Thursday, December 13, 2007

Yagnika Strikes - The Final Showdown

Final Episode:

Yagnika was there with him for the whole month till he got fully recovered.
Aryan recovered soon and they returned to his Kensington apartment.

Aryan: Hei Yag. Thanks a lot. So sweet of you that you came long way to see me and taken care well.
Yag: I was waiting for this time only. I just came here to make you happy on your birthday. Since I don’t want to get away like a thief without informing you and let you down at this critical point of time. That’s why came long way to make our departure a pleasant one.
~A: Are you serious.
Yag: Am damn serious. You know I already told that. Just to justify my friendship, I came to see you.
~A: You came a long way to see me Na. This shows the value of your Friendship. Don’t play with me dear.
Yag: I came for a short busienss trip for a KT here. I don’t want to play anymore. Best wishes for your future. Am leaving tomorrow. If you are interested, you can come to send off me.
~A: Hei cmon…Everything had gone well. Why you are doing like this now !
Yag: Enuf man. No more friendship. It’s time to Depart. And here is the last note for you. I have soemthign for you, open it tomorrow when I leave to airport. Hope you keep up this.
~A: Okeiii everything had gone. Let me do this too.

The next day, everyone came to airport for send off, but with a gloomy face.

Yag: Hei guys. Why you are all looking like a lost cat. Cheer up guys.
Deepak: how come yaar. We are very proud to tell others that you both are such a good friends. It’s disappointing a lot.
Yag: I can’t do anything for this. Life is a game of unexpected things.
Aryan: Guys forget about that.

The final announcement came for security check in.

Yag: Hei useless fellow. Open the cover now.

Aryan unwrapped it without showing any interest and the message was:
“April 1 is the day to make fool of Intelligent ones. But I can make you fool on any day”. We are always Best Friends forever. Will meet you soon in our Homeland. Take Care Dhandam
Happy Ending :-)

April 3, 2018 … Later the life of Yagnika and Aryan is colorful one.

Yagnika got married and settled in Chennai with her hubby.
Aryan is still the same mischievous guy settled down in Bangalore with his wife. He got bored of the software job and joined as a Strategic Manager in Indus International School in Bangalore. Probably readers can meet them again as Guests in the upcoming stories.

Yagnika Strikes - Part 8 (Mitt Gayi Dhooriyaan )

Aryan lost the consciousness and slowly the pulse rate gone down and left his brain in dire stages.He was in the later stages of fits and his arms and legs paralyzed with blood started flowing across the street further.

Yeakssss. Yagnika got shocked about the bad dream she had and prayed god that nothing should happen to him. Is that the inner instinct warning her?She immediately called Aryan, ended up with the Voice message. She tried to call his friends to enquire but not reachable.

There in Minnesota, August 4, The Central Connecticut hospital…

The latenite patrol found Aryan on the Roadside and admitted in the hospital and informed his friends. Shankar rushed to see him unconscious in the bed where the group of doctors are discussing with each other.

Dr Pat: Are you Aryan’s friend?
shankar: Yah.This is Shankar here.
Dr Pat: Nothing serious. He just had blood clot in the skull and few fractures in leg. A minor operation will dissolve the blood clot. But he must be in monitoring atleast for 2 weeks.
Shankar: Tats fine doc. Shall we see him now.
Dr Pat: No dude. We are going to operate now. Probably you can see him tomorrow morning.
Shankar: TX doc.
The next day started with all sort of formalities. Aryan got up and saw all those band aids over his body like printer cartridges.
Shankar, Dinesh, Deepak, Sravanthi all stood there with the sarcastic smile.
Dinesh: Dude, what happened yesterday? Did you go behind any girl and stuck on the road.
~A: Hei common guys. Notin like tat.
Deepak: Else did you go for a Sky diving and fallen from the sky? Useless tell us the truth.
~A: Hei i was just on the way to Shankar’s home da.
Shankar: Tats fine buddy, but is my home is in the middle of the Road. What would you do if something happened serious? Just you got away with fractures.
~A: Okei chill out guys. And dinesh check out my pant da, I had a Gourmet Irish chocolate in that.
Dinesh: stop it man.
~A: Hei pls da. Just a bite.
Shankar: Btw. Whts your plan for Birthday man.
Deepak: Hei when is your Bday?
~A: It’s Aug 20. Forget about that da.
Shankar: Hei what happenned?. You will get lot of gifts.
~A: Give me the chocolate first man.
Dinesh: don’t change the topic. What happened to you? Do you feel that you won’t get discharged b4 that? Cool dude. For a change, we can celebrate this time in hospital. We will present you syringes, syrups, tablets. Might be we will steal the hi fi medical equipment and gift you.
~A: Okei…do whatever as you wish. Leave me.
Vikka: ok take rest, ciao later.Everyone started leaving the place…
~A: Shankar did I got any call.
Shankar: No man, mobile was crushed in the accident spot itself.
~A: Did any of my friends called you.
Shankar: You want to know whether Yagnika called you or not. Ask directly dude and havent received any call from her.
~A: not like that man. Actually we had some arguments yesterday and she just told me that she will never call me or see me anymore. So forget about that. That’s why I told you am not interested to celebrate this birthday.
Shankar: shall I call her da.
~A: No da. She never allows any mediator and I don’t want to tell her about this accident. She might feel guilty as because of her only this happened. So let the life go on its way.
Shankar: are you sure ?
~A: Yep. Aryan was recovering slowly. It was good time in hospital with all sort of fun with doctors and pantry guys.
August 13, 2 PM.
Shankar came with a parcel.
Aryan: Whats that dude? Any gift for me.
Shankar: Alaiyaadha. Of course it’s a gift from your sister Vidu.
Aryan: Unwrap and check out whats in that da.Before that shall we have a bet and the bet will be, if I won ‘you have to owe me 1 KG of candies’ else I will take you to the Nick Barron’s concert at Joe's Pub.
Shankar: You don’t know anything beyond candies. Ok fine.
Aryan: The gift will be a book. Since she knows my wish list and flavors.
Shankar: hmm lets see.. and it iss …you're right man.
Aryan: wow. Is it tinkle comicsssss…Sweet sister she is.
Shankar:Its not tinkle, it’s ”The greatness guide” from Robin Sharma.
Aryan: Oh ok. Anyways I heard that’s a nice book. Phone calls, meet ups and all happened on the eve of the birthday. Aryan’s inner mind woke up and asked “Will Yagnika call me atleast for the Birthday. Hope she will!!!”
It’s August 14, midnite 12 AM…
Suddenly lights had gone off. Flashy torches shoot up on walls.
There see Shankar, dino, Deepak, Alicia , the ward staff,
Dr pat.Dude…Many more Happy Returns of the day.And suddenly Candy rain started dizzling all thru his Bed.
Wowow..tx guys.
All sort of fun, birthday bumps happened well. His Dad, MUM, Sister, Niece, even the Pup barked him to wish.It was late nite and everyone was back to bed.
Aryan: Tx Shankar. You know one thing all these candies are Yagnika’s Favorite. She still shows her presence. I know though she wont call or meet me, she still wish me from there. I think so! I know she will come back one day.
Shankar: You had dream?
Aryan: Dream is not what you see in sleep , is the thing which does not let U sleep.
Am a guy and never cry, but still I feel the pain of losing my Best Friend!
Shankar: No philosophies. Forgot abt that. This is Ur day man. Have a blash.Ciao tmrw buddy. Gud nite.
Shankar turned back and moved to the front door. Auomatic door opened and he saw a known face standing outside.
Yagnika Strikes, back …
(It was Yagnika standing in front of the door, who came long way to US).

Mitt Gayi Dhooriyaan …

YAG: Hei donkey monkey password key. How come I forgot man. You will be my Best Friend forever. Friends are always friends and that too no one will forgot a Friend like you. Many more Happy Returns of the Day Dhandam.
and as per your wish, here is my first poem for you.

PS: Story concludes in next episode.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Yagnika Strikes: Part 7

Frozen Thoughts!!!

It was -15 degrees in Minnesota and Aryan is having a Sauvignon Blanc. Mobile giggles by Yagnika’s call.

~Y: Hei man. How are you ? Whats up thr?
~A: Notin specific yaar. It’s too cold and am just having SB.
~Y: Useless who asked you to have that. I told you no drinks, no candies.
~A: Hei whats this. Too much restriction. Then how will I overcome such chillness. Sometimes it goes to – 30 too.
~Y: Grab your winter wear and lie down on bed man.
~A: Halo. It’s quite impossible. BTW I just thought of having Pedigree :-)
~Y: What???!!! You Dumbo. Are you mad?
~A: Might be :-). U know I used 2 take a very little pinch of Pedigree when I feed my Pup and my pup used to have Dairy milk when I have it.
~Y: u r crazyyy fellow. It’s difficult to tell who human being is and who is dog.
~A: okei Kewl.
~Y: Ok tell me why no calls, no mails from you. You had forgotten me entirely na. I know you guys are always like this. More gals, More fun. That’s why you forgot me .
~A: Ok then why you showed Ego. If not me, you should have called me Na.
~Y: What the hell you are talking. I don’t have any ego. This shows that you are not interested to talk to me.
~A: You have your own set of friends. That’s why you hadn’t called me. See am the loser am. Since you are the only good and best friend for me and if you don’t talk to me I feel hurt. But you have many friends and you spend time with them. When you finally got bored and felt what to do, you call me.
~Y: You mean to say am jobless. You are not listening to me.

Meanwhile Aryan took the Jerkin and started walking on the Kensington Street to meet his frnd Shankar. It’s quite dark and zero visibility on the road.

~A: Yag. Common understand me. Did I told that you are not listening to me and avoiding me. Am going to see Vikram yaar. Catch you later na.
~Y: So you are going to disconnect the call, that’s why telling like that.
~A: Ok kewl . Sorry. I understand you very well. Sorry if I had done anytin wrong. You know onetin there are lot of candies avail here and it tempts me and I buy a lot. Still I take few candies from that bunch and keep it in my runner and throw it away to keep your promise atleast to some extent but you wont understand my love.
~Y: Enuf buddhu. Don’t make me fool. Am frustrated and cant tolerate with you.“ It is Better to Depart, instead of Staying Apart “

~A: If this is ur wish. Am there 2 fulfill it as ur Best Friend. Even tomorrow you will be my Best friend but I don’t know whether am your Best friend!
~Yag: Remember I won’t be there to see you when you come back to India. Good bye.

Aryan was very disappointed and struck on the road with his arms and legs freezed.

A truck was approached on the blind corner and the truck driver not able to see clearly where Aryan exactly standing on the road tried his level best to avoid.

He just saw the truck just before the collision.

It just hit him on the road and went off. He fell down with the Frozen Thoughts!!!

I don’t sleep much, but when I do, I do it very, very well. I’m a championship sleeper. And a world class dreamer. Is this the permanent sleep?