Friday, June 26, 2009

I Met an Angel !!!

It was a rainy day where the whole surrounding is filled with cool breeze, greeny trees dressed with rain drops on top.

People struggling with the wind, wrestling with umbrellas, obscuring the face with their jacket, jumping or running around like they are being chased by blood-sucking aliens…. I tell you : When it really rains down you have an exciting and rare theater right before you waiting to be shot by a photographer!

So i searched for a place that gives a good angle to shoot !!!

I saw something like a window opening on the clouds. The window suddenly opened and there comes a Cute angel with flappy wings.

She came to me and asked me what i am thinking now...
i just told her, am thinking about taking a lovely picture.

She replied, Didn't you came with your loved one on this romantic moment?

I told her, you mean taking my girl friend.

Yes you're right, replied the angel.

aha...I should love a girl first, then only i will have a girl friend and fyi no time for that.

Angel replied with a gentle smile on her face, so you're 28 years old male and telling you never had a crush on a girl. Am an angel and i can find it easily.

Sounds good... Why don't you start your testing now? If the results are negative, you can suggest me a way to look for the girl.

Angel told me the simple test to find the girl...

She told me to close my eyes and visualise the girl i like most. She tested me whether i can visualise the girl who admires me a lot.

The first picture came to my mind was, " The kid i saw in the morning which has the cutest smile in the world".
Angel looked at me with sigh smile and told me to try again.

This time i literally saw "Sweet aroma of Starbucks coffee and i felt the taste too"...

Angel got tensed this time and told "This is the last chance...try one more time". Visualize the girl you admire, the incident which made you to have crush on her, the sweetest moment you had with her.

Hmm...relax ... here goes.

This time "I visualized the Tinkle comics kept on the slot in the right door of my car and even tried reading the comic strip of suppandi" :-)
Angel got frustrated and yelled at me ... It's not my day. I wasted my time and productivity... First grow up...Will meet you again in next decade.

Angel was wrong. She should have opted me one more chance.

It's not the matter of grown up or not. I just visualized the immediate ecstasy i had. I would have tried going deep inside my heart.

Friends, when you come across the angel somewhere, please tell her to come back to my place for a last chance :-)


Manasa said...

very funny!! :D

Shankar said...

haiy haiyo...unakku yarum kedaikalainu ippadi indirect ah feelings vidariya da. thu :-)