Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yagnika Strikes - Part 5 (Aankon mein Teri Ajab si Ajab si Adhayein hain)

Behind the Scenes:

Part 5 - Aankon mein Teri Ajab si Ajab si Adhayein hain:

Finally it was a pleasant departure...

Nerathukku Sapdu
Vaarathukku moonu naalavathu Kuli
Andha socks a Thovachu podu
Nagam kadikatha
Saamiya vendikko
Enna parthu kathuko

Aryan: Sari sari manatha vangatha. Tata. Take Care dear.

Finally Lufthansa took off from Chennai and squeezed into the cloudy sky.This is the first birding experience for Aryan to US. The journey will be from Chennai to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Chicago, and then to the destination city.

The flight from Chennai to Frankfurt was, of course, quite long. But it wasn't unbearable. Aryan watched out the window as they climbed away from Chennai and flew out over the Sea. The water looked clear and peaceful. The land was mostly flat, but they also spotted some impressive cliffs. It was the first time to lay eagles eye on the sea. Aryan looked frantically out the window, but he couldn't see anything. A few minutes later, tried again. This time, he was lucky: there were a few holes in the clouds. Through these holes, he could see magnificent cliffs and coasts. Back to the flight, Aryan was waiting for the air Hostess to have some chocolates And also based on the fact that he heard Israeli women are very Cute. (Note: He discovered that not only are they cute, but they love to flirt as well.)He decided he could use a spot of tea and a bite of something sweet to eat.Once he settled down, mounted his Ear phones to listen to the songs in Ipod, there comes a voice beside him.

Hi, i am Sravanthi from TCS. You are from Cognizant. Am i right?
Aryan: Hei how come you know am frm CTS? Is there any label sticked on my forehead!
Sravanthi: cool. Just had a wild guess by seeing the Ipod (as Ipod is gifted to CTS employees and they always showcase in all places )
Aryan: Ofcourse i am.
Sh: Nice meeting you. May i know where you are going?
A: Do u expect me to say the place. If so, i am going to other part of the Earth where i had not been there till now (Aryan still now got away from the fact that she had guessed him from the Ipod and they showcasing it outside)
Sh: Hope you are not in good mood. Do you feel embarrassed of the way i identified you?
A: Not really, but the way you told us that we showcase it everywhere makes me irritated.
Sh: kewl. just kidded. Lets be friends. Shake Hands . Thoda sa smile pls cheer up…smile plzzzzzz….little more….arey…just a little more….
A: eeeeeeee.. enuf
Srav: hei cmon man. cool down. Whats up?
A: Hmmm…Close up!
Srav: grrr…nice joke.
A: did i tell it as joke?
Srav: ok forgot it. sorry sorry. chill out buddy.
A: ok fine. Then do onetin. give me whatever chocolates u take from air hostess.
Srav: Done.
Sravanti's mother had taught her quite a few things about men: She should be wary of those she did not know, polite to those she did, and tough as nails with those who were disrespectful or in any way threatening. But none of these rules seemed to apply in this situation.
She became Friend to Aryan soon bcoz of the quarrel.
Sh:so hws wrk going? whr u r going nw?
A:yah gr88 going. Tat too am in COE and having really innovative tasks. now going to Minnesota.
Sh:Wowwww. am also going there only, but this is second time.
A: Nice 2 hear this. So wat abt you?
Sh:Hmm. in TCS for 3 yrs, in Retail vertical. working in Java. Now going onsite second time for about a year. you have stock options there. are you eligible to buy stocks?
Sh:No idea. Lets forgot abt office for a while na. wht abt ur family?
A: DAD, MUM & a Sis. Having a cute Niece and lots and lots of Pets.
Sh:Tats gr888.
A:You know my Niece is so cute and naughty. Let me show you her snaps and clippings

Srav:Hei she is so cute. Do tell me when you call up your home next time. I will talk to her. Whats your Hobbies?
A: notin specific. Write poems, listen to songs, addicted to chocolates.
Flight landed on Frankfurt airport. It will be a waiting time of 4 hrs. They had to wait several hours for the next, So both Aryan and Shravanthi spent time on shopping, roaming inside airport.Some of the time, he stared at the planes taxiing by: 747s, A330s; KLM, Northwest, Air China…
Finally they reached Minnesota. Their bags were two of the first five off the carousel. Aryan was looking for a Phone booth.
Srav: Hei it seems like you want to convey the news that you reached safely na?. If so use my mobile.
A: Tx yaar. And you told you want to hear my Niece voice na. So keep it in speaker mode.He was trying to his Dad's mobile and soon the call was picked up.
A: hi Dad.i just reached my place. It was a nice trip.
Dad: Thats good. blah blah blah …….Hei i have a news for you.
Meanwhile Sravanthi asked Aryan to ask his niece to talk.
A: Anytin spcl Dad?
Dad: Ofcourse. We have seen a girl for you. Her name is Sravanthi working in TCS!!! (Both Aryan and Sravanthi heard this as it is in speaker Mode)
Aryan turned towards Sravanthi and looking her Eyes with a Smile…
Aankon mein Teri Ajab si Ajab si Adhayein hain.
Dil ko banade jo pathank Saase yeh teri woh Hawaye hain :-)

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