Wednesday, May 30, 2007

‘I shall not need, even if I get THAT fortune!’

‘I shall not need, even if I get THAT fortune!’

What is THAT fortune? Is it the food, shelter and clothing? - No, he has the bHagavath prasAdham as food, temple as the shelter, and a dhothi as clothing. He is contented with that!

Or, is it the wealth that he refers as THAT fortune? - No, he has the Lord in the temple as the privileged ancestral wealth. Definitely, not that!

Is it the fame and reputation? - No, he has the fame of the adiyan/ bHAgavathan (servant/ devotee) of the Lord. He is indeed very proud of that!

Is it the relatives and friends? - No, he has the entire sAdHu janam(s) (devotees) as his close relatives. He has no concerns whatsoever regarding that!

Or, is it the fancies of the youth? - No, having seen the grandeur of the Lord’s vigraha thirumEni (idol), he remains captivated by it. The mind by itself does not seek any other external fancy
He seems to be very firm in his determination, at least with respect to this material world!

Ummm… Is it the indra lOka, that is referred by him as THAT fortune? - No, even that place is subjected to the laws of karma. It is after all, a higher version of this world, and for that instance, even more dangerous. And for a person of his stature, is it after all this? No, definitely not!
Ok, I have found it at last. Since, he is a true devotee; he cannot seek anything other than liberation/ mOksHA . Yes, it is the mOksHA at the lotus feet of the lord, to serve him with unswerving devotion for ever.

But, Why does he say ‘I shall not need, even if I get THAT fortune/ mOksHA’. Everyone knows liberation is the greatest fortune for a realized soul. But, he refuses that also.

Is there anything superior to even that? Wow, sounds great! Is it not?

Who is he? What is that he regards greater, for which he is ready to sacrifice even mOksHA?

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