Friday, January 07, 2005

How Special You are ...

As moon starts swallowing sun
Its time for moving to temple.
As time had gone miles a lot
Might the doors were closed up-
To wrap up the blessings.

As the worshiping had become-
A day-to-day part of life.
As soul starts think:
"What should be done to overcome the fact",
Mild breeze blows around
Cuckoo's symphony waving aside,
Sudden change around me;
Which all happened because,
Mother is standing with pleasant smile-
To give me the snacks of love.
Somebody had laid-
Sudden lashes on me to understand:
"Having god along with me
Why did I moved for temple
"Mum, Only I know. HOW SPECIAL YOU ARE...


Anonymous said...

Nice one

Guna said...

Its really nice.. all the best for u & ur loveable person...