Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lessons Learnt 1: There should be a limit and boundary even for Fun and shud never play with Emotions.

Its good to make fun and fool your friends. For a guy like me try to be funny and keep doing silly things, april fool day is a right chance to go for big fishing of fooling the friends.

So this time I was thinking about doing sometin different to fool my friends. My first thought is to mail them stating my credit card was stolen and some thousands of dollars have been swiped out and they can share the amnt if they're interested :-).

Meanwhile I have been in discussion with my offshore and onsite managers regarding a new RFP proposal to Travelport client located in Denver and as a funny conversation they asked me, "We need a senior resource. Can you switch over to Denver for a while till the team is established?". Practically it won’t workout as the current client won't accept and hence the plan was dropped.

When I saw the mail chain about Denver proposal, my first thought was how perfect this will be for April fooling. This one, I thought, should be a piece of cake. Not only am I a funny buff, but (to the annoyance of my friends) I tend to make up things just for fun and say it with the feel to make my friends believe.

So my intention is to fool my friends by telling them , “I will be moving to Denver in a short while and there won’t be any second chance to meet them all again”. I can keep this as secret for a day or two and reveal it. I know the after effect will be lot of beats / kicks from them but all that is for fun.

So I used that mail chain, reframed it and sent to my close friends mentioned like i was supposed to go to Denver (My roommates Rajesh, Surya <– these guys had 50% doubt about this till the last minute ->, Vikram, Anu, Venkat, Kanchana and Jitesh ). The problem with your close friends is, they will be really concerned about you leaving them, feel for you and they start telling to the mutual friends too. This happened when I met Rajesh and Surya’s friends. People i just know their names enquired me about this when i met them.They were asking me why it happened suddenly. How am I going to sell the car? How am I going to break the apartment lease? What about future plans of whether coming back to Hartford or will i go back to Chennai once this is done. I was speechless of all those sudden shoot ups and simply nodded my head stating, I have to discuss with my friends and come up with plan (As if going to create an MPP plan). The news spreaded to the entire Hartford except to my manager :-).

So everyone believed the Denver move and I have even executed the Credit Card fooling mail to make them divert from the Denver plan and later accepted that “Credit card” mail is just for fooling them, leaving them to believe Denver stuff is real.

I revealed this plan first to Venkat (As he is clever enuf to find loopholes with ease) and later to Vikram and told them we can reveal it in a couple of days. They even told me to continue this till airport, come back and stay in a friends home and we all can meet for a dinner where i can just peek in and say, I'M back. That seems like too much and will end up in trouble. So we stick to the initial plan.

It should have been stopped here and revealed on April 1st evng or next day. The big mistake I did was I dragged it for couple of days and planning to reveal it on Friday (April 3rd) as we were supposed to go for a Tamil movie “Ayan” and hence plng to reveal after the movie got over. So we booked the movie tickets to some of my friends who turned up for movie. The worst part is, even this didn’t brought any serious atmosphere, but whenever I met my friend Anu I keep telling her that am going to miss them all and tease her that I wont be able to disturb them much now. She then feel sad and tell, “You’re just going to Denver and all sort of communication is there to be in touch”. Just a touch away in Iphone to get connected :-). She started feeling sad that she will miss my wedding when I go to offshore. She is such a nice friend who cares a lot. I should have stopped to that extent. Instead of that whenever she pings me, I start this topic and make her feel sad. On april 2nd i even sent a senti mail. That makes her really felt sad missing a good friend. (The sad part is, she thinks the senti mail is just for april fooling. I don't know whether she realise that really comes from the heart).

So sweet of her that, she was planning to prepare a delicious “Banana Walnut cake” for me. Jitesh was discussing with our friends to get a gift or card for me. Surya kept telling me, who will be there to hang out as he is also a kinda guy who loves to go out. I was teasing them, are you going to gift something for meJ. Anu and Vikram invited me to their home for dinner and without any manasatchi I had good food on April 3rd evening :-). Kanchana, invited me to go for dinner out and we had usual fights for this as i didn't turn up to her request as i was held up in some other stuff. She felt bad, but didn't shown it as i was leaving.

Rajesh and surya always had the doubt in their mind as i didn't packed much for the travel and just told them i'll be back after 2 weeks to take the stuff again as i am rushing now to report to client on monday.

The dinner got over and later Kanchana picked me up and she too added from her part stating, she will miss a good friend. But my only reply will be, is there any gift for me :-). Useless guys, nobody gave me a single gift :-)...We picked rajesh and surya from our room and reached theater and had good fun there. During movie time, poor guy Jitesh feeling sad that he was not able to spend time for me on the last few days, came and sat next to me in the theater and started talking to me. Deiiii let me watch the movie please :-). Tamanna was looking gorgeous in the movie, but useless Jitesh was talking nonstop and disturbed me :-).

Finally once the movie got over, there was one more final twist on the farewell speech.

I told everyone that, ' the real victims of fooling was Vikram and Venkat as I told them this is just for april fool others but now i am really going to Denver'. Vikram was shocked for a while. My eyes were little reddish as i was feeling very tired and sleepy. They thought i became bit emotional. Finally I told them, everything was for fun. There is no real Denver stuff. D for Denver...A for April fool :-)

Evryone started scolding and yelling at me that from now onwards they won’t believe me. How sad you will be left in that state of mind? But i was not in the position to tell them all this just for fun.

They were all irritated, frustrated and started beating me like anything in front of the theater hall itself. Anu was trying to hide her disappointment and simply smiling at the incident. We drove back to our room. Meanhwile, got call from Jitesh and came to know Anu was really pissed of and very much angry on me. I tried to reach her, but she didn't picked the call. Though she is happy that i will be in Hartford, but disappointed that i played with the emotions. So all that happy ending now turned into disaster. Rajesh and Surya were telling me, they know its april fooling but just believed as anu was telling them this will be real. Since she believed that much. Poor kanchana just had a smile on her face and told me, still some more beats and kicks are reserved for me separately. She too was angry and that continued for couple of days.

After couple of minutes, Vikram called and told, anu is really pissed of and she felt bad that even vikram was also a part in this game. He started making clear point about where I did the mistake and unfortunately he also got involved in this. Felt sorry for him that i troubled him for my fun.

I have no idea how painful it is to play with emotions. But realised now.

What I have missed is...didn’t thought about the consequences and never realized there should be a limit and boundaries for Fun"

Anu was angry for almost a week. i tried talking to her, but didn't got proper resposnse (didn't even got right time to say sorry and confess it). Soon she was bck to normal. There was no fun talk or conversations for couple of weeks. I felt abnormal being quite but tried to act like calm guy without makign any fun, any PJ's, stories or cranky stuff. Vikram used to tease me that, they're going to make me fool one day. But anu replied back stating, you can't fool him as prabhu is now master in that and he will know well abt it earlier. They didn't realise i just used that mail chain as piece of cake for this fool stuff, but not a real actor. I used to tell Surya that, "He only believe me all time and restricted my fun with him alone now a days". Am not sure, will they believe my words in future, but i have decided to reduce all that fun and it will be a good change. Hope one day, they realise its just for fun.

I still regret that I shouldn’t have done this but learnt a good lesson by this.

And the Moral is, There should be a limit and boundary even for Fun and never play with Emotions.

Now i am really going back to India on July end (Might be on the first week of July itself) to setup the offshore team and not sure whether i will be back again. I am very happy back home, but now i feel missing all my friends( Now realsied how they would have felt when i told about Denver relocation). I got the second chance to tell the truth but not able to express this time. Hope they too got the second chance to believe me :-(.


Shankar said...

oor suthittu irundha paiyan eppada serious ah think panna aarambicha...nyway the lesson learnt is gud.

Prabhu Chinnappan said...

Yah da...