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A Superhero shud always be a SuperHero...

A Superhero shud be a Superhero...

Do u xpct ur Superhero always havng date vyth a girl, roaming behind her, waiting 2 have candle light dinner with her, behaving like a normal human creature who try to punish his fellow worker, justifying his act of evil...
No way ..!
A Super hero shud always be a Super Hero...
He shud mesmerise us for the entire timeline of d movie.

Cmon spidey, wht happen 2 u..u too fall on the trap :-(
Spidey 3 is full of spideys personal life and no heroism unveiled tis time...He is roaming behind Mary Jane 2 xprs his love...

In a scene,where spidey rescues a lady and the crowd started chanting...

Crowd: [cheering] Kiss him! Kiss him!Peter Parker: Go ahead, lay one on me!Gwen Stacy: Really?Peter Parker: Yeah! They’ll love it!Child in Crowd: [covering eyes] Don’t do it, Spidey![Gwen pulls a part of Spider-Man’s mask down; they kiss]Child in Crowd: Eww…
Mary Jane ( Spidy’s Girlfriend looks at all this )
Mary Jane Watson: That was OUR kiss!
Mary Jane Watson: Let me ask you something. When you kissed her, who was kissing her? Spider-man, or Peter?Mary Jane Watson: Do you want to push me away?Peter Parker: Push you away? Why would I want to push you away… I love you!

wht a pathetic scene to watch, typical Tamil cinemaism...

v slowly gtng irritated and started shouting Arae baba...wht happen 2 tis guy.Chotus and munnas shouting Spidey spidey spidey ..!!!but spidey listens to Mary jane heroic acts in the movie, mere the climax has the few action cuts that too spideys friend Harry comes to rescue spidey when he was hurt by sandman...

Here s the climax:
Peter and Aunt May are told that Sand man is the guy who killed his uncle Ben. Peter as black spidy kills the sand man and then comes to Aunt May.

Peter Parker: Flint Marko; the man who killed Uncle Ben, he was killed last night.
Aunt May: Oh my… What happened?
Peter Parker: Spider-Man killed him.
Aunt May: Spider-Man? I don’t understand, Spider-Man doesn’t kill people. What happened?Peter Parker: I uh… he… he was… I thought that you’d feel… He deserved it, didn’t he?
Aunt May: I don’t think it’s for us to say wether a person deserves to live or die.
Peter Parker: Aunt May, he killed Uncle Ben!
Aunt May: Uncle Ben meant the world to us, but he wouldn’t want us living one second with revenge in our hearts. It’s like a poison. It can take you over, before you know it, turn you into something ugly…
Peter Parker after breaking off from Mary Jane dates Eddie Brock’s girl friend. Eddie looses the job to Peter
Eddie Brock: Please, I’m begging you. If you do this, I will lose everything. There’s not a paper in town that’ll hire me.Peter Parker: You should have thought of that earlier.

Later on Eddie Brock’s becomes villain,

Peter Parker: Eddie… We can settle this…
Eddie Brock: you got a point there, Parker…
Eddie Brock: I’m thinking… Humiliation. Like what you did to me. You remember, Parker? Remember? You took my girl away from me. Now, I’m gonna take yours away from you.
Peter Parker: Eddie, it’s the suit. You’ve got to take it off.
Eddie Brock: Yeah, You’d like that, wouldn’t ya?
Peter Parker: I’ve been there, Eddie. The power; it feels good. But you’ll lose yourself to it. It’ll destroy you. Take the suit off Eddie, it’s not too late!
Eddie Brock: [“Thinking” about it] Nah… I like being *Bad*. It makes me… -HAPPY…

One more example of how spidey is like a normal Hero of Regional Films:
Harry and Peter are best pal’s but Harry always believed that Peter killed his father. In order to take revenge, Harry tries to take away Mary Jane from Peter. Mary Jane saddened by Peters behavior chooses Harry for the company. Its strange situation when we are rejected by someone we make decisions in haste. Like a creeper which just wants a tree, any tree to climb. Then we realize that we where wrong. Peter ( as black spidy ) takes Harry on even though he is his best pal and hits him badly. Later Mary Jane gets kidnapped by Eddie Brock and Sandman. Peter ( as good spidy ) goes to Harry.
Peter Parker: Harry! I need your help. I can’t take them both, not by myself.
Harry Osborn: [turns to reveal scars] You don’t deserve my help.
Peter Parker: Harry… she needs us.
Harry Osborn: Get out.
But then Harry realizes that spider man didn’t kill his father. Harry has to choose now. His best pal is in trouble. Will he allow his pride and anger or will he help Peter?
Peter fights with sand man.(Flint Marko)

Flint Marko: I didn’t want this. But I had no choice…
Peter Parker: We always have a choice. You had a choice when you killed my uncle.
Flint Marko: My daughter was dying, I needed money. I was scared. I told your uncle all I wanted was the car. He said to me ‘why dont you just put down the gun and go home?’ I realise now he was just trying to help me. Then I saw my partner running over with the cash… and the gun was in my hand… I did a terrible thing to you, I spent a lot of nights wishing I could take it back. I’m not asking you to forgive me, I just want you to understand.
Peter Parker: I’ve done terrible things too…
Flint Marko: I didn’t choose to be this. The only thing left of me now is my daughter.
Flint Marko: I’m not asking for your forgiveness. I just want you to understand.
Peter Parker: I forgive you.Peter Parker: …I forgive you…
Sand man goes away. Sometimes its difficult to understand whats good and bad. Spider man could have fought with sand man but then knowing the intension of the sandman , he decides on not doing so.

Spidy gets hit very badly by Sandman and Brock.

News Reader: This could be a tragic day for the people of New York… Could be the end of Spider-Man…

Harry jumps in from nowhere and puts his hand forward towards spidy.

Harry Osborn: [Helping Spider-Man up] Came just in time
Peter Parker: Actually, a few minutes earlier wouldn’t have been so bad.
Brock makes a deadly move on Spidy. Harry gets in the way and takes the blow.

In the end Harry stays on the laps of spidy waiting to die ,

Peter Parker: Hey, pal. How you doing?
Harry Osborn: Been better.Peter Parker: We’ll get you through this.
Harry Osborn: No.
Peter Parker: I should never have hurt you. Said those things.
Harry Osborn: None of that matters, Peter. You’re my friend.
Peter Parker: Best friend.
Harry dies on the Spidy’s lap.


Film Ends vyth a moral:
Peter Parker: Whatever comes our way, whatever battle we have raging inside us, we always have a choice. My friend Harry taught me that. He chose to be the best of himself. It’s the choices that make us who we are, and we can always choose to do what’s right.

But where does the strength of the spider gone. where does that heroic act diminished.

Spidey please come soon with ur Heroic acts in forthcoming episode...


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