Wednesday, February 22, 2012

கரைப்பார் கரைத்தால் கல்லும் கரையும்...A True Story of " Fevikivk became Happydent "

கரைப்பார் கரைத்தால் கல்லும் கரையும்...

There is a family ( Husband, Wife and a Kid - studying 1st grade) in our Neighborhood. This person (Let we call him as Mr. Fevikvik) never smile and won't talk to neighbors freely. His wife and kid mingle with us well and had get together too.

We were wondering why he is alone like this. Even i tried talking to him friendly and try to discuss few things but he was not that much open to us.

Here comes our Smiley (Thanvi). Thanvi used to smile at every living and non-living things pass by and tell Tata babye by waving at them in her own way.

Smiley started interacting with our Fevikvik. Everyday, every moment she used to smile at him, she did dancing too. She talked to him in the typical Baby blah blah language. Initially Fevikvik didn't reciprocated that much.

But Thanvi kept doing what she is Best at. Gradually we felt the change. Finally our friend opened his mouth and we were excited to see him Smile, started speaking to Thanvi. Now a days, our friend initiate the conversation first, used to smile at Thanvi, talk to her, even try to play with her. This brought a good change and he even talk to us freely.

Like a Tamil saying "கரைப்பார் கரைத்தால் கல்லும் கரையும்", Even a Rock will Melt if a Right Person Melts it.

Finally our Fevikivk became Happydent :-)

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