Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Miracles do happen if you believe in Love.

It was yet another Rainy evening in Hartford. A Nescafe and a Chilli Bhajji will add perfect ecstasy to the lovely weather.Made a coffee (Forgot about Chilli Bhajji as no ingredients avail) and sat on the window corner to look at the passing vehicles by.

There's a small pond formed due to recent rains on the steep slope of nearby Freeway.

The green grass and the yellow flowers with the water droplets on them is a real scenic beauty. Thought of having a walk on the road and sop for a moment in the rain but changed the mind by forecasting the cold and fever bcoz of that.

At that moment i saw 2 cute Squirrels playing each other, jumping on the pond and tree nearby. They are usually bigger one compared to squirrels seen in India. After couple of minutes one of the squirrels which look bigger than other climbed on the tree to get away from the rain for a while. The sparrow in the tree looks angry bcoz of the squirrel peeked in there. While the other one though it is smaller but very active, continued to play and seems like trying to practice swimming on the stream of water flowing there. Suddenly it got struck on the bush in the water and not able to move further. It tried harder to move his body but not able to. Slowly the water level increased and squirrel will get drown in couple of minutes if it won’t move away soon.

I could feel its lungs heating up due to inadequate dosage of oxygen in every breath. The way to the nearby tree was ajar. It looks like it was drifting back and forth from consciousness. Unable to bare the fear of death, it tried his level best to get away but its body got struck in the bush. I felt like running hard and help the squirrel but the steep hole there looks like I can’t get into that deep stream of water. Literally I felt helpless and guilty of that. The showers increased further and the other squirrel in the tree was shivering due to chillness and settled in a curvature between two branches leaving it not aware of the happening on the other side.

Now I saw the Miracle. ..

The Sparrow in the tree started amusing the squirrel in the tree. It was trying to bite the squirrel with its beak and pulling its tail. Squirrel started chasing sparrow and it fly away to nearby branch. Again it started flying on top of the squirrel's head. Now the chase began again. Sparrow flies down to the tree and the squirrel followed down but it just stays below the tree due to rain. Sparrow did the irritating thing again and again and flies near to the pond. Squirrel started chasing the sparrow again. I was feeling the intention of sparrow now. I don’t know whether the sparrow's act was intentional or it’s just playing with the squirrel. It made me curious to see without worrying about the Hot Nescafe becoming Cold Coffee.

Now the sparrow almost flies near to the bush where the other squirrel got struck and bites that squirrel’s tail too. The chasing squirrel saw this incident and looks like it got shocked of the horrible scene. It ran to the bush and was trying to peek in. The bush got some thorny sticks and slippery fungus plants.

The speed of stream water increases and it looks like both squirrels will get drowned in the water. Couple of minutes later, the bigger one finally peeked inside the bush and tried to pull the other ones tail but not able to. It was trying hard and moved here and there tensed and sniffing something on the other ones head. I was searching the sparrow, but it was not seen. I prayed god for the happy ending of this incident. Finally the bigger squirrel started biting and pulling the bush and succeeded in removing few and now it started pulling the other ones tail by its mouth. I saw it slowly pulling it out of bush. The bigger one looks like motivated and started pulling it harder now and to my surprise it literally pulled the other one out of bush and brought it to the top of the pond.

It very carefully licked the other squirrel (don’t know exactly whether its licking or biting softly to bring consciousness), sat beside it, laid its bushy tail on its body to cover and make it warmth, it was rolling on the other squirrels body, puling its tail and the next thing I knew, it was Alive. I saw the squirrel doing something out of happiness. I just punched my hand on the air. They both ran and climbed on the tree. I read such things only in the story, but literally seeing live. Wow what a gr8 miracle I saw in my lifetime.

Is everything happened was Gods act. Did the sparrow really tried to help squirrel or just played and had fun with squirrel. Anyway it shows god still has hope of remains of Love in this cruel world.

This incident however opened new insights. Yet again, love proved itself as the most outstanding healer. My falling belief about love being a weakling in the tech world has been crushed. After all, Miracles do happen if you believe in Love :)


Anonymous said...

Fantastic one!! Just loved the way you wrote it!! Felt like I really visualize them!

Ravi said...

Wow...heart touching story. Gud tat u r improving your story telling day by day.

Alicia said...

aha...time for story. You are back with a bang !!! tat was a nice inspirational story to read. Keep going.

Manasa said...

Loved this post of yours above all :)
Wish I could witness it in reality!!
Dont remember seeing squirrels since almost a year :(

Shankar said...

Stunning shows the value of love and feel for others. hw did i missed reading this ?

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!