Tuesday, January 25, 2005

That's Why ...

Everything you do
Resembles me,
Every Happiness you got
Erased my sorrows,
Every smile you delivered
Retrieved from my lips,
Every dreams you faced
Became real for me,
Every step you marched
Fulfilled my wishes,
Every touch you did
Blossomed me the flowers of feelings,
Every poem of mine
Has you as its Theme.

Friday, January 07, 2005

How Special You are ...

As moon starts swallowing sun
Its time for moving to temple.
As time had gone miles a lot
Might the doors were closed up-
To wrap up the blessings.

As the worshiping had become-
A day-to-day part of life.
As soul starts think:
"What should be done to overcome the fact",
Mild breeze blows around
Cuckoo's symphony waving aside,
Sudden change around me;
Which all happened because,
Mother is standing with pleasant smile-
To give me the snacks of love.
Somebody had laid-
Sudden lashes on me to understand:
"Having god along with me
Why did I moved for temple
"Mum, Only I know. HOW SPECIAL YOU ARE...