Thursday, February 28, 2008

What people think of India!

Recently i come across an article in rediff posted by a Desi living in Texas which states how the lack of information made people having wrong opinion about India. I felt the same over here. What people think about India is much more frightening. Surprisingly, many people out there do not know much about our country -- something that became evident that how outside world think about India and lack of history and information made them unaware about what actual India is?

I felt very disappointed about how others think about India and why we aren’t spreading the culture, tradition and good things about our nation. We not only came here to earn but also came as ambassadors of the most sacred nation in this world. It’s our duty to present our country’s good aspects to all the fellow Human beings of this planet.

There are just too many stereotypes about Indian people and about India. They think that,

India is poor. All Indians are Hindu. Indian roads are bad. People live on streets. Many Indian villages don’t have electricity. People see the videos and channels telecast online which depicted that the lives of people in India who were uneducated and under-nourished. Why don’t the media telecast good things about our country rather than always stick to poor things and make money by selling the bad info about the nation. It’s like selling your own **********.

Is India poor and bad? And the answer for this is a firm "No”. Although one can see poor people living on the streets, this was definitely not the case for everyone in India. India is full of smart and competent people who can rival the smartest in America and other nations. Not everyone in India is poor. There are many people who are very rich. India also has an influential middle class population. Poverty is more evident in India because it has one of the largest populations in the world (over 1 billion); if India had a lower population then it would probably have less poverty.

And some parts of India experience power outages often, but electricity is not a rare commodity. Even though India has power outages the government is coming up with ideas to solve that problem. New power plants, nuclear power plants and lot of initiatives were taken and implemented well. "India has invested a lot of money into generating renewable power. It currently ranks as the 3rd largest wind energy producer and is advancing in other renewable resources,”

All should know that there are so many talented people in IT, medicine, science, technology which is almost equal to the population of big countries!

India gave ‘Zero ‘to the world. Indian civilization is one of the ancient and modern civilizations. India is the land of origin of medicine, technology. If you tell me, don’t live with your history, then I can say that present India has much more talent than the past. India is the fastest growing economy (In the GDP analysis). When you take elite club of nations in all aspects, India will be a default name in that list. You know everything but wearing a sunglass will make you unaware of the sunlight!

There is no part of land in this planet left over without the foot steps of an Indian.

I found a great optimism and zest for life in current India. They say India is a failure -- day and night. But how can a billion people are doing the wrong thing? India can do it; we just need have more faith in ourselves... Imagine if a billion people have even a tiny bit of more faith in the country and themselves.. Miracles needn't be only in fairy tales. India is the youngest country in the average age of human population and all this youth power explodes in coming decades to make the country as a supreme power in all aspects. This is the reality going to happen and not a day dream or expectation.

I see many of my friends came here to U.S are planning to settle down here itself and simply telling the vague reasons like more money, comfort living, high technology etc etc. Why don’t you guys earn well come back to India and make your country the way you want to be. This is not a senti dialogue or a philosophical note. Be practical and accept the fact that you are making a big big mistake!

And I have to mention that, some people over here knew good aspects about India too. I myself hear many of them say “I want to go to India because it’s exotic and amazing”. They love our culture, tradition. Our hospitality, our growth. People here are addicted to Indian cuisines. They wonder about the young aspirants of India and etc etc…

So you too now make a list of what are the things that make you love her? India...?

Next time someone asks about India, make sure that you give right info and make them understood their views of India were wrong and they should envy us that we came from a great nation. Your friends might have wrong views of India, so ask them what they know about India and quickly clear up their confusion.

I want to remind you all that India is the country which Rules the World in Future and the future is not so far. And I will be so happy to tell that i live in the generation where India rules the world.

I am spreading the word out for our beloved country and join hands with me guys!


Divya said...

Appreciate ur patriotic feelings!

Prabhu Aryan said...

Yep. Hope u too hv such exp here

Ramya said...

If people there do not know the real India, it is because they don’t want to know. I really don’t care about people who are not interested.

So what if they think India is poor or filled with Hindus?? Educated and interested people would have asked me the truth before coming to that opinion; and them, I would have educated.

Are you bothered about what an Ethiopian thinks about India? Why are we bothered only about the Americans?

Dinesh said...

I read both ur article and the one in rediff. I have one small doubt. Why should we bother about what the Americans think about us?? There are many parts in the world , like even Britain which ruled us for more than 200 years who doesn’t know anything about us. Why are we bothered about Americans alone?? Lets note some common facts here.

Do Indians know everything about America. We still do think that all Americans are rich (coz they own a Car), there’s no village in America and all Americans are educated(coz they can speak English). Do the Americans think of changing our views??? Then why should we???

Moreover the Americans are really dumb and they don’t know much about the world history(even GK).They think that US is the only country existing in the world. May be they’ll know only those countries with Beautiful beaches, rich Casanovas and of course plenty of Petrol. leave alone India most of the Americans even don’t know about some villages in their own country or anything about their nearby countries like Cuba or Brazil. Americans neither do have a original culture or a race, so it’s not a surprise that they don’t about us.

Now the problem with us is not Americans but our own young Indians who doesn’t know anything or care about our own country. So let’s first explain to them about our culture, heritage etc or in future there won’t be any Indians to send a mail like this about the American misconception.

Prabhu Aryan said...

Any person who visits this great Land without any preconceived notions/mind set, will find this Sacred Land Beautiful despite poverty of people and other social shortcomings.

deepa said...

How very true ur post is!!
Most people know meager abt our country!! India is secular and only some appreciates its colorfulness.
and its in people nature to see only the wrong, like so, many beautiful facts and nature of our country is being ignored!

sure its in our hands to change people's view abt India!
jai hind!

deepa said...

How very true ur post is!!
Most people know meager abt our country!! India is secular and only some appreciates its colorfulness.
and its in people nature to see only the wrong, like so, many beautiful facts and nature of our country is being ignored!

sure its in our hands to change people's view abt India!
jai hind!

Alicia said...

Dude, tats quite intrstng post...eager 2 knw ur traditions and culture...send a mtng invite to meet on evry friday noontime...Jeff, otif, barren will be intrsted too.wht u say ?

Prabhu Aryan said...

Yep you are right Deepa.its in our hands to change people's view abt India!
Haha..tats funny. Happy hours time will do better.