Friday, August 17, 2007

Strains of Independence Day ...

The day starts with the telecast of Independence Day celebration and the PM's speech for the Nation.

We went for flag hoisting at a school called “Avichi” nearer to my friend’s place. Came back to room and switched on the TV. All the channels were telecasting about the freedom struggle, 60 facts about Independence, patriotic songs.

That was all usual things, but we felt sad about 3 important facts.

The Strains:

1. Eternal Refugees:

At the time of partition, people were migrated from pak to India and from here too. Though they left all their wealth and belongings, government had taken some measures to make comfortable living for these people. But the people from East Pakistan (Bangladesh) were left out without any considerations and they are still living in the Refugee camp, which comprises of 18000. They became eternal refugees without a proof of citizenship and other basic needs. This is because that they were from East Pakistan and were not given importance. Every human being will be proud of saying that this is my country and I am belonging to this nation. What about these people? They came from the lost country and lost in the living country!.

2. Commercializing National Anthem:

All the channels were telecasting the National Anthem AD of Airtel which was a new album composed by A R Rehman. It is acceptable if it was telecasted one time. But the real frustration is, this had been telecasted on every commercial break through out all channels. How can such a disrespect can be done to country’s National Anthem. How could this can be commercialized? It was very disappointed to see such disrespect. On Thursday and Friday they were just telecasting the making of the album. That was accepted but this is highly regrettable. As a media, they have high responsibility and I wonder how not even a single person had thought about this. This is not like other issues which we just worry about this and let go. This has to be put forth to the respective people in addition to all the respective authorities in order to avoid the same in future.

3. Game of Death:

And the other issue is, mere for the hype for the occasion of Independence day media called up the 1971 war veteran Mr Devassy who is still struggling to get his Pension and announced that he will give up his life on Aug 15. Nice of them that they had brought this to public and showed the sad face of nation. But where this media lost on the Independence Day and later today. There is no news about the proceedings of Mr Devassy whether the government had taken any action or what happened to his life. They brought this to public and they have the responsibility to show the public about the proceedings. Why they forgot about this after the Independence Day. Is this just for increasing the channel viewer ship, if so don’t they have other incidents rather than playing with the life of a human being?
Why nobody is questioning about this!!!

This is not like other issues which we just worry about this and let go. Guys you all have responsibility and please show this atleast in such a national outcome.

Check out my Manager Jay’s post especially on Commercializing of National Anthem on his Blog

He already sent mails to Airtel, Hindu and all the respective people about this. We are trying to oppose this in a stronger manner. Please make your comment on his Blog.

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