Thursday, December 13, 2007

Yagnika Strikes - The Final Showdown

Final Episode:

Yagnika was there with him for the whole month till he got fully recovered.
Aryan recovered soon and they returned to his Kensington apartment.

Aryan: Hei Yag. Thanks a lot. So sweet of you that you came long way to see me and taken care well.
Yag: I was waiting for this time only. I just came here to make you happy on your birthday. Since I don’t want to get away like a thief without informing you and let you down at this critical point of time. That’s why came long way to make our departure a pleasant one.
~A: Are you serious.
Yag: Am damn serious. You know I already told that. Just to justify my friendship, I came to see you.
~A: You came a long way to see me Na. This shows the value of your Friendship. Don’t play with me dear.
Yag: I came for a short busienss trip for a KT here. I don’t want to play anymore. Best wishes for your future. Am leaving tomorrow. If you are interested, you can come to send off me.
~A: Hei cmon…Everything had gone well. Why you are doing like this now !
Yag: Enuf man. No more friendship. It’s time to Depart. And here is the last note for you. I have soemthign for you, open it tomorrow when I leave to airport. Hope you keep up this.
~A: Okeiii everything had gone. Let me do this too.

The next day, everyone came to airport for send off, but with a gloomy face.

Yag: Hei guys. Why you are all looking like a lost cat. Cheer up guys.
Deepak: how come yaar. We are very proud to tell others that you both are such a good friends. It’s disappointing a lot.
Yag: I can’t do anything for this. Life is a game of unexpected things.
Aryan: Guys forget about that.

The final announcement came for security check in.

Yag: Hei useless fellow. Open the cover now.

Aryan unwrapped it without showing any interest and the message was:
“April 1 is the day to make fool of Intelligent ones. But I can make you fool on any day”. We are always Best Friends forever. Will meet you soon in our Homeland. Take Care Dhandam
Happy Ending :-)

April 3, 2018 … Later the life of Yagnika and Aryan is colorful one.

Yagnika got married and settled in Chennai with her hubby.
Aryan is still the same mischievous guy settled down in Bangalore with his wife. He got bored of the software job and joined as a Strategic Manager in Indus International School in Bangalore. Probably readers can meet them again as Guests in the upcoming stories.

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