Monday, December 08, 2008

Holiday Qns ...

It's time for Christmas, we singing for the world...
Let's live together, in harmony...
It's time for Christmas; it's time to heal the world...
Let's come together, it's Christmas time.

And its time for Fun with the Holiday Qns. Send your answers to my mail ASAP.

Most correct answers and the kvik replies will get a surprise Santa Gift :-)...Pinky Swear!!!

Merry Quizmas

Holiday Qns:

1. Which ocean is Christmas Island located in?
a) Atlantic b) Pacific c) Indian d) Arctic

2. What color crab is the most obvious of the species on Christmas Island?
a) Red b) Green c) Blue d) Brown

3. What is the official language on Christmas Island?
a) Malay b) French c) Spanish d) English

4. What type of climate does Christmas Island have?
a) Snow b) Rainforest c) Desert d) Swamp

5. What hemisphere do penguins live in?
a) Northern b) Southern c) Eastern d) Western

6. Pure snow is made of?
a) Frozen rain b) Ice Pellets c) Snow Crystals

7. Guess these Christmas Words

8. When playing outside in the winter you must wear?
a) A Baseball Cap b) A Fedora c) Sun Glasses d) A Toque

9. What Disney Princess was graced with the "Gift of Song"?
a) Aurora b) Belle c) Snow White

10. A Princess might eat a delicious dessert called a "Subtleties". What were they sculpted in the form of?
a) Animals and Heroes b) Knights and Horses c) Castles and Bridges

11. A Princesses beautiful gown was often made of?
a)Linen, Silk and Velvet b)Linen, Silk and Burlap c)Linen, Silk and Straw

The time starts now …


Shankar said...

machi...can you tel me hw to crack the answers :-)

Alicia said...

I did it...chck ur mail

Ravi said...

I have sent the ans to your mail..check it man

Divya said...

Sent my answers too...verify that.

Prabhu Chinnappan said... lot of replies...nyway finally "Ravi" got max answers correct. But do you really want gift da :-)