Friday, September 14, 2007

12486 and goes on ...

Have u ever have Weird Thoughts and Imaginations. I still have the habit of thinking beyond the human thoughts.

Taking a Flight loaded with H2O to Mars and filling the Big big craters of Mars with the Water and creating a wonderful swimming pool out of this and enjoying the day (I still donno how to swim but dream abt this frequently)
Going back to old age of Mahabharatha times by time machine and meeting Mr. Krishna ( Lord krishna, the great Philosopher of all times) and teach him the Theory of Evolution of Universe.

But one lively thing I am still doing is “Counting the Stars”. And the current status is 12486 … and still adamant on this.
This habit started from my 12th std onwards and whenever I go to the upstairs in my home, admire the sky, stars and their appearance. Then one day started counting the stars without knowing that they are infinite.
I still remember the conversation I had with my MUM.

MUM: Chotu u cant able to count the stars.
ME: Why can’t I count it? I have Dad’s calculator with me.
MUM: Oh ho. Chotu even you can’t able to count stars by calculator.
ME: Then how dad is doing his work with calculator?
MUM: You can do maths by calculator but not the stars
ME: Mummy. Don’t lie to me like you do to DAD J
MUM: Hei you will get nice beatings from me
ME: You go mummy, I will come later.

Then I had started feeding my pet NEO (Rabbit) and continued counting.

Even after growing up, this habit is still continuing though I know that I can’t able to count the stars. I know its silly but I love this and will continue forever.
Will update you the day when I reach the number 25000 :-)

Share all Ur weird imaginations.

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