Monday, November 27, 2006

Gandhigiri Works -- 1

From -- Vinut Hemrath -- Bangalore

Hi Friends,
I have an interesting incident to tell you all. This happened on Saturday (23rd Sept).
I, my wife and my mother had to go to my native place Davangere this weekend.
We boarded Chalukya express in the morning from Yeshwanthpur. All was well till Tumkur.
At tumkur two middle aged men boarded the train and sat beside me. It looked like they were relatives who had met after a long time.
From their talk it looked like they were right hands of some political guy and were completely engrossed in their political talk.
They were purposely talking loud so that other passengers in the compartment know that they are some influencial guys.
I was getting irritated listening to them. They bought some kallekayi (groundnuts/peanuts) and continued their talk.
I put on my MP3 player and dozed off unable to bear them.
I woke up after about 45 minutes and found to my horror that the whole compartment was full of groundnut shell.
Both of them had thrown the shell in the compartment itself not even caring for other passengers and nobody had complained.
I was furious and wanted to confront them. But I knew that they wouldnt even care for me.
At that moment Munnabhai and his Gandhigiri flashed into my mind. I thought why not try it...!!! But I wanted some support.
I told my wife about this and she readily agreed to support me.
Me and my wife armed with old papers and cover started cleaning the compartment....!!! Both of them were taken aback.
One of them asked What were we doing... I said We are cleaning so that we and the passenegrs who will board after us do not sit in the garbage....
Both of them were really surprised. He said why dont we just push all this under the seat. I said.... No, we cant.... and continued with my cleaning.
The other guy was ashamed.. He apologised and said sorry for what he had done....!!!
We finished our cleaning and were back in our seats and pretended as though nothing had happened. Both these guys were silent for the rest of the jou
ey...!!! :)
Gandhigiri works.

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