Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day ...

To all Moi loved ones ...Mum, Dad, Sis, Niece , Frndzzz and Moi Innocent Pets ..!

A Special Wishes on tis special day.

hmm i would hv so happy whn i was thr near 2 u and wish you live in person... then definitely my card would be like this ...

For Papa my card might say "To the Best Papa on the Lake - the best Valentine catch for me," with a big fish on a hook or might have pictures of all star sports players, "Daddy You Are My Valentine Super Star." Mommy's might have a kitten hugging a heart, "You are my purr-fect Valentine." Grammie's might have teddy bears and hearts, "Teddy Bears Hugs from my Heart." For My sis, "To the Sweetest Sister in the world", with a pearl necklace (ofcourse i bought a pearl necklace). For moi Niece, card might say "For my Sweet little angel". For frndzzz "The essence of moi life" and a special card for my pets says "To the innocent lovers of this world"

@least u all feel virtually tat i have conveyed my wishes , though i'm not near to you now..!

Valentine Bears
Valentine Heart Lollipops
Valentine Chocolate Box
My Calendar

Pink for me and Blue for you


Natchatra said...

sooo nice to c ur virtual wishes for ur beloveds.....:) :)



Alicia said...

Am impressed man !!!

Prabhu Aryan said...

@Natchatra & Alicia:
So if u r impressed, send me 1 kg of chocies :-)