day media called up the 1971 war veteran Mr Devassy who is still struggling to get his Pension and announced that he will give up his life on Aug 15. Nice of them that they had brought this to public and showed the sad face of nation. But where this media lost on the Independence Day and later today. There is no news about the proceedings of Mr Devassy whether the government had taken any action or what happened to his life. They brought this to public and they have the responsibility to show the public about the proceedings. Why they forgot about this after the Independence Day. Is this just for increasing the channel viewer ship, if so don’t they have other incidents rather than playing with the life of a human being?
Why nobody is questioning about this!!!

This is not like other issues which we just worry about this and let go. Guys you all have responsibility and please show this atleast in such a national outcome.

Check out my Manager Jay’s post especially on Commercializing of National Anthem on his Blog

He already sent mails to Airtel, Hindu and all the respective people about this. We are trying to oppose this in a stronger manner. Please make your comment on his Blog.

Redefining Independence Day …

15 August, 1947 – a day when India got independence from over two centuries of British rule.

Fifty-nine years later, does it mean anything to us? “Of course it does,” we cry in unison. TV channels will broadcast national celebrations, AIR will play patriotic songs and some important people will unfurl the national flag. But what about the aam janata (common man)? What do they do on August 15? I ’ll tell you what most of us will do. Get up late in the morning (it is a chutti yaar), glance through the Independence Day special published by different publications, check out some patriotic flicks on TV and hang out with friends. Or better still, most of us will see it as a perfect day to meet our long-lost relatives or friends. But how many of us stop to think (if even for a minute) what we mean to our nation? What have we, in our individual capacity, done for our nation? How many of us have helped in the public causes like literacy mission, blood donations or helped a blind man cross the road? Now you’ll wonder how ‘petty things’ like these are connected to the national cause?

Trust me, it is. Small gestures like these go on to make each one of us a responsible and generous citizen. Small things like lending your extra clothing and food for the flood struck citizens or working with NGOs during the college break will help us reach out to many needy people. Is that too much to ask from the Rang De Basanti generation? Certainly not. We had touching gestures of generosity during the Kargil war, Gujarat earthquake, tsunami devastations and more recently Mumbai blasts.

These hard times witnessed millions of Indians come out on the streets to help needy citizens in every possible way irrespective of caste, religion or region. The only thing that mattered then was humanity. Again, who were these people? They were the ordinary citizens, like you and I. If we can care for our fellow citizens in times of need, can’t we be humane to each other in everyday life?Don’t you think it’s time we stopped thinking of Independence Day as just an occasion for “remembering our national heroes and singing national anthem”?Let us give Independence Day a new meaning. Let it be a day for taking stock of our big and small contributions to society and setting self-goals for the year ahead. Let us celebrate each day as our Independence Day.

Let us contribute to our nation building, our ecology in every possible way. Let us be more civic and generous to each other.

That will be our true independence.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Curtain Raiser: 60th Year of Independence

Here comes the country’s most Prestigious Occasion…

A Curtain Raiser for the country’s 60th Year of Independence.Indian Independence Day on Wednesday, the 15th of August.

An Independence Day is an annual celebration commemorating the anniversary of a nation’s assumption of independent statehood, usually after ceasing to be a colony or part of another state.Most countries honour their respective independence day as a national holiday and some countries or nations’ independence-date honors are contested.

The Name INDIA:
INDIA, referred as Heaven of Earth is the seventh-largest country by geographical area, the second most populous country, and the most populous liberal democracy in the world.[8]The name India may refer to either the region of Greater India (the Indian subcontinent), or to the contemporary Republic of India contained therein.The term is derived from the name of the Indus River and has been in use in Greek since Plutarchus[1] (1st century AD). The term appears in Old English in the 9th century,and again in Modern English since the 17th century….

The Republic of India has three principal short names and ancient name Aryarvrath, in both official and popular English usage, each of which is historically significant.All are originally designated a single entity comprising all the modern nations of the Indian subcontinent.These names are India, Bharat, Hindustan and Aryarvrath (Those days Indians are called as Aryans as they belong to the land of Aryarvrath).

Will try to post the unknown events, facts and controversial facts in the upcoming posts instead of consolidation of happenings of 60 years. Hope this wont let to the big argument and debate...

To be Continued…

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Taare Zameen Par…

Guys…ok now listen up, am going to tell about a story. A story about a star, who speaks, laughs, walks…

Simply to say…Taare Zameen Par…

You would have seen the stars in the sky blinking and sometimes winking at you. ever wonder it speaks vyth you. Here it is.
One fine day a star from the sky landed on Earth and i saw its searching for a home full of love
and looked at me from the distance and smiled…
Welcome to Earth my Sweet Little Angel.
And the Star is none other than My Niece “KAAMYA“…

Tiny hands, button nose, chubby cheeks, little toes. Cute little pink lips…choti choti aankein…softy palms. sparking eyes.
No wonder why kids are very beautiful…

A baby is cuddles and tickles on toes
The sweet scent of powder, a kiss on the nose
A baby is teddy bears, rattles, powder, and pins
Meals at midnight, giggles, and grins ..

lots and lots of fun everyday...

We play lot of games. Finally i will get tired of and lie down.. She is such an energetic never resides on one place not even a minute…She has a habit of seasonal crazy. Today she will be crazy about dog, suddenly her craze shifts to balloon, cars etc.

She wonders the sky and ask why the stars are there, why the moon is too high to catch and she asks me to get the moon for her . Poor fellow what will I do. I will ask her to Kiss me , then only I will give her whatever she wants. She does the same and I just give her Laddu or some sweet to divert the topic. This is happening daily and I love to get a kiss from her. So chweet….

One fine morning, We heard the sweetest voice in the world.
Yes you are right. Kaamya started speaking. My sister is flying in the Sky and asking her to Say Mummy thousand times.
And of course Kaamya has special love on me. Don’t know whether being Uncle or showing too much love on her that made a special bonding b/w us.

Still she doesn’t know how to cry., since we never let her to CRY for more than few seconds. How you will let your angel to shed tears. ?
She looks at us keenly and do whatever do in front of her.
My dad used to speak on the phone walking on the corridor or in balcony.
she just replicates when the mobile rings. she take it and run fast to the balcony, holding mobile on left hand and right hand on the back, walk lovely here and thr and say halo, how are you, bojanam aayana.

She is now much familiar with the keypad. Her favorite caller tone is Halgadi Badal rahi …I used to change my caller tunes frequently as per the current hits, but stick to this just for her…

She is gr888 fan of Sharukh. Whnever SRK songs shown in TV, she sits on her special cushion and forgot the outside world.
And she is my companion to watch Cricket and F1 Race. Just made her to admire on Cricket and CARS and of course KIMI is our favorite

Hide and Seek Game

We 3 guys (Me, My Niece and My Pet Snoopy) used to play this Game.
I used to hide the dairy milk chocalate on d SOFA and tell them its on the SOFA.
But wont say in which sofa and in which part of the sofa its placed. Adn time to google it ...
i always move slowly to make them to win the game.
Our guy snoopy run fast and starts searching , meanwhile my Niece catches Snoopy’s Tail and move it away and jump on each SOFA and turn back with her typical soapy smile asking me indirectly where it is.
My heart melts just like that by the lovely smile and will show where it is hidden and she wins the game.
Meanwhile if snoopy finds out first, he takes the chocolate and run to my Niece and give it to her. Even Snoopy is addicted to Kaamya’s Smile :-).You love to loose the Game, when your loved ones win it…

There is no point in being Grown up, if you can’t be Childish Sometimes…

And now she is the best company for me to read comics, play with toys and watch cartoons openly and i used to tell everyone that i have tuned cartoon network only for my niece :-). She loves to sleep on the Cradle with her own style of one leg on top of the other, sucking the thumb finger.

She's crazy on music and songs and has her own collection (Hey Shona from Tara Rum Pum, Munbe Va from Jillunu Oru Kadhal, Suraj Hua ma…from K3G, Koi mil gaya from kuch kuch Hota Hai, Lamha Lamha from Gangster, Vasanthamullai from Pokkiri, Vaikasi Nilave from Unnale Unnale, Paartha Mudhal Naal from Vellaiyadu Vilayadu and the list goes on…) Its so cute and nice to go for a walk with my Niece on the Shoulders and Snoopy on the other side. The whole street looks at us and smile.

When snoopy and my niece join together, the day will be full of naughty things. Snoopy try to catches whatever birds come to home. Kaamya joins with him and tell to catch this and that.
The entire home will be filled with dust and dirt. Finally i will be the victim who get all scolding’s from my MUM, as i enjoy all those happenings . My niece has her own style of speech which is tough to understand but so nice to hear…

Her Dictionary of words:
Gyangu — Water
Pibu — Prabhu
eyyapu–wont give you
Babbu — Ballon
Aapu — Food
Ammiyaa — My Mum
Ammae - her MUM
chandha– Moon
KeeKee - Bird
BaBaba – Hen
Addu - Laddu

Life is very simple if you learn and love to live. And she brings all the happiness.
And our star is yet to learn the “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” rhyme . Tats moi next Assignmet

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Forgive and Forgot - Most liberating forces.

Choosing to forgive set you on a path of liberty that allows you to live your life as you were meant to. I have chosen to live a life of forgiveness and I am definitely a better instead of bitter. Don’t bear grudges, just let it go.

I had forgot everything you did and forgive you for all the issues.
This post is particularly meant for you ( Hope the right person got this message) and expecting your comeback soon.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Back 2 FSGR...

Finally we are back to FSGR (Fruit Shop on Greams Road). Its one of our favorite place in the city for the juiceholics. I was thinking of writing a post on FSGR, but someway missed out everytime. Finally Here goes ...

We were into Loyola college for the Cricket Net practice on Saturday for our cognizant CCA cup. Very tired of the session and plan to land up somewhere we can chill out ourselves and there is our FSGR in Greams Road.

Sharon took us to FSGR first time ( He likes to visit lot of places in the city - ranges from juice shops to adventure spots and he is the source for our weekend plans).
The inner view of the Fruit shop is completely in contrast to the outside world.
You feel like you are in a Coolest place of the city.
A delicious snapshot of the Cheery blended with grape and various fruits welcomes your saliva in prior to you.
Its not just a Fruit shop, but looks like an office of an Interior decoration agency.
The hanging lamps and the wall posters along with the xclnt arrangement of seatings makes you feel like you are in a hill station.

They have lovely garden where we can relax well with a Cool breeze and sometimes surprises with Funky Magics.

And a gr888 thing we notice in FSGR is, the juiceman is a kind hearted person.
When some stranger or Economically Challenged Person( Pls avoid calling people by the name begger) comes to shop, they offer a juice instead of like other shoppers who either shout at them or give mere 50 paise .

The juiceman became friend of us soon and Sharon tries different combinations.
Soemtimes end up with lovely combos, sometimes thrown to recycle bins. But our juicemen, shankar is very gentle. He wont get irritated and loves the mad thoughts.
Shankar told that they had opened their branch in Dubai.

Those days we frequently visit FSGR but later on reduced from fortnite to monthly basis.
And not much variety of juices to add up on earlier days. Mere they provide the seasoned fruit juices, but they have their own quality which made them unique.

Later they tried their hand at innovative juices, way of serving the customers, stylish glassmaterials, juicemachines and the attractive tiles.
They have ground floor on the beginning and renovated to increase to first floor, where all the commited couples land at first floor for the privacy.
We see many couples who just buy a juice and spend time for hours. We poor guys see them sadly :-) and finish our quenchies quicker and fly off.

Now a days, they came up with lots and lots of innovative and lovely juicips like
Twists in the Tale ( Kiwi fruit spcl), Cheery Cheer - its an elegant milkshake blended with restrained flavors of cherry. Blueberry Magic - jamun spcl, Canton Cooler ( alltime favorite)- Lychee fruits dipped n Honey,
Tang N Ginger punch - A light ginger with Grape blended with fruits, Ban D Banna - a subtle flavor of banana, Vaticna Orange , Peach Premium and a lot ...

This time there was a Guy and Gal sat opposite to us and seems like already an hour passed.
They never bother about the surroundings and chatted loudly. We heard few conversations that were very funny but cant make up anything from that.
Our guy heard better as he sat near to them.

And the conversation goes like this...
Gal: So and so my guy is gong to buy a car and he is planning to took his new girl friend to ECR.

Guy: I have less time to spend with my girl. and how about your would be?

Gal: My would be dont have time to reach me da. Guy i am dating now is dumbo man, he is not coming out frequently.And whats our plan this weekend, shall we go to Bikes and Barrels ( Its a Pub).

Guy: Lets decide later yaar, might the girl in my apartment have some other plan.

OMG...whats going on and who is lover to whom and who is going to marry whom?

We were laughing at each other but confused of the surrounding and left the FSGR.

Phir Milenge shankar anna.

PS: For those who wish to chill out at FSGR,its near to Cafe coffee at Greams road ( Dotn ask me where is Greams Road ...). Thye have their site too