Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gaming Rhymes...

Remembering the Gud old School days brings lot of memories back.
One such thing is the Gaming Rhymes.
Here goes such a lovely Rhyme. Here u hv 2 sing the Rhyme while doing some action packed fun with ur frnd.

So So So..on the Go...
Mr 1, Mr 2, Mr 3.3.3...
Mr 4, Mr 5, Mr 6.6.6...
Mr 7, Mr 8, Mr 9.9.9...
My Father is a Teacher...Teach teach teach,
My Mother is a Singer... Sing, sing, sing,
My Sister is a Dancer... Dance,dance,dance,
My Brother is a Boxer... Box,box,box.

Here Goes …

Sit opposite 2 each other.
U hv to start with "So So So on the Go" by dashing ur folded hands with each other
Keep both of ur Hands parallel to each other in vertical mode & clap ur right hand with ur frnds left hand for MR 1.
Alternatively for Mr 2
And for Mr 3..3...3 - clap the right hand vyth right and left vyth left to ur frnds hands in horizontal mode.
Continue the same sequence till Mr 9, 9, 9 ..

Thn while saying "My father is a Teacher,Teach,teach,teach..", Take a stick and beat ur frnd lovely
Thn while saying "My mother is a Singer, Sing,sing,sing...", Scream loudly on ur frnds Ear
Thn while saying "My sister is a Dancer, Dance,dance,dance...", Kick ur frnd by ur leg nicely
Thn while saying "My brother s a Boxer, Box,box,box..." Smash ur frnds Face... :-) :-) and Do remember to Run away immediately :-)

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