Saturday, August 25, 2007

How to market your Blog and keep your readers ?

Well if you are one of those bloggers trying to get some attention thensome simple but powerful tips to market your blog (that I got from googling)

Tip 1 - Get the right name for your blog - Branding is all important.Now I chose a name “left meets right”. This sounds like a gizmo. But apparently does not reflect anything that I have writtenin my previous posts.

Tip 2 - Choose your content wisely - Please try and retain similar themes for your posts. Keeping your content relevant will help provide your readers with contentthat they know they will find interesting and this will therefore keep them coming back.when you write whatever was interesting to you at that moment. Now that would bemore appropriate as your personal diary; certainly not for a blog.

Tip 3 - Spelling and Grammar are King - A big downfall of most blogs is that no one bothers to spell check them. This is one of the main reason why 99% of the readersturn away from a blog.
Tip 4 - Post regularly - This is the key. Readers who make a visit to your blog should not be turned away by lack of updates. Post regularly and you arecertain to have regular readers ...

Happy Blogging ...

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