Friday, February 08, 2008

Is India ruling the Cricket World?

At present, everyone says yes!!! And I love to hear these words.

Cricket world is ruled by England & other countries over a long period of time. Asian countries were treated like underdogs and no favors have been done till now to improve the sport in this part of the world.

The rise of India, Pakistan and Srilanka happened inside and they stood up by themselves without any help from outside world.

Every time ICC treats the Asian countries in a bad manner and the players got punished without having clear evidence. But when it comes to other cricketing nations, players were allowed to do all sort of things other than playing cricket in right spirit (sledging, jellybean stories etc etc).
That’s overdose now and let we make them to taste their own medicine.The Recent Sydney incident is a height of arrogance.

We are the richest cricket board in the world and the ball won’t move without our bat. It’s time to dominate, its time to show we are Giant Dragons. Let BCCI won’t bother about others who complain it acting like a big brother. We heard a lot and its time to give back, with more interest rate :-).

As peter roebuck says, India must stop being defensive.

It has a mighty story to tell, a functioning democracy created from a chequered history, a nation built in a generation, temples and mosques sitting side by side in so many cities. Nor does its cricket history justify the comment made not long ago by a white opponent that "all Asian cricketers are f---ing cheats." Please can First World newspapers dust off all articles published between 1901 and 2001 deploring the manner in which Anglo-Saxon interests dominated the game?

Suddenly India is ruling the roost and the boys are worried about monopolies and cultural hegemony. It is a bit late for that.

You let the dragon to fire back. So feel the heat..! And I say tis is not enuf draggie …


Ranjit said...

hmmm.. you are right. that icident showed how stupid australians behave and showed whatever they do to win.
Asian countries shud oppose in stron manner for such things.

Prabhu Aryan said...

hei ranjit...India proved that they are emerging champions, by lifting the commonwealth bank series cup.

Sankar said...

Dude...get ready for anothr battle. Home Series starts frm Oct 9 and the sad part is, this will be sourav ganguly's last series. Lets hope he retire with winning note