Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Sixth Finger ...

I have a sweet, little Black Samsung Mobile bought .
Has all the features from mp3 to camera, Just like a Sixth Finger in my Hand.

It has Mobile Tracker facility where when someone took your mobile and change the SIM , the number of the new SIM will be sent to the mobile number saved in the tracker option.Nice feature heina? But what’s the use of having the feature without using it. Am blaming myself now.

Configured my favorite ring tones ( Jeans theme music for my family and Britney spears voice message - for the friends ) while receive calls.

Generally leave it in my keyboard tray,in office and near to my pillow when @ room.

On friday nite 11:30 PM, june 22 2007, i was reading the Saddam’s biography.On seeing the sony ericsson mobile on the slab,my friend ( Boopash)asked me did Arun came to room today ( Actually my friend arun was leaving home that night and inform to another friend of mine but he had not informed to me or boopash). i just told him, as mobile is there he might have gone out somewhere. But the mobile kept in the slab is not arun and its my other roommate’s mobile( they both have same type of mobiles).So my friend just closed the door without locking the same, so that arun will open it when he comes late.

That pave the way for our beloved thief to steal our mobiles ease.

Next morning, i was sleeping well till 10′o clock. Suddenly Boopash wake up me and asked where is your mobile and not able to find any of our mobiles too.simply told him that arun might be playing da, ask him and continue my morning dreams.He woke me up and told that loosu someone had took our mobiles.

OMG !!! what a lovely start for the weekend!!!3 of our mobiles were lost.

As usual our minds started thinking the fact behind this.We should have closed the door though we felt that arun might come late.Or atleast my friend should have informed to us about his travel.Or atleast one of my roommates who knows arun’s travel should have told us so that we would have locked the door.We searched the entire room.

Thought the possibility of who would have came on morning.
Is the servent maid?
Is the lady who comes to wash the clothes?
Is the guy who drops the Bisleri?
Or the friends of my Ex roommate ( Lot of guys like driver, guy working in a steel industry, guy searching for a home in chennai — these people jus come and go without our knowledge and came to know only when our house owner informed us ).
I went into a mini depression, and naturally thought that someone had stolen it.
But how can i blame anyone without any proofs or doubts. thats not fair.
I did panic, but blamed ourself of not locking the doors or atleast we should have kept the mobiles in the inner room.But more importantly, my trust in people has lost.
I started a mini rant as to how I shouldn’t trust people anymore, how there is no sanctity of private space and so on.
Might someone would have came to room and on seeing us sleeping well, the evil mind would have played the rest.
A satisfactory part is i had kept my IPOD in the backpack on that day alone ( It will be lying beside with me near to the pillow everyday).

Its pain to lose a mobile and the sad part is losing all the numbers.I had cute snaps of my Little darling ( My niece). Few poems which i typed in mobile and saved there itself.,Reminders, Favorite mp3s etc…
Its just like losing your 6th finger…

Even i thought of using the SIM Backup feature opted by HUTCH for taking the backup of all the numbers in the SIM.As usual being a lazy fellow forgot about that and in the midst of busy tasks not able to type a copy of numbers too.That too Leo’s like us will be proud of our belongings and its hard to get our belongings shared to others.

Thank god, when i bought the samsung mobile, my friend told me that common da buy IMATE or a Blackberry.Definitely i would have literally cried when i bought blackberry and lost it.

Then we blocked the sim immediately and went to hutch shop to get duplicate sim to retain the old number.Number got activated and back to my old NOKIA mobile on sunday evening.Sad part is my friends duplicate SIM got activated only on tuesday evening.

Really felt like i was in a lonely land left alone for the two days.We were much used to the compactness and easier way of communication (Usually i always do something with the mobile — Games, change the settings : let me take rest, but why shud my fingers ). Now felt bad with empty hands.But the past generation before 10 years lived without the mobile and used the landlines in the home to make a call. Our generation is void of using the memory. We wont know the numbers we saved in the mobile.Technology gaves us lot of benefits and reduced the time gap and communication but we lost the way to use our memory, planning and lot of basics.Even today my dad used to remember lot of address, phone numbers in his mind. but i wont know even my number sometimes, i have my number saved as MyNumber in the contact list .

Okei…let me use the technology but without compromising to the basics from now onwards…

Anyway every day is a day full of lessons to be learned.

Lessons learned:

Use the utility/features available ( i shud have used the SIM Backup option of hutch to take backup of my numbers, Mobile Tracker option in my mobile to trace the thief)

Avoid Communication gap ( My friend shud have informed us that Arun is going home so that we would have locked the door)

Get Clarified immediately ( atleast me or Boopash shud have asked my other roommate whether Arun have told anything that he will come late or going home)

Aware of Risk and Mitigations ( eventhough Arun will come latenite to room, we shud have locked the door and let we wake up and open the door when Arun comes back)

A tool will be good only as much as you use it…

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