Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Will i ever Grow Up ...

Yesterday, i bought Frito’s Cheetos nearby shop in my office.
Now, dunt ask me wats so great abt that…
Jus listen up! So, yeah.. as usual , on evening, i opened the cheese balls pack to munch while working! J
Little did i know i had a surprise inside! I found a Cute Plastic Flyer in that!!! I got sooooo bloody excited that i immediately started using immediately - practically never bother about the place. The next moment, i bought one more Cheetos and i found another cute plastic flyer there!!! WooooW!!! Super cool na!!!

I collected 2 colours.. got to collect the other 2 colour flyers too - blue and red!!! :-)

I know all this sounds quite insane from a guy who is going to fly US in a few weeks time. But, i am this weird combo, who is a total freak for cosmetics on one side and on the other, loves anything that is kids stuff!!!!! When at home, we used to get such kiddo stuff for free (when i buy biscuits or chocis!!!). Usually, i never got a chance to keep them for myself. Mom and dad felt it was too stupid of me to play with such stuff and they used to pass it on to my other younger cousins! I wouldnt mind that tho! But i remember collecting tazo's that used to be given with ruffles lays!!! I collected so many that my cuzns got jealous. One day when i was away to skol, they took the whole pack from my home. I was searching for it all over the house. I even suspected my mother for throwing them away in the name of cleaning my shelf! Later, when i went to my cuzn's place, i found all my prized collections there!!! Hoila…I had scooted that back to home and kept in my secret wrack J

Okei let me come to the incident which made me so embarrassed. Once I saw the Flyers, the very next moment thought of flying it high in the Air.
Here goes the first take of, I had made the flyer to fly high as much as I can and so happy about that, even jumped with joy a bit. Slowly it came down waving thru the end.
Flight Just landed down ,I had lean down to take it and when I stood up, I realized that I was in my office corridor, where all the Associates are scaring at me with Mad Smile ( Particularly bunch of guys and girls started laughing at me like anything). Oops how stupid I am and I just walked straight with eyes looking down.
There it comes the final touch. A girl walked up and told me “Excuse me, here is your another flyer, you let it down while playing with the other”. BTW, where did u bought it?
Do you really wanna know or teasing me. Bye bye…I just literally walked faster J

Apart from the interest in such goodies, i am this character who digs into his dad's travel bag and suitcase when he returns from a tour!
I am such a selfish soul that i dunt even bother to ask him about his trip. But of course, i am kind enough to snatch the heavy bag, unpack it for him and check if he has got me anything!!! J

Once he went to Sabarimala temple in kerala, I was eagerly waiting for his arrival.
Yeah!!! One week later, he returned at around 3-4am in the morning! And i was wide awake, not to welcome him, but his suitcase!!!
But guess what??? He did get lots of chocolates. But sadly, enough, i was expecting that he get me some soft toys, but he got me one piggy that would skip!!! He also got an octopus clock!!! Yeakkssss!!! So scary it was!! OMG!!! I then felt i was a "big guy" to be playing with a pig that would go around the house skippin if switched on!!! For heaven's sake, i cant tell my frnds about his piggy that dad so lovingly got for me! I was sooo upset that day!!! I was like, "Appa, in kerala, arent there any soft toys?? Y of all the things u got me this pig??? My frnds will mock at me if i tell them u got me a piggy!! I dunt like it at all.. go to kerala again n get me somthing else!!!" Poor thing!!! Only now can i understand how bad he would have felt to hear those words from me! Every cuzn of mine born after me has played with that piggy!!! Now, my 2 year old neice plays wid it too!!! Frankly, i meddle wid it when i go home!!! J

I leave u guys to come to any sort of conclusion, but this is my other part of life and it never changes!!
Have a colorful, happy and safe day!!! Have a blast and enjoy yourselves!!! Take care… Huggggzzzzzzzzzz!!!! :)

P.S: There’s no point in being Grown up if you can’t be Childish sometimes :-)

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