Thursday, December 06, 2007

Yagnika Strikes: Part 7

Frozen Thoughts!!!

It was -15 degrees in Minnesota and Aryan is having a Sauvignon Blanc. Mobile giggles by Yagnika’s call.

~Y: Hei man. How are you ? Whats up thr?
~A: Notin specific yaar. It’s too cold and am just having SB.
~Y: Useless who asked you to have that. I told you no drinks, no candies.
~A: Hei whats this. Too much restriction. Then how will I overcome such chillness. Sometimes it goes to – 30 too.
~Y: Grab your winter wear and lie down on bed man.
~A: Halo. It’s quite impossible. BTW I just thought of having Pedigree :-)
~Y: What???!!! You Dumbo. Are you mad?
~A: Might be :-). U know I used 2 take a very little pinch of Pedigree when I feed my Pup and my pup used to have Dairy milk when I have it.
~Y: u r crazyyy fellow. It’s difficult to tell who human being is and who is dog.
~A: okei Kewl.
~Y: Ok tell me why no calls, no mails from you. You had forgotten me entirely na. I know you guys are always like this. More gals, More fun. That’s why you forgot me .
~A: Ok then why you showed Ego. If not me, you should have called me Na.
~Y: What the hell you are talking. I don’t have any ego. This shows that you are not interested to talk to me.
~A: You have your own set of friends. That’s why you hadn’t called me. See am the loser am. Since you are the only good and best friend for me and if you don’t talk to me I feel hurt. But you have many friends and you spend time with them. When you finally got bored and felt what to do, you call me.
~Y: You mean to say am jobless. You are not listening to me.

Meanwhile Aryan took the Jerkin and started walking on the Kensington Street to meet his frnd Shankar. It’s quite dark and zero visibility on the road.

~A: Yag. Common understand me. Did I told that you are not listening to me and avoiding me. Am going to see Vikram yaar. Catch you later na.
~Y: So you are going to disconnect the call, that’s why telling like that.
~A: Ok kewl . Sorry. I understand you very well. Sorry if I had done anytin wrong. You know onetin there are lot of candies avail here and it tempts me and I buy a lot. Still I take few candies from that bunch and keep it in my runner and throw it away to keep your promise atleast to some extent but you wont understand my love.
~Y: Enuf buddhu. Don’t make me fool. Am frustrated and cant tolerate with you.“ It is Better to Depart, instead of Staying Apart “

~A: If this is ur wish. Am there 2 fulfill it as ur Best Friend. Even tomorrow you will be my Best friend but I don’t know whether am your Best friend!
~Yag: Remember I won’t be there to see you when you come back to India. Good bye.

Aryan was very disappointed and struck on the road with his arms and legs freezed.

A truck was approached on the blind corner and the truck driver not able to see clearly where Aryan exactly standing on the road tried his level best to avoid.

He just saw the truck just before the collision.

It just hit him on the road and went off. He fell down with the Frozen Thoughts!!!

I don’t sleep much, but when I do, I do it very, very well. I’m a championship sleeper. And a world class dreamer. Is this the permanent sleep?

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