Thursday, August 09, 2007

Taare Zameen Par…

Guys…ok now listen up, am going to tell about a story. A story about a star, who speaks, laughs, walks…

Simply to say…Taare Zameen Par…

You would have seen the stars in the sky blinking and sometimes winking at you. ever wonder it speaks vyth you. Here it is.
One fine day a star from the sky landed on Earth and i saw its searching for a home full of love
and looked at me from the distance and smiled…
Welcome to Earth my Sweet Little Angel.
And the Star is none other than My Niece “KAAMYA“…

Tiny hands, button nose, chubby cheeks, little toes. Cute little pink lips…choti choti aankein…softy palms. sparking eyes.
No wonder why kids are very beautiful…

A baby is cuddles and tickles on toes
The sweet scent of powder, a kiss on the nose
A baby is teddy bears, rattles, powder, and pins
Meals at midnight, giggles, and grins ..

lots and lots of fun everyday...

We play lot of games. Finally i will get tired of and lie down.. She is such an energetic never resides on one place not even a minute…She has a habit of seasonal crazy. Today she will be crazy about dog, suddenly her craze shifts to balloon, cars etc.

She wonders the sky and ask why the stars are there, why the moon is too high to catch and she asks me to get the moon for her . Poor fellow what will I do. I will ask her to Kiss me , then only I will give her whatever she wants. She does the same and I just give her Laddu or some sweet to divert the topic. This is happening daily and I love to get a kiss from her. So chweet….

One fine morning, We heard the sweetest voice in the world.
Yes you are right. Kaamya started speaking. My sister is flying in the Sky and asking her to Say Mummy thousand times.
And of course Kaamya has special love on me. Don’t know whether being Uncle or showing too much love on her that made a special bonding b/w us.

Still she doesn’t know how to cry., since we never let her to CRY for more than few seconds. How you will let your angel to shed tears. ?
She looks at us keenly and do whatever do in front of her.
My dad used to speak on the phone walking on the corridor or in balcony.
she just replicates when the mobile rings. she take it and run fast to the balcony, holding mobile on left hand and right hand on the back, walk lovely here and thr and say halo, how are you, bojanam aayana.

She is now much familiar with the keypad. Her favorite caller tone is Halgadi Badal rahi …I used to change my caller tunes frequently as per the current hits, but stick to this just for her…

She is gr888 fan of Sharukh. Whnever SRK songs shown in TV, she sits on her special cushion and forgot the outside world.
And she is my companion to watch Cricket and F1 Race. Just made her to admire on Cricket and CARS and of course KIMI is our favorite

Hide and Seek Game

We 3 guys (Me, My Niece and My Pet Snoopy) used to play this Game.
I used to hide the dairy milk chocalate on d SOFA and tell them its on the SOFA.
But wont say in which sofa and in which part of the sofa its placed. Adn time to google it ...
i always move slowly to make them to win the game.
Our guy snoopy run fast and starts searching , meanwhile my Niece catches Snoopy’s Tail and move it away and jump on each SOFA and turn back with her typical soapy smile asking me indirectly where it is.
My heart melts just like that by the lovely smile and will show where it is hidden and she wins the game.
Meanwhile if snoopy finds out first, he takes the chocolate and run to my Niece and give it to her. Even Snoopy is addicted to Kaamya’s Smile :-).You love to loose the Game, when your loved ones win it…

There is no point in being Grown up, if you can’t be Childish Sometimes…

And now she is the best company for me to read comics, play with toys and watch cartoons openly and i used to tell everyone that i have tuned cartoon network only for my niece :-). She loves to sleep on the Cradle with her own style of one leg on top of the other, sucking the thumb finger.

She's crazy on music and songs and has her own collection (Hey Shona from Tara Rum Pum, Munbe Va from Jillunu Oru Kadhal, Suraj Hua ma…from K3G, Koi mil gaya from kuch kuch Hota Hai, Lamha Lamha from Gangster, Vasanthamullai from Pokkiri, Vaikasi Nilave from Unnale Unnale, Paartha Mudhal Naal from Vellaiyadu Vilayadu and the list goes on…) Its so cute and nice to go for a walk with my Niece on the Shoulders and Snoopy on the other side. The whole street looks at us and smile.

When snoopy and my niece join together, the day will be full of naughty things. Snoopy try to catches whatever birds come to home. Kaamya joins with him and tell to catch this and that.
The entire home will be filled with dust and dirt. Finally i will be the victim who get all scolding’s from my MUM, as i enjoy all those happenings . My niece has her own style of speech which is tough to understand but so nice to hear…

Her Dictionary of words:
Gyangu — Water
Pibu — Prabhu
eyyapu–wont give you
Babbu — Ballon
Aapu — Food
Ammiyaa — My Mum
Ammae - her MUM
chandha– Moon
KeeKee - Bird
BaBaba – Hen
Addu - Laddu

Life is very simple if you learn and love to live. And she brings all the happiness.
And our star is yet to learn the “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” rhyme . Tats moi next Assignmet

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