Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yagnika Strikes - Part 3

Episode 6

The D day ends with lot of surprises and excitement but without a single wish from the Best Friend.

The worst part of enjoying Happy moment or falling sick is , your friend is not there with you.

While walking back on the evening, Aryan just met Yagnika.

Yag - Who the Hell you are dumbo, where did you lost all the day?

~ A – hei cmon I was very busy for the whole day, come lets go yaar. My Friend is falling in sick, I have to meet him. Will drop you on the way.

Yag – no way, I have some wrk dude.

~ A- u have to see him da. He just pulls her and started the car

Yag – so whts special 2day dear.

~ A – notin spcfc yaar. Just gone like that.

Yag - Hei Aryan where are you going da? Where is your Friend’s home?just wait for a moment.

They soon reached a place where a huge independent villa covered with big compound wall, engraved as “Avanthika Gardens”.

Once they entered, small cute, cheerful puppies ran towards them and jumped on them.

Yagnika – wow, so cute da. Your friend has so many puppies in home. I like these pups a lot. They are so cute. See that white pup. Its so cuteeeeeeee.

Aryan – Yah . All these are Lab and golden retriever pups and you like it dear.

Yagnika – If your friend is not here, I will take all these puppies to my home.

Aryan – Hei Yag, all these Pups are …..for you and and …Many More Happy Returns of the Day sweeto !!!

Yagnika started crying and tears fall down. You remembered my Bday, then why you hadn’t wished me stupid. I was waiting for the whole day dumbo.You are still hanging on the mouse in my desk

Aryan – haha…My wish was there in each wish you received yaar.

Yag – how come? Don’t play.

Aryan – Don’t you feel my presence in each wish?

It was me who called your Mum to make sure that her wish shud be first one.

It was me who reminded your 5th Std schoolmate.

It was me who called up your neighbor aunt to wish you.

It was me who informed your busmate to wish you.

Your onsite friend purposely stressed the word “Best Friend” to make you to guess how she knows your day.

You remember the Green rose, it was me who told the florist to give you the flower and sell you the Shrubs in surprise cheaper cost. More than that it was me who sticked the “Cute Art where a guy count the stars”. Do you remember, who is having the Habit of counting the stars even now (Rmbr the Blog post 12486 and goes on. ..The count is now 12984 :-) ). I thought you feel your Best Friends presence in these entire things. How come you are not able to recognize it? Now I am disappointed.

Yag – Heiiii sorry sorry very sorry dear. How stupid I am? So sweet of you. Sorry baba.Hmm. Tel me what you want me to do now.

Aryan – Notin just give me 1 KG of chocolates

Yag – hei common better scold me pls.

Aryan – Ok thn better give me 2 KG of choices. That’s it.

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