Friday, May 25, 2007

Its all Bcoz of you Mummy...

Its all bcoz of u Mummy...

Its been long time……….. sat on the upstairs, listening songs in my IPOD and watching the blinking starts with the blinking eyes...

Tried again to count the stars 1,2,3, way ! again missed the count...
let me try some other day.Whether i will succeed or not but i will come cross new stars and constellations every time . You love to watch the night sky once you admire it...

Slowly started recollecting the things happened the whole week. few things to be mentioned and has to be analyzed too...

And this one is such an interesting incident ...

One fine afternoon in our office, we started having lunch in the canteen instead of having it in the desktop.
Me and my friend sharon urged our frnds to have lunch in the canteen itself and the reason we told them was "Lets follow the company policy yaar" , but our friends guessed the reason behind v pulled them to the canteen,(guess wot???? GALS……… the entire GMR office comes to canteen for lunch…….)
Good exercise for our eyes…...Had north indian dish and checked whether we had Hindu or Indian express in the curry, finally…. Was happy to c only the curry……..

The topic goes to the Good looking girl who sat next to our table…….that’s when the ‘BULB’ right above my head started glowing (MOZHI effect)……….. and that’s enough for the guys……. I was the BAKRA for the day……………….
Hei Aryan how come the ‘BULB’ knows your Heart and hei that girl is looking you da.Hei man look at your plate and eat.
Teasing… Teasing…. Teasing to the core……. and that’s when I felt I wanna see the gal properly. She has given an wonderful opportunity for my friends to pull my legs for the rest of my lifetime...............
Oops she looks really cute with the Black salwar :-) .Dont think that me too caught in the trap and will start coming to the canteen regularly at the same time.

Day Two:

To my surprise, saw the same girl(and that’s called the fate…….or an another lucky day) , the ‘Black salwar’( the problem is none of us knew her name….. )…… and told my friend…… “hey… is she the same gal….. v saw her durin the lunch right….. next table…… black salwar……………”

MMM….. caught u man, my friend started pulling my legs again……." How come buddy….. none us remember her…… and u pointed out correctly……. Wots happening yaaar???”……….
Me being very clever tried to manage saying,’Chumma,Hoity Toity….. just felt that she might be that gal’….. it was very tough for me to convince them……. Somehow… manged to…. Finally Started praising my favorite Papad to divert the topic.

Day Three:

We came late to the canteen due to some Production issues. The same rocking Gang… showed our presence to the canteen with the loud Decibels.
Am the very innocent, kind hearted, gentle Calm guy in the crowd ( Am being very “modest” :-) ).

There is no such sort of diversion we had on Day 1 & 2. Have to go back soon to check the issues. Now came the topic again and Dinesh asked me, ‘hei dude where is your angel?”.
“Common buddy who's tat??”
And dinesh further cooked up the story, “You are very clever dude, dont act too smart, where is that black salwar who rocks on the other day?”
“But we are surprised…. why are u so keen on that girl who does’nt share her looks on u…. but u never had a crush till date na???”
Are you too busy in your life or no girl attracted you.

Hmmm…. let me start my philosophies...Its time to deliver before the Story goes in a new lane.

Ofcourse we do like many girls and think this/that girl looks good.

Some fall in love ( Guys i have question for which I haven’t received any answer till date. how many of you believe on “Love at first sight” and is that love a real one.)with a good looking girl.

Some fall in love with the girl/boy whom he/she thinks that he/she will be perfect match for their life.
For some,its just a puppy love…. starting at the ticket counter ending in the climax of the film.

Some people will have very great affection to their lovemates and will shed a pure love and the flavors goes on...

I have started analysing myself.
Dont you come across lot of Girls from College to till date ( Hope you asked What about school life man??!!:-) ).
Few attracted you.
Few were in the mind for few days.
Few are good friends for you.
Few seems like a CRUSH, but not.
But you didn't have CRUSH on a single gal even though you have come across very good looking, much affectionate, Caring girls.
Thats right and am not busy in life and wont say that am not interested too.
This depends upon How you were brought up too...

When ever a girl comes into the frame, I will start thinking that She is not like my mother.
Whenever a girl shows affection on me, whatever affectionate and caring, still thinks that this girls affection will never come upto my MOMs.
The way my MOM shows selfless caring, affection, way my MOM look after me every second.
She never compromise with anyone for ME.

Am the life for Her and her life is filled with my love.

When ever i comment that i saw a cute girl today , MOM simply smiles and knows that am just kidding. Who'll have such high trusts and belief ? never and not even my DAD….

Sometimes my friends will have a funny complaint like "I have taken hot drinks yesterday". Ha ha guys you are complaining to my MOM,
She ll never have such wrong assumptions about me and i never do things which I would feel guilty later.

Moreover when your MOM sheds her extreme love on you, you won’t feel like a girl to search for a love/affection. Love and affection from your MOM will definitely make you a caring and matured guy who will have their ambitions as a prior one ( but soemtimes such guys will be very kiddish… vyth childish behaviour... )
They will do all sort of things for their loved ones.

Why shud i fall in love with a girl...I want a girl who is like my MOM to travel with me in the journey called life and i wont think that i would come across such a girl in my life.

So Mamma, am delegating the work to you to find a good girl for me :-)
If not U……. who else can find the perfect match for me……………..

Its all bcoz of you mummy...My heart didn't have a special place for any Girl in the form of Lover... I do have special sisters other than my sibling and i have special love and care for them.
And i am happy for this and still the same kid you saw me from the first day of my life still addicted to chocies,tinkles and cartoons.

Mum, only i know...How Special You Are...

And the story of attraction will Contiue...

V have shifted 2 a new office named Sun Tech Park & come across a Cute Girl called Akansha :-).
So from now onwards... " A for Akanksha ..."

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