Monday, June 08, 2009

Learning 1,2,3 from My Niece :-)

Finally, My Niece Kaamya joined School on friday the June 05,2009...
her grandparents were very adament in keeping her in home so that they will spend more time with her and @last accepted to send her to school (Dad, did u guys spent time with me like this else pushed me to school early ?? :-))
Now plenty of qns arised.
Who will drop her to school?
Who will feed lunch?
My Dad, Mum, Sis and neighbour brother all had sweet fights with each other to take care of my niece...Oops i missed this chance :-(.
And everyone got their task allocated and executing well. Hope there won't be any schedule variation :-). I tooooooooo will join with them in a month of time.

It's sunday and the usual wake up time is past 11 am, but got early morning call frm home and its kaamya on the call without telling any other stuff, started teaching me 1,2,3 ...aha... and was telling all that interestin stuff hpnd in school !!!
Was enquiring my parents how she was in school? Whether she is comfortale or cried ? Seems like she is enjoying her school life and never cried.
When my Dad went to school during lunch time to feed my niece. She already started having food and told him, "Grandpa i wil hv food, you go home and give food to Sachin (sachin is my doggy)". How responsible she is :-)
Typical kaamya, started her loda loda talk and the call continued for longggggg time...

And opposite to school tradition, my niece was complaining abt her staff like, "My teacher is asking me to sleep, not allowing me to play". They dont know how to treat children :-).
Though she is now in LKG, but for her she is doing 2nd std. Somehow she got this phrase and keep telling, "I am studying in 2nd std".

Now she invited me to her school...Mom, i want to go to school again.

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Shankar said...

so sweet to hear dude. have fun with your niece.