Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wah Starbucks ..!

<-- This is for all those Coffee Lovers... Especially to the Starbucks fans :-) -->

Junkies of a brew sublime,
Any place and any time.
Stir it up with big smile,
It’s kept me up all this while.

Gimme my mug of ol’ sunshine,
Rest of the day will just be fine.
You know just how it should be,
You know it’s not just the Coffee.

Wah Starbucks ..!

Kya Aap Mere Saath Starbucks chalenge? ..:-) :-)


Shankar said...

Too much da... As if you wont live without starbucks :-)

Manasa said...

btw....wats in that cup?? Everything looks like java choco chip frappuccino in such color in a starbucks container for me ;-)
Why don't they add some catchy caption like McD..."'M lovin' it"