Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Told You na ...

It’s the Talllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllest Building…!

Here goes, our Story’s Hero who is going to Commit Suicide, whose age is around 26 or 27 working in a software concern…

Looking handsome, earning 6 digit salary. Then what’s the problem in his life and why he is going to commit suicide. Is it bcoz of not having a girl friend; is it a Love Failure, or mental depression due to hectic work? Wht else would be there?

Meantime our hero reached the upstairs of this Talllllllllllllllllllllllest building. Alarm starting ringing and video cameras automatically live telecasting the images everywhere to indicate someone is there in prohibited area. Wow technology improved a lot and people donno what’s going on!!!

Okay…reached the top floor. Now its time to Jump.
Watch showed the time as 1:03 10/10/2201 …

1…2…3… jumped

Oops…Whts this all the windows of the apartments are closed. And oh it’s raining suddenly! Yeakssss, its too cold, cant I die peacefully?
Thank god, sun came out and typical Chennai hot climate is back ….

Seems like hands and legs getting very tired… Oops vision is getting dim and going dark.

Still I hadn’t reached the ground floor.
What’s the time now? It’s 2:58 10/10/2221 …

OMG it’s been 20 years and still I hadn’t reached the ground!!! Flying down, down and down ……………..

“Cant able to Guess what’s going on”, Read the Subject and First line :-)

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