Thursday, March 29, 2007

Did you stop Sleeping on the bed?

A nice story (Source: Internet)
It was a vast sea lying ahead and for a few days the waters had been very turbulent…

The King had come out to visit the place and he noticed that indeed the sea looked dangerously disturbed …

Something else caught his sight and his heart skipped a beat…there it was a fisherman preparing to take his boat into the sea with his equipments ready for fishing…Afterall he had a family to feed…

King couldn’t but suppress his anger and asked the fisherman, “Why on earth are you putting your life in danger?Can’t you see what lies before? You are only jeopardizing your life”.

To this the fisherman replied, “Your Highness, this is our livelihood and we have been living like this for ages. Storm or no storm, we have to feed our families and keep the trade alive. I have grown up seeing my grandfather and my father do it”.

Oh really! Tell me how did your grandfather die?

He died in the sea while fishing; the tempest had engulfed him.

How about your father?

He too died while he was away in the sea.

Then why do you want to repeat their fate in your life? Aren’t you afraid of death which lies before?

The fisherman looked amused and asked the King, “Your Highness, may I ask you something?”

King said, “Yes Please”.

May Your Highness tell me how his grandfather died.

Well, he had a very peaceful death, he died while he was sleeping on his bed.

And Your Majesty, how did your father die?

He too died in his slumber on his grand bed…

Then if I may I ask My great King, “Did you stop sleeping on the bed”?

The King had understood.He was speechless…

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