Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yagnika Strikes - Part 2

Episode 5
Gtalk chat box blinks up, indicates message fromYagnika …
~Y: Hei Aryan, do you remember my Birthday? This question from Yagnika struck with a surprise and Aryan suddenly said “Ofcourse dear”.
~Y: Tell me when it is da?
~A: Hmm how can you ask like this to me, I know My Best Friends Bday by default?(Meanwhile Aryan searched the Organization Database for the User profile)
~Y: Then tell me immediately … (Query is getting time to process )
~A: So it means you are testing me
~Y: Deiiii samalifications…u idiot tell me the Truth. Hoila…finally the system displayed the User Details
~A: ok, I wont talk to you further as you doubted me. Your Bday is on Apr 6. Happy now. Bye …
~Y: Heiiii sorry da. I just played vyth u. sorry…pls pls…
~A: Am busy. Ciao latr.
~Y: hei sorry dear… wait wait. Ping me back!!!

It was Apr 6, 12’o clock midnite. Yagnika was expecting his call. Phone rang up but it was from some other friend. She had avoided the call as she wants his wish to be first one, but thought that he is still angry with her or he had forgot her Bday.

Mobile screen glows as “SweetHome Calling”. She attended the call vyth so much joy.Hei Munna, Many more Happy returns of the day. Thanks Mummy. And her dad and Bro too wished her. Then she started complaining to her Mum,”mummy Aryan hadn’t called me up”.Dear, he might be slept as of now or trying to reach your mobile. Just wait for sometime.No way mummy, he definitely knows my Bday and he is purposely doing tis” -Yagnika.See dear, he is your Best friend na, so he wont do this. Wait for the Surprise. Take care. Good night dear.
Oops.whats up now?The next call is from her 5th std school friend Ramya.Yagnika surprised by this wish as she never expected call from Ramya.Then from Priya, Vidya, Archana, Dinesh, Bharath and all her friends.

Got a call from her friend Nitu in New Jersey.Yag- Nitu, tx a lot ya, you remembered my bday and called me frm thr to wish.Nitu – It happens when you have Best friend yaar?.Yag- Tx yaar. Nitu – Remember, Best Friend yaar?Yag- Ofcourse you are. Tx dear.
Still she is expecting the important call.

Suddenly the doorbell rings. Yagnika got excited and thought that definitely it’s Aryan. She told all her roomies that it will be her Best Friend.She opened the door and suddenly her face become…..dull as it is her nearby aunty standing with a bouquet.Hi aunty. Pls come in.Happy bday beti.Aunty, how come u know my Bday?Your Friends had told dear.Tx aunty, pls take the cake.

Everything ended well but without Aryan’s wish.

Shall I call Aryan and blast him nicely. She thought for a moment and her Ego stopped her. Why shud I call him? He shud remember this. Being a best friend how come this dumbo forgot this?

She went to sleep and wake up next mrng to get ready for the office.When she just came out to catch her office bus, a Roadway florist came near to her room and asked Yagnika “Madame, do you want Rose Shrubs as these are fresh and new one came from Ooty.”Yagnika is so happy to see the lovely roses as all the rose shrubs are beautiful.Can you give me 2 shrubs, those with White and Violet color?To her surprise, the florist told, Madame each shrub costs just 7 RS and when you buy one you will get one free.It surprised her completely and asked ‘Are you joking’, everyone sells each shrub for RS 30 to 40 and how come you are giving it so cheap.Mam, this is not festival or season time and moreover I came long way from my place, so selling it soon to get back to my place.She was so excited and bought almost 12 Rose shrubs.

Florist then gave a lovely Green Rose and said it’s especially for you Madame.Wow, green Rose. I was searching for this colored rose shrub only, so nice of youThanks a lot and you made my Day.

Yagnika’s inner mind wake up and again thought, “see man, a florist had made my Day”, Where did you gone useless. I hateeeeeeee you…

She catched the Bus and sat on the windows seat. Her bus mate Sandhya came and wished her. Yagnika is full of excitement and surprised by these unexpected wishes.She just swipe in the card to enter her cubical. To her surprise the cubicle is fully decorated with “Birthday Wishes”.Yagnika got very excited and attracted much on the wonderful Art where “Cute kid sitting on the Seashore on the Full moon day, but counting the Stars” pasted on her desk.Wow, it’s so cute. Hei who had pasted this?

Rahul told, guess it yaar!!!
Yagnika - “Is it Nitin or Purnima?”
Purni- Hei you are wrong, one more chance for you.
Yagnika – Is it our Team lead Swadhika?
Ok, leave it you are lost. Very bad of you. We all selected specially for you.
Yagnika- Tx a lot yaar. Did Aryan came here?
Swadhika – No yaar. You hadn’t seen him. Surprise !!!Yag - no, no . He told me that he will come here to tell me what time we both can go for lunch.Hmm..Nitin- ok ok… got it..enjoy ur day.
Yagnika then gave a nice kick on the cute kiddo doll on her desk (Which she named it as Aryan). You dumbo, I kill youuuuuuuuuuu. Doll was hanged on the mouse :-)

Every time she cursed Aryan as she is getting unexpected wishes but not from him.
Surprise will be revealed in nxt episode.

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