Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yagnika Strikes - Part 6

Episode 8- Fooled but not Cheated

Both Aryan and Srav looked each other amusingly.

Aryan: Tats fine dad. Do let me know the proceedings. Missing mum badly.

Hei Srav forgot about tat. Let it drive on different road. we can discuss tis later. am very tired due to jetlag catch you later.

They just moved to their respective apartments planning to meet on next evng.

The following morning Aryan got an early start and started to the office. Usual KT session, Roles and Responsibilities were drawn out and tasks were assigned for the upcoming days.
Homesick attacked for a while and the typical feelings of india started...
Wish i can hold ur hand and walk along… like the walk to Candy shop
Wish i can hear those encouraging words… as u lift me up from low spirits
Wish i can take you out in our car… while i drive n u jus sit back (tensed )
Wish i can be unwrapped from this virtual connection… (for a change, internet sucks)
Wish i can taste the flavour of your fingers… when u feed me
Wish i can feel the warmth of your lap… when i rest on u
Wish i can see the joy in your eyes… when we meet again
Wish i can just be there… with u… at home…
Mummy, i miss you a lot...

Stressed. Dejected. Home sick. Badly wanting to see my parents…
Am counting down days to catch my flight back home… till then, lets hope things go well.. New year is comin up soon.. not yet got new candy flavors… no plans.. once i am done with my first level of onsite assignment on 26th evening.. things will fall in place… Anyways… am still the motivated and enthu kid around in the deserted minnesota in spite of all the commotion… am happy with myself in that sense… gaining inspiration from thy self! That's exactly wat keeps me goin thru such tuf times… Life suddenly seems to be pickin up pace… and i am enjoying the run.. Join along peps!!!!!!!
He called up home immediately and talked to his mum.
Meanwhile his Dad told "Hei i told about the girl na, actually She is from CTS, mistakenly told it as TCS. Will let you know rest of the details soon".
Oh My Goodness…Bankra bangayi mein .
Aryan called Yagnika immediately and updated about Srav and how Dad made him Bakra and rest.Aryan dont know that it was Yagnika who told aryan's Dad to play this game

Episode 9 – Dangerous Girl

You've gotta mail from Yagnika.
Aryan got excited by the pop up message and opened it carefully so that even the mail link won’t get hurt by the mouse click.
Useless fellow. why no mails, no calls. How dare u dumbo. you forgot me and roaming behind Sravanthi !!!
"….and remember? Not once have u tried to console me when I was low when you left me alone.
Are you taking food properly, stay away from the candies else you will lose all your teeth before turning 30.
You remember those golden days, we had fighting’s with each other and we went for Rational training at that time.
“On the first day in the Rational trng, our instructor made you naughty boy sit next to me.
It was the worst day of my life, or atleast i thought. We spoke little. Not even a part of our course material or a speck of eraser dust would be allowed to fall on the others desktop. And then, next day it happened.

You came to training room with a sling supporting your hand. I was instructed by the Instructor to help you take down notes and so, I reluctantly obliged.
That day, over lunch, I softly asked you, "How did u manage to get this fracture?"You smirked at me and said, "I thought this would be a cool excuse to make you take down notes for me!" The next moment, you found yourself holding the tooth in your palm and said, "Thath thooth haz bin shakin for a wik now. Dhanks for gettin itt off!" While one half insisted that you deserved it, the other half was shocked and guilty with the turnover of events. While i apologized to you, You winked at me and said, "Dangerous girl!" It was the first time you planned to come with all sort of guard's to office

I was angry with you for telling me as Dangerous girl and to change the topic you told me that , "OMG! Look at your cheeks!! So damn red! Were you preparing to act as a clown in the circus?" I glared back at you and you continued, "Now come on. Stop this. Else I am going to start on how your pony is beginning to curl behind your back. See I can even hang my Laptop in it!!" You pulled my pony and well anticipating my reaction, prepared for a dash. My cheeks turned red with anger. I had sprinted behind you along the corridors and down the staircase, until we finally reached the pantry and i could run no further. You stood jogging at a safe distance from me, laughing."

Back 2 Real world …

I loved the way you teased me those days, laughed at my ponytail, trying to cheer me up at those times. I guess this is all as much true today as it was that day. Those seemed like fleeting moments of eternal happiness. They came like a shooting star and vanished as quickly. How I wish time froze then. I miss you tons! Take care.

Good luck for your onsite assignment and keep in touch!

P.S. You better not reply in 2 lines like last time. Or else, when we meet during your vacation, you won't go back to Minnesota in the same shape. Like you always say, 'Dangerous girl!'"

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