Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yagnika Strikes - Part 4

Episode 7: The Departure:

“Need Expert Comments, Here we are…Center of Excellence”

Wordings engraved in Aryan’s T-shirt glowed on Yagnika’s face.

Yag - Hei this is too much man. What you do in CoE? Chumma you do all Hype!!!

Aryan – You are jealous. What will I do for that? That’s a huge thing and you won’t understand it too :-)

Yag - ok leave it. Why you are looking dull yaar?

Aryan – I have a bad news for you.

Yag – What, you still not getting any girl friend na. Am I right? Haha…First of all grow up man. Forgot about the kiddy stuff. Then you will get committed soon.

Aryan – If I have to lose everytin mere for a Girl friend, Sorry let me be single and happy.

Yag – ok tell me Whts the news you are supposed to share with me?

Aryan – Am going onsite to Minnesota.

Yag- That’s good news dear. You will experience a new environment. You need a change in the midst of hectic work.

Aryan – You will be missing your Best Friend dear.

Yag – yep. What to do for that? It’s your future and am happy for that.

Aryan – Ofcourse I need a change yaar. “The best time to look for the change is, when you feel really comfortable. Yes I mean it. If you are too comfortable and like to stay there forever, then you are in trouble. When no one questions you, there won’t be anyway to grow high in the Career. I was so comfortable that there was no one to question me. Ands that’s why came the change.” But i will be missing you.

Yag – Me too. But all the best. Ciao tmrw. Bye da

Little devil left the place. Aryan sat for a while and started thinking. Doesn’t she miss me and is she is hiding her feelings or really happy for me?

Late evening, Yagnika got the call.Yah da, tell me whats up.

~A – am leaving tomorrow by Lufthansa at 1:45, security check in will be around 11 PM. Do come to send off me please.

~Y – Will try da. Since I might have concal in evening, but will make up anyway.

~A – hei Yag, whts this. So you won’t come na. It seems that you are happy to depart me.

~Y- Useless you are my best Friend, I told you I will make up by anyway.

~A- Chumma don’t lie. You won’t have time to mail me, message me, no time to reply to my messages too, no time to meet me up too. When I ask about this, you simply tell that you are busy. Ofcourse you are busy and I understand your situation, but don’t you have 2 minutes to spare for me. So you mean am just like your another friend and not a Best Friend. Are you not feeling sad to leave me dear?

~Y –Stupid, What’s the problem vyth you? It’s your career and future dumbo.

~A – See you are scolding me too. You gals are always like this. Tx mam.

~Y – ok kewl. I will come there 2 send of you. Happy …don’t make me to hang you again on the mouse.

It was late evening; all the friends came to send of him. Thank god she came up finally.Talking to all my friends so happily and wished him for a great time ahead there. Aryan tried to look at her eyes, but she looks happy. Oops. Am feeling so sad to leave her, but not even a sign of dull mood from her side.

He was expecting her to say, “Please don’t go…….I promise u I will never fight with you, I will never trouble you again, I will always answer your calls and meet u up frequently”, “Is this the last time we will see each other? Won’t we ever meet again?” with a pool of water about to splash from her eyes…….

Yagnika - Dude, You lost somewhere? Packed everytin or not, did you bought the Tinkle and chocolates?

Aryan – Yah da. Packed everytin (He just sat on the couch where no one around and called her). Hmm tell me da.

Yag – Nothing. You take care. Do well.

The flight was ready for departure and its time for security check in.

Seeing Yag, Aryan told bye to all and turned towards the check in counter.

Everyone started leaving and there the moment came. Yagnika was looking down with a drop a Tear coming from her Eyes and trying to wipe it before anyone looks her. That single drop of tears showed how much love and affection she has on him and Aryan realized someone had laid lashes to make him to understand the real love.

Aryan came back and stood there like a statue in front of Yagnika and told her “Voila…I know you my Best Friend”.

It was Raining all thru the city outside. Both were laughing at each other and Yagnika started rhyming…

Rain Rain go away,
Come again another day.
Little Aryan wants to Fly;
Rain, rain, go to Minnesota,
Never show your face again!

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